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State Bank Of India Home Loan Reviews #10

4.7 stars based on 314 reviews

Hemant Kumar Singh(5/5)

I work in a corporate office and getting off from work or even a half day is just like a far off dream. I got to know about this website through a friend of mine who also availed his business loan through Finance Buddha. When he praised their customer service so much, I was convinced that I should at least give it a try. I was happy to see their representatives acting so swiftly and answering every question. Helped me a lot in choosing the home loan bank.


Sandeep Teotia(5/5)

I wanted to invest some money is my house and make it better. I was sure that it was only possible through a home improvement loan. I searched online and found this website where all the info was available. Also, I saw that they were helping people to apply the loans and hence I signed up on the website. My loan got disbursed in just 15 days though it was a good big amount.


Tanya Kukreja(5/5)

The home loan is a big decision for every person whether he/she is rich or poor. I always wanted to buy a home of my dreams out of my own money. SBI's Her Ghar scheme gave me the loan I needed. I saved money for down payment of my flat and got some loan from Finance Buddha. My loan has been approved and I am sure that I'll never regret the decision of choosing SBI as their customer service has been great till now.


Manjula Pandey(5/5)

I could find all the SBI home loan details easily on this website Finance Buddha. It was easy to apply the loan after checking the SBI home loan eligibility through the calculator on their website. They have made the loan applying process so easy that it's hard to believe why we had been standing in long queues all these years! The best customer service and fast response rate, that is what you can expect from Finance Buddha.


Tarun Makhija(5/5)

The process at Finance Buddha is really hassle free. I was scared to get a home loan as I have heard that it is no less than a nightmare to travel the banks and ask for the loan approval. This website has given me a pretty good information about all the pre-requisites that one must know before taking a home loan.


Sourabh Gupta(4/5)

I got the lowest processing fees from the State Bank of India. SBI housing loan interest is also pretty low. I got my loan at 8.65%. I was happy that there are no foreclosure charges for the loan which is an added bonus. This will help me finish my loan as I plan to save some money and get it waived off soon.


Shachi Nagpal(5/5)

Indeed, SBI is a bank you can trust. Like all other reviews given by people here, I too can say the same. The best part about the loan type by Finance Buddha is that you do not have to stand in long queues of the bank to get any information. I could easily find everything under one roof here. My loan got processed last month with the SBI home loan interest charged at 8.60%, which is fairly fine as compared to other banks.


Mahesh K C(5/5)

Finance Buddha employees work in absolute coherence with the SBI bank. I can say that because I have witnessed their progress. My loan got approved so quickly from the bank because my application was processed through team Finance Buddha. Indeed a matter of relief for me. The bank executives visited my house the same week and processed all the documentation while explaining the loan.


Maya Ganguly(5/5)

I was surprised how quickly the loan was disbursed by the bank. I just signed up on the website of Finance Buddha. Within a few minutes, I got a call from their representative who first confirmed all the information that I entered while signing up and then recommended me the best banks available for the loan. I was sure that SBI it was. I have not regretted my decision and I can say this after one year of great service.


Varun Javdekar(5/5)

The SBI is the oldest commercial multinational bank and so, I was sure that my home loan was safe with them. Nowadays, when we hear about scams and all, it is difficult to trust any random bank. However, this has never been the case with the State Bank of India. The bank has always maintained a decent rapport of its own and that is quite the reason why I have always trusted them. The great network of branches helps me pay the EMIs easily and without any trouble!


Vidhi Gupta(5/5)

The State Bank of India Home loan scheme is a boon for every house aspirant. I have always trusted State Bank of India because it is one of the oldest banks of India and hence very trustable. The SBI home loan interest rate is quite low than its other counterparts.


Gaurav Nagpal(5/5)

The SBI housing loan interest rate was the cheapest from all others that I found on this website and confirmed through my friends manually. There is a trust which I hold in this bank because it has been the oldest bank in India. Also, the processing fees is the minimum.


Mridul Srivastava(5/5)

The SBI home loan scheme has a special loan for every person. When I checked out the types of home loans for housing offered by them, I was marveled as they had categorically mentioned each of the types. I chose the home loan keeping into consideration the point that the home loan tenure should be long enough. I wanted the SBI Plot loan since I wanted to invest money in something that would help me later. Glad that I made the right choice.


Akash Raj(5/5)

Property loan in SBI does good checks. I got the lowest rates compared to two other leading banks. Finance Buddha was prompt and very helpful right from the start to the disbursal of the loan amount.



I had taken a home loan from SBI in the year 2012 and the process was pretty smooth with easy EMI options and no default on payment. Now I decided to take a top up loan to renovate the house and for extension. Without any documents, top up loan was approved within two days. Banks checked my payment records and accordingly processed the top up loan. SBI bank home loan interest rate is good.



I applied for a home loan last December; they were very prompt and quick in delivery service. All documents were collected from my office on the 5th day of applying loan and helped to track the application through online for any updates. Even the representative was very helpful and I was able to understand what the next steps on the home loan processing are. SBI home loan rate of interest is the best and cheapest.



I felt SBI bank home loan processing is quite slow. Thus I decided to apply through HDFC bank post waiting for 2 months. If you are not looking for quick loan then SBI bank is a good option as it offers low interest rates on all types of loans. Home loan rate of interest SBI was the attraction, as it was much lower than other banks.


Sachin J(5/5)

I applied for a home loan at SBI bank considering the rate of interest was low. But I did not receive a single call from them. Finally I decided to apply to the same bank through Finance Buddha and it actually worked. Got loans for 9.1% rate of interest for 25 lakhs. Property loan in SBI rates after the rate cuts were the lowest and worth the wait.


Bhakti Nanavati(5/5)

Being a woman I expected lot of concessions from banks on home loan, but only SBI bank actually offered best loan amount with low rate of interest. Though other banks have low interest rates for women borrowers, the overall expense on home loan was high as compared to SBI home loan interest rate.


Gayatri Jha(4/5)

I applied for a home loan at a private bank and waited for about 2 months. After I moved the request to SBI bank and got loan approved within 15 days. SBI home loan rate of interest is the key attraction. Am very happy with the service and the loan was processed within 25 days with 9.3% rate of interest.


Raj Mathur(5/5)

I got a SBI mortgage loan at 9.5% rate of interest. The processing took about 5 days with long documentation. Finance Buddha help me with the application process and the documentation, so overall the process was a hassle free one for me. Thanks to SBI and FinBud.



The home loan processing at SBI was beyond my expectations. The SBI home loan interest was affordable, along with other facilities and benefits. Everything the processing fee and other charges are much better as compared to other banks.



SBI offered home loan at 9.3% rate of interest. Though I met all the eligibility criteria, other banks were not willing to even negotiate on the rate of interest. Low rate of interest loans offered by SBI bank was a life saver for me. And I want to thank FinBud in particular for the immense support they were. They did all the work on my behalf, all I had to was sign and provide the documents, that’s all. And they kept in contact until the loan was disbursed. So, thanks a lot FinBud.


Nikunj Shukla(5/5)

The rate of interest offered by SBI bank is very low and affordable; this attracted me and my spouse to choose this bank for our first home- Dream home. The loan was processed and sanctioned within 10 days. I was able to track the status of the application through online and had to not worry about the loan much. SBI home loan rate of interest is affordable.

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