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State Bank Of India Home Loan Reviews #12

4.7 stars based on 314 reviews

Mathew Vincent(5/5)

The step sequence followed by home loan of SBI bank is quite good to get the loan processed quickly. But it still delays at times due to delay from bank officials, documentation issue, and system problems. These are the common problem I faced when I applied for a home loan from SBI bank. But I guess, they also need to do what they need to do. But in the end, I will have to accept that the housing loan interest rate was the lowest possible, processing fees was very nominal and also Finance Buddha's team was very helpful throughout the process. Thanks.


Cheryl D’cruz(5/5)

SBI bank is good and they processing is also quite fast. Also rate of interest on home loan in SBI is low. In November, though they were ready to sanction the loan, I put the request on hold due to demonetization. Applied after the SBI Home Loan interest rates lowered in January and have got the interest rate of 8.7%. Finance Buddha and its team were very helpful and supportive throughout the entire process right from November.



Am happy with the way SBI home loan interest rate and other types of loans are but I expect better service from the staffs and bank officials. They are very stubborn and slow in processing the transactions. All thanks to Finance Buddha that I got saved from the hassle of the application process. I just gave my documents and Finance Buddha did the rest for me.


Vanditha H.(5/5)

The home loan processing was very smooth. As I had taken leave for 2 days to get the loan things sorted, I went to the bank directly to apply for loan. Got loan documents sorted within few hours and the processing was completed within 5 days. Super-fast service and supportive bank representatives. Take property loan from SBI to enjoy maximum benefits.


Brinda P.G.(5/5)

The best two things in SBI bank that attracts me is the low rate of interest and secured payment systems. The level of security offered on each transaction help me to depend on this bank for any financial requirements. SBI has home loan schemes for everyone and for me definitely as it helped me in owning my dream home.


Pristina Thomas(5/5)

I decided to apply for a home loan from SBI bank as they offered the lowest rate of interest on home loans as compared to other banks. Apart from low rate of interest a lot of offers and benefits are given to SBI customers. I can make most of the transactions through net banking option and I barely go to the SBI branch for any requirements unless it is very necessary.


Sagaya Mary(5/5)

When I applied for a personal loan in 2015 I was a bit unhappy as the process was slow and time taking in SBI. But now when I applied for a home loan, I noticed that things have changed in SBI bank. They are very quick is addressing the queries and are very helpful too. And got a home loan at 9.3% rate of interest. SBI bank home loan interest rate is the highlight.


Vishnu G(5/5)

This is my second experience with SBI bank. They have always been very friendly and helpful. Every time I had any doubt, they were happy to clarify it a million times. Great level of service and extent support is offered to all customers. Housing loan in SBI is the best!


Vijay Kumar(5/5)

I took a home loan from SBI bank and got a “Max gain offer”. This offer lets me to repay the loan amount in how much ever amount at any time. Only on the remaining balance the rate of interest will be calculated. With the help of this I was benefited with no pre-payment or part-payment charges. Best deal I can ever expect and I will definitely continue to be a part of SBI housing finance.


Palak Dhawan(5/5)

The best part of taking home loan from SBI bank is, I was being updated by the officials from Finance Buddha on the status on the loan application. This saved a lot of time and I was very comfortable that my loan is getting processed. Getting to know right people are working on your request will make the whole process so peaceful. Thank you Finance Buddha for such high standard of service!


Peter D'souza(5/5)

I applied for a home loan from SBI bank and was a bit disappointed at the beginning as I did not get any call for the first 3 days. Though they contacted only on the 4th day of submitting the application, the process was pretty fast thereafter.


Shalini Prasad(5/5)

I received a home loan from SBI bank at 9% rate of interest. I took loan for 20 lakhs and got the same processed in 15 days. Am happy with the loan I have received, looking forward to have such good relationship with SBI bank going forward.



Though the processing took about 20 days, I got home loan for 35 lakhs through SBI. As the property was under construction, the bank officials visited the place multiple times to sanction the loan. But the housing loan interest rate offered was less than that of any other banks I had approached earlier, so happy for that.


Geetha Naidu(5/5)

I got a quick home loan from SBI interest bank with very low rate of and the processing fee was lesser as compared to what is charged by other banks. I did a thorough comparison between various bank offers before choosing SBI bank for my home loan. This is the best bank and I feel safe to take loans from this bank as compared to other banks.


Garima Sharma(5/5)

My SBI home loan process was very smooth. The representative who handle my request was very helpful and had lot of knowledge. He helped to understand the loan process completely and made me comfortable at each stage by giving timely update. Thank you Finance Buddha.


Swetha Prabhu(5/5)

This is one of the best banks that I rely on for any type of loan or financial assistance. Process is pretty smooth. SBI home loan interest rate and other charges are very low as compared to other banks. I had raised a home loan request and within 3 day they collected documents and started working on processing the same.


Riddhi Jain(5/5)

If you want to check the differences between different home loans and apply directly, Finance Buddha is the best portal. Applying a loan was never so easy before. The website showed me exact stats about the SBI home loan. I read the FAQs which answered my doubts and helped me go for this loan. Highly recommended.


Safal Mahanjan(5/5)

The loan has helped in development of many people from our area. Belonging to North East's tribal region, I was looking for a loan that would benefit me. To my surprise, they had a loan specially designed for tribal region people which was great.



SBI home loan helped me and my wife apply for a joint loan. Our incomes individually were not sufficient to get a loan sanctioned but we could pool in our income and were able to avail the loan.


Nikhil Jha(5/5)

Customer service at SBI is not too good. The phone banking services are good, but when you visit the branch you meet the employees who are unwilling to work faster. If you can bear a slow customer service, you can go for this loan.


Prerna Verma(5/5)

With SBI and Finance Buddha, my loan experience has been pleasant enough. The website provided a method through which I could check my loan eligibility and apply for the loan directly.


Surabhi Singhania(5/5)

I am very thankful to the SBI for their 'Her loan' which focuses on the female section of the society. The loan is specially fabricated for women who want to own a house.


Narendra Singh(5/5)

SBI has always been a trustworthy bank. I applied for a home loan and the due process was followed. After that, the loan was granted and I am satisfied with the interest charged.


Karishma Kakkar(4/5)

I opted for the SBI home loan after consulting my parents. After visiting the bank, I realised that it is very troublesome. The rates of interests are affordable and okay, but the problem is their employees. They are not willing to work and like to delay the process.

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