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State Bank Of India Home Loan Reviews #2

4.7 stars based on 314 reviews

Aradhya (5/5)

The prime reason for choosing SBI for the housing loan is because, they have offered a very low interest rate the process what they are following is very simple. The rate of interest on my home loan is as low as 8.7%.I am happy to choose SBI. I did not face any hassle or stress while applying for home loan from SBI.


Sunil (5/5)

I got the home loan with SBI without any hassles and the process for the loan was completed in no time. They disbursed the funds on time and they were supportive. The rate of interest and processing charges were much lower when compared to private banks. Overall good as I am happy that I got the loan on time.


Vinayak (5/5)

SBI helped to get my dream house, they done very fast process on my documentations and they disbursed the amount within 20 days of time. SBI offered very attractive interest rate, Earlier they informed would offers the interest rate of 9.15% but while processing they reduced as 9.10% it was good and with the processing fee of Rs.11,000 from the disbursement, I had taken the tenure of 20 years. SBI done good job and convenient process on my home loan.


Vibha (5/5)

My experience with SBI when it comes to home loan is awesome. I applied for the loan a month ago & I received the loan in ten days which is really quick especially when it comes to home loan. The rate of interest offered to me was 9% & the processing charges were as low as 4000. Their executives helped me a lot with the documentation for the loan application.


Arvind (5/5)

I applied for SBI home loan through Finance Buddha. The option of applying online is amazing. I submitted the documents online & remaining documents were collected from my door step. The loan application went so smooth & hassle free. I must say in no time my loan was already credited in my account & I am really amazed by their rate of interest & processing charges.


Tanmay (5/5)

It was awesome experience to apply on line for home loan. I approached Finance Buddha when I was in need of home loan & I applied for SBI home loan online at the portal. The response was really quick. Their executive collected the documents from my office. I am really very satisfied with their interest rate & processing charges. The whole process went very well thanks to Finance Buddha.


Lalit (3/5)

SBI service was very much dissatisfactory. Initial process was good. Then after collecting the documents there were no response about the process updates. SBI was not good in EMI process, they did not deduct EMI from my account on time, for that they had charged some penalty for that. I wish they should improve their service. I am happy with their lowest interest rate & least processing charges.


Avinash (5/5)

I am having two ongoing loans from SBI. One of it is home loan. I must say that SBI is really amazing when it comes to the affordability of the loan. The rate of interest they charges is lowest in the market. Their staff is also very cooperative. Their executives guided me all the time for preparing for the documents. They even sent their executive for collecting the documents.


Anantika (5/5)

I had taken home loan from SBI a month ago. Finance Buddha team suggested me to go ahead with SBI home loan when I was looking for some good offer for home loan. It was genuine and there were no hidden charges. SBI did not take any processing fee for my home loan. They offered the interest rate of 8.75% it was least in the market. SBI sanctioned the required amount of 28.5 Lakhs with the tenure of 16 years.


Aham (5/5)

I have an ongoing home loan from SBI. The SBI staff is really very efficient & helpful. They collected all required documents from my Office location and process it efficiently. It was slight late due to demonetization issue. But now I am happy as they disburse the loan amount quickly. The processing charges were as low as 3000.


Anil (5/5)

SBI is one of the best option if you are looking for an affordable home loan. The rate of interest offered to me was as low as 9%. They even waived off mu processing charges as I am having salary account with SBI. The documentation is little difficult as it is a government bank but I am thankful to Finance Buddha executives to help me prepare the documents for the home loan application.


Nilay (3/5)

I had taken home loan from SBI a month ago. SBI home loan rate of interest was 9.5% it was nominal compare to other banks, but SBI have a lots of documentation work. And also they didn't provide proper response. They should improve their customer service to be the best home loan provider.


Neeraj (3/5)

SBI Housing loan process falls lower than my expectation. I would say that their customer service is not good the process is really very lengthy. Their norms are very rigid. I had gone a lot of trials and tribulations to take this loan. SBI is good at rate of interest and that is the best part about SBI. On an average they take about 2 weeks of time to process this loan.


Mihir (5/5)

The step wise process designed for SBI home loan application is really very customer friendly. I am holding this housing loan for a period of 6 months, No drawback nor any challenges till date. Interest rate offered by SBI is very good. This loan is still ongoing and I am getting all statements from them on time.


Ashish (5/5)

I applied for SBI home loan as Finance Buddha recommended me to do so. I applied for the loan online & the very next day the executive was there to collect the documents for the loan. I am really impressed with the prompt response & I am really thank full to Finance Buddha for helping me out with documentation for the loan. The rate of interest offered to me was 9% which is really very reasonable.


Naveen (4/5)

I am not much happy with the services of SBI. Whenever I call to take follow up of my loan they would ask me to hold for long time & than also I was not getting satisfactory answer. I was disappointed with their services. But I must accept that their rate of interest have delighted me. They waived off their processing charges as there was delay in processing my home loan application from their side.


Sam (4/5)

When it comes to SBI home loan process it is well designed & customer friendly. I applies for SBI home loan online at Finance Buddha portal. The executive helped me in preparing the documents for home loan. The loan was also disbursed on time. The rate of interest was around 9% and the charges was a bit high when compared to the other banks


Karan (5/5)

I applied for home loan at SBI as they are offering the lowest interest rate in the market. I must say their loan offers are really very genuine. The rate of interest offered to me was 8.6% which is so damn low. I am really happy that I choose SBI over any fancy private bank. The loan amount was disbursed in my account in 9 days.


Manoj (3/5)

My experience with SBI home loan is average. As per the banks norms they had sanctioned the amount but not as per my requirement. SBI offered the normal interest rate of 9.3%, finally I had loan amount of 9 lakhs with the tenure of 20 Years. SBI service was good in rural area it was recommendable.


Shreya (5/5)

A female friend of mine suggested me SBI home loan when I was in need of home loan. I am really glad to choose SBI they have lower interest rate for women applicants. My loan was disbursed in a week’s time & the rate of interest offered to me was super low.


Shyam (4/5)

I received the home loan from SBI month ago but I am disappointed with their services. When I applied for the loan I didn't get any call from them. I called and asked about required documents for the loan application but she seems to have lack of information about that. I applied for the SBI home loan through Finance Buddha & than everything went so well. I did not have to visit the bank even once as the executive came & collected the required documents from my office. The rate of interest offered to me was as low as 9% which is so awesome.


Mahesh (4/5)

SBI took some time to process the application. I submitted home details, Sale deed, salary slip and personal documents to get home loan. SBI offered the lowest interest rate of 9.1% and there was no processing fee. I got the loan of 30 Lakhs with the tenure of 12 years.


Aditya (4/5)

SBI has took two weeks’ time to process my Home loan application. I submitted my documents twice. Rate of Interest and processing fees was less compare to other bank. I wish SBI should improve their customer service as everything else is excellent.


Vivaan (4/5)

I am very much happy about interest rate and processing fee from SBI. I appreciate the ease of process for SBI home loan. They collected the document within 3 days of home loan request and then they started verification process. I have submitted the requested documents, so taken around 20 days to disburse the amount with the interest rate of 9.3% it was nominal and zero processing fee.

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