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State Bank Of India Home Loan Reviews #5

4.7 stars based on 314 reviews

Satish Jayaram (4/5)

Though SBI bank took 3 weeks to approve and disburse the money, I am very happy with the service. There was no need for me to visit the bank even once. Finance Buddha was directly handling the loan application with bank thus it was a hassle free process and a good experience overall.


Soman (5/5)

I am very much happy with regard to the rate of interest and processing fee on home loans by SBI. I appreciate the procedure of SBI bank - it was good. They collected required documents within 2 days and explained to me what the need of each document is. All information on the document was explained clearly about home loan, this made me comfortable and I was confident to sign the papers on home loan application. Finance Buddha was always there to provide any type of support without any hesitation.


Kalidas (4/5)

I got my home loan easily from State Bank of India. They were helpful in completing the process. Almost they took around 12 days to get it approved and disbursed. I applied for loan amount Rs. 20 Lakhs. My house property was under construction due to which they realized first disbursement of Rs.10 Lakhs. SBI offered good interest rate as per what Finance Buddha had shared in its website.


Akshay (5/5)

State Bank of India did quick processing of my home loan application. I had to submit home details, salary slip, Sale deed and even personal documents to get my home loan approved from SBI bank. Finance Buddha gave complete list of documents that I should have to get home loan approved. SBI offered home loan for lowest rate of interest i.e. 9.1% and there was only 1% processing fee. I got the loan for an amount of 28 Lakhs for tenure of 10 years.


Nataraj (4/5)

SBI bank was good at all services, Thank Finance Buddha for suggesting this bank for home loans. I applied for a Home loan with SBI bank through Finance Buddha after checking my eligibility. I did not wanted to get rejected, so I checked my eligibility and then applied. I feel satisfied with State Bank of India services.


Nagaraj (5/5)

Thank you SBI bank and Finance Buddha for making sure I get my home loan on time. I am very happy with my home loan. Got it for low rate of interest and all charges were also low.


Kishan Gaonkar (5/5)

The easy way to get home loan is to apply it through Finance Buddha website. I got my home loan approved from SBI bank in a hassle free manner. Very less documentation was required plus the processing was also quick. Thank you SBI bank and Finance Buddha!


Anand Raj (5/5)

I love banking with State Bank of India and if the service is through Finance Buddha then I can’t ask for anything more. My home loan is approved by State Bank of India, Bangalore at rate of interest of 8.85%. EMI amount is affordable and the tenure is as expected.


Anantha Padmabhan (5/5)

I had a great experience with Finance Buddha website with regard to my home loan from SBI bank . I have asked my friend Karthik to try applying for home loan through Finance Buddha to enjoy all benefits that I got. He will be applying soon and I will share his experience as well as a review.


Srinidhi Gowda (5/5)

The minute I decided to transfer my home loan I visited Finance Buddha website to know how feasible it is. Based on the data available in the website I was clear that I am eligible for home loan. I applied for home loan transfer from this website and SBI bank approved my request.


Abhinav Shukla (5/5)

If anyone is planning for a home loan, then my suggestion is to apply it through Finance Buddha website. There is no information in this website that is incorrect. Perfect website to get all information related to home loans. My home is from SBI and it was approved quickly by the bank with help and service provided by Finance Buddha.


Hemanth (5/5)

My loan for my dream home was approved by State Bank of India. The bank was not hesitant to approve such big amount as loan. I was able to check my home loan eligibility through Finance Buddha site before applying for home loan. This information helped me to know how much loan I can afford and what will be the EMI payment for the same too.


Abhijesh Chandran (5/5)

I am using Finance Buddha website to check all details related to my home loan. This is definitely a smart way to know about home loans if you are planning for a home. Thank you State Bank of India for approving my home loan in a timely manner. My home loan rate of interest is only 8.95% and I got loan amount of 16 lakhs in just 11 working days.


Ranjith Nair (5/5)

State Bank of India in Bangalore is where I have had the best home loan experience. They are very quick and transparent in their services. Thanks Finance Buddha for suggesting this bank for home loans.


Krishna Prasad (5/5)

Finance Buddha helped me to get a home loan in Hyderabad with a bank that offers very low interest rate. I was always willing to compromise on the loan tenure but I was in great need of loan for very low rate of interest. This requirement was fulfilled by Finance Buddha team and helped me to get a home loan from State Bank of India.


Govinda (5/5)

Finance Buddha website clearly helps me to compare and pick the best home loan provider in Chennai. All thanks to State Bank of India and Finance Buddha for coordinating my home loan request. I got my home loan approved within 2 weeks in a hassle free manner.


Saiju (5/5)

Finance Buddha website helped me to check interest rates and processing fees charged by various banks and amongst them I choose State Bank of India Kolkata branch for a home loan. I am very happy with the home loan and keen to recommend everyone to try this bank for a housing loan.


Akash Kumar (5/5)

From more than 6 years I was searching for my dream home and I finally found it with the help of my father. Apart from this he also suggested me to try Finance Buddha website for a home loan as I will get lot of benefits like monthly repayment of loan and even tax benefits. Based on the information I applied for home loan with State Bank of India through Finance Buddha and my loan was quickly approved.


Sagar Raj (5/5)

I am really happy with the home loan approved by State Bank of India, New Delhi branch with low interest rates, quick turnaround time and low processing fees. Finance Buddha is the solution provider for all types of loans queries.


Srikhant (5/5)

The services at Finance Buddha are very informative. All details available are accurate and very reliable. I tried their home loan process and I am very satisfied with the services. My home loan is from SBI bank .


Mukesh Gowda(5/5)

With the help of Finance Buddha, I was able to avoid fraud agents. I recommend this as the best and reliable source for all loan information in Delhi. For home loans best bank is The State Bank of India.



Finance Buddha is a one stop solution provider for all loan needs. I have suggested this website to many people by now and I would like to take this opportunity to thank Finance Buddha and State Bank of India for making my dream home a reality. All those friends to whom I have referred have shared good review about this website till date. I will rate this website 5/5 for being the best in information sharing.


Dulqer Azam(5/5)

I will recommend all my family members and friends to consider Finance Buddha for any home loan banking needs in Chennai. My home loan was from State Bank of India with interest rate of 9.5%.



Getting a home loan in Delhi is now very easy with the help of Finance Buddha. Thank you Sagar for referring me to this platform. SBI bank was happy to offer me home loan as I was meeting all eligibility criteria.

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