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State Bank Of India Home Loan Reviews #11

4.7 stars based on 314 reviews

Bindhu Panikar(5/5)

Considering the low SBI home loan interest rate and facilities I decided to transfer my home loan to SBI bank. The balance transfer went on very smoothly and now I am paying a very low amount as EMI as the interest has dropped on the outstanding balance. Nearly Rs. 9,0000 is reduced from my monthly repayment amount as an effect of the home loan balance transfer.


Gayathri Menon(5/5)

The services offered by SBI are good and the rate of interest is affordable. I got my home loan for just 9.1% rate of interest which I felt is the cheapest in the market currently. The loan processing was nominal and money was disbursed within 10 days. Home loan transfer to SBI option is also available.


Geethanjali N(5/5)

I feel very comfortable to rely on SBI bank for all type of financial assistance. Recently I took a home loan from SBI bank in Bangalore and the service was very good. SBI home loan rate of interest are lower than its competitors. This is my first experience with SBI in Bangalore and I felt the standard of service is equal at all regions.


Rohini Bushan(5/5)

Though I got a home loan for 15 lakhs from SBI bank, the processing was very quick even though too many documentation requirements. They conduct a lot of scrutiny checks before approving a loan. SBI home loan processing fee and interest rate, both were lowest.


Thara Gowda(5/5)

I had an awesome experience with SBI bank. This was my first home buying experience and it went on very smoothly with the help of SBI bank’s support and co-operation. Thank you SBI bank. Home loan rate of interest SBI is cheap and best.


Sherin Jacob(5/5)

It can be said that I got to know about the SBI home loan offers right at the time when I was in need of one. I got some best offers along with low interest rates. I feel very lucky to get such offers as compared to what my friends and relatives are offered with. Home loan transfer to SBI can also be considered.


Kavya Gopal(5/5)

I did a home loan balance transfer to SBI bank. This helped me to bring down the home loan interest and the monthly payment. I feel I am able to save a lot of money through SBI. SBI home loan rate of interest is lowest for balance transfers.


Bhuvana R(5/5)

My SBI home loan application is under process. I applied for a home loan immediately after the rate slash by SBI. This helped me to get 30 lakhs loan for very minimal EMI payment. Thanks to SBI for slashing rate of interest as a New Year gift in 2017. Property loan in SBI has new rates now which are much less when compared to the home loan interest rates of other banks.


Mayur Sinha(5/5)

With just Rs. 45,000 as monthly income, not many banks were ready to offer 20 lakhs of home loan. But SBI took into consideration my past payments and my creditworthiness and offered a loan for low SBI home loan interest rate. This bank can be considered as poor man’s resort for money.


Darshini Das(5/5)

I got home loan approved at 9% rate of interest which I feel I is very decent rate as compared what was offered by other banks in Jaipur. Thank you SBI bank for the support. SBI mortgage loan is easily available in Jaipur.


Suresh Srinivasan(5/5)

I was able to build my dream house with the help of SBI. Special thanks to Rajeev Kumar- he helped me to get the loan processed quickly and gave clear instructions on what documents are ready for smooth processing. This way I didn’t had to waste any time and the money was disbursed within 14 days. SBI home loan processing fee is also low.


Anjali Jha(5/5)

I had a great experience with SBI bank by applying for home loan through online. Finance Buddha website is the best for applying any types of loan. I have used this site for home loan and even for personal loan. SBI mortgage loan can be applied online.


Alan Jacob(5/5)

I choose SBI bank over any other bank for home loan and the prime reason for this is its very low interest rates. Of course, the processing took some time but it is worth for not shelling some extra money. Property loan in SBI values each penny we are spending.


Giffin George(5/5)

If you are looking to save while you invest, just choose SBI bank. There is no other bank that gives best offers and rates for any financial support. Make use of all the benefits while you are still pay low rate of interest on loans as compared to other banks. SBI home loan processing fee is very less.


Vipin Thomas(5/5)

I transferred my home loan from Axis Bank to SBI. The home loan interest offered by SBI for balance transfer was much lesser than what was I paying originally. Now, not only my home loan burden is considerably reduced, my financial situation is coming back on track. I feel SBI bank still offer low interest and best features, so I suggest this bank to those who are looking to take home loan. SBI home loan processing fee will be waived off during some offers.


Clerin Thomas(5/5)

SBI bank is good for home loans and car loans. The recent rate slashes has helped me to get my request processed at the lowest interest rate possible. SBI mortgage loan demand has increased and as of now the process might be little slow, but the interest rate of the housing finance is lowest. So it makes perfect sense to go for SBI home loan. Also the benefit of applying through Finance Buddha was that these people collected the documents and submitted the complete application on my behalf. So I was saved from all the hassle. Once the bank did the needful, today the home loan got disbursed. So, thanks a ton, Finance Buddha and State Bank of India.


Christin Yohannan(5/5)

I got home loan upto 70% of the property value from SBI. I never expected such great level of financial assistance can be received. Thank you SBI. Make use of the home loan transfer to SBI option. A friend of mine has done and has saved a lot on the EMIs.


Ashwini Prasad(5/5)

Home loan from SBI bank was a very smooth process; they were very supportive and helpful throughout the loan processing. SBI mortgage loan is considered by many who are looking to invest in real estate. As the home loan interest rate is the lowest, so it makes investment in property really cheaper and more profitable.


Bharath Arun(5/5)

I applied for a top up loan just 2 weeks back and the money was disbursed to my account today through SBI bank. They process top up loans very quickly. Housing loan interest rate in SBI is lowest and quick & simple process.


Abhinav Shukla(5/5)

SBI bank is best for home loan. From the past 1 year am happy with their service and rates. Home loan rate of interest SBI is very low when compared with other top banks. As a matter of fact, SBI home loan interest rate is the lowest interest on home loan in comparison to the home loans interest rates of any other lenders in India.


Jay Maru(5/5)

SBI bank offers attractive deals and lowest interest rates on home loans. Overall I had a very good experience with this bank. I will recommend this to my friends. SBI Property loan is most recommended.


Ashish Sam George(5/5)

I applied for a home loan with SBI bank and they processed it smoothly but I was not able to take the loan as I had to postpone my plan of buying home. But I will definitely again apply only with SBI bank. Home loan rate of interest SBI is cheapest.


Chandan Pandey(5/5)

Before finding the property, I checked in detail about home loan and got to know SBI bank is the best among other competitors. Once property was finalized, I will apply for home loan at SBI bank. Thanks to Finance Buddha and SBI my home loan process was very smooth, quick and hassle free.


Jiji Thattathil(5/5)

Home loan transfer to SBI has lowered my monthly home loan EMI by a great amount. Thanks to Finance Buddha, they helped me with the application process and got me the best negotiated interest rate, which had a significant impact on my EMIs.

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