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State Bank Of India Home Loan Reviews #4

4.7 stars based on 314 reviews

Disha (5/5)

I applied for home loan through Finance Buddha portal. Their online application option is really very convenient for the customers who are time starved. My home loan application with SBI went really smooth thanks to Finance Buddha team.


Hemanth (4/5)

I have taken my home loan from State Bank of India. I am happy that I was provided the loan I was in need of. The amount disbursed was as per my requirement. They were also reasonable on the interest rate and the processing charges. I was also given me an insurance which is beneficial to me. A very good deal in all.


Pratap (3/5)

It was not a very easy process with SBI for the home loan as the documentation was much and they were pretty slow. They have disbursed the loan on the 5th and they have mentioned 6th on the document. The rate of interest was normal. They did not take a processing fee.


Atul (5/5)

I wanted to take home loan from public bank as they offer lesser rate of interest compare to private banks. Finance Buddha executive helped me with the documents preparation for SBI home loan. The process was stress free & my loan was disbursed in my account in a week which is faster than I had expected.


Animesh (5/5)

SBI is the smart way of taking home loan. The process they have designed for taking the home loan is very customer friendly. I did not have to face any trouble at any time while I was applying for the SBI home loan. Their executives are really very effective.


Dhruv (5/5)

I am happy with SBI Home loan service. The executives of SBI are really very professional & helpful. They mailed me the details of all the required documents as soon as I approached them for loan application. Entire process went so easy & hassle free.


Amber (5/5)

I applied for SBI home loan a month ago with the help of Finance Buddha portal. I logged to the portal for collecting some information about home loan and ended up applying there. The loan process went well & easy as Finance Buddha executives helped me with documentation for the loan application.


Mubin (5/5)

I had a very good experience with State Bank of India while taking the home loan. Interest rate they have charged was 9.3% which is very reasonable. The customer services was also fast, the process was smooth and it was on time. The services was good and they contacted me on time as well


Ronit (5/5)

I was searching for some information bout home loan online & came across to Finance Buddha portal. The amount of information that they have is superb. I applied for the home loan online at Finance Buddha & their executives helped me with bank application & documents preparation. I choose SBI over many other options as they were having very low rate of interest.


Piyush (5/5)

I have taken home loan from SBI last year. I must say I saved lot of money by taking the home loan from SBI. The rate of interest offered by SBI is amazingly low & I am sure no one else would able to offer this. I am really glad that I went ahead with SBI.


Arvind (4/5)

I had taken home loan from SBI before three months. The requirement for the documentation for loan application is not very fancy. I got my loan within 15 days. The rate of interest offered to me was very reasonable.


Ravikumar (5/5)

The terms and conditions set by SBI are flawless and very much convenient to the customers. They offer lesser rates and charges and I got my home loan with ease. The interest rate was around 9% and it was for the full tenure. The process was also made simple and quick.


Suresh (5/5)

I would surely give SBI five stars for the home loan process as everything happened exactly the way I planned. There was no delay till the disbursement. I got the funds on time and it was to what I asked for. The terms and conditions were clear and the after loan services on time too.


Gaurav (5/5)

SBI offered me the best home loan, with an interest rate of 8.65% for my home loan application along with zero processing fee. Recently, I had approached them for home loan, they immediately verified my documents and they approved 90% loan against my property value, also now loan is under progress.


David (5/5)

I have taken home loan from SBI last year at that point of time their service was not up to the mark. But now they had improvised a lot. Their process was very fast and they sanctioned the loan amount of Rs. 40 Lakhs for tenure of 25 Years, up to now there are no issues with them and everything is smooth and hassle free.


Farkhanda (5/5)

It was a very good process and deal provided by State Bank of India. I had taken my home loan from them and the processing charges were waived off. I got a decent interest rate. I was really surprise to know that they have lower rate of interest for housing loan when a woman is applying for the loan. There are no charges taken for the part payment and pre closure. The terms and conditions were very clear too.


Lukman (5/5)

Based on my experience, I found SBI home loan interest rate is very reasonable. I have inquired for home loan at many other banks but when it comes to rate of interest on home loan probably no one can offered as low interest as SBI. The processing charges were also very low.


Revanth (3/5)

I am not very happy with SBI service; initially I received call from SBI for my home loan application. They asked some list of documents then I requested them to collect the documents from my place. But no one turned up to collect my documents. I had to go to the bank for processing the loan. They should improve their customer services other than that everything is great.


Ravee (4/5)

Initially SBI confirmed that the balance transfer process would happen within two to three weeks and committed a lesser transfer fee. Then I found the processing fee and other charges were bit higher side but the rate of interest they offered me was awesome so I went ahead with their offer. They should really reduce the transfer of loan charges a bit.


Sujatha (5/5)

Well, I have taken my home loan from State Bank of India. The process was simple and it was very much on time. The paper work was also not too much with that bank. The payment was done on time and I got a very good deal on the interest rate and charges. In total I had an awesome experience with SBI home loan.


Adarsh (5/5)

Compared to all other banks, SBI offered the least interest rate on my balance transfer of home loan. I paid a processing fee of Rs. 5000, they had offered me an interest rate of 8.60% for remaining balance amount of Rs. 20 Lakhs for the tenure of 13 years. I am really happy with my decision of transferring my loan to SBI.


Anmol (5/5)

When I approached to SBI for my home loan, I found SBI is a very customer friendly bank. The entire process for applying for the loan was smooth. The loan amount was disbursed in my account on time. Even, they had sent an executive for document collection. Most importantly, the rate of interest given by them was comparatively very less. It was around 9.6% which is amazing.


Vasanth (5/5)

The overall experience with State Bank of India with regard to home loan was really good. The process was very convenient and Finance Buddha made sure all communications are smooth. The rate of interest was normal and processing charges was good. Documentation was less and there was absolutely no struggle in getting home loan from SBI bank.


Pravin Kumar (4/5)

This is not the first experience for me with SBI bank. I have taken many loans from this bank in the past, but this time the processing quicker and smooth because I applied for home loan through Finance Buddha. Usually the bank takes very long time in approving any loan, but with the help of Finance Buddha my home loan was approved within 11 days.

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