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State Bank Of India Home Loan Reviews #1

4.7 stars based on 314 reviews

Gopi (5/5)

SBI has taken over the outstanding balance I had with DHFL, the reason why I shifted to SBI was because of the rates. SBI was offering a floating rate, they also apply the rates automatically when RBI slashes the rate. Just that I had to call them and find the information about the revised rate as I don't get any sort of intimation from them on time.


Hari (5/5)

Indeed, I am a happy customer of SBI because I had taken loan from them. Rate of interest is truly the lowest in the market. They have worked on their customer service level they were quick in providing the service. Particularly the branch response is really good as they work on weekends too.


Giri (5/5)

SBI gave outstanding support for my home loan. They had considered me as a privilege customer, so they didn't charge any processing fee for my home loan. In the market SBI had provided least Rate of interest they only charged 9.3% it was low. Even smooth documentations process.


Ganesh (5/5)

My experience with State bank of India has always been fair. I had taken my home loan from them. The process was quick and it was completed on time by the bank. Just that there was a delay from the bank in disbursing the loan due to demonetization. They also offered a good rate of interest. The processing charges were also normal.


Tilak (5/5)

SBI was very excellent, in term of interest they were providing more attractive rates in the market. Overall Banking was good, SBI was transparent in all aspect of processing and there was no hidden charges. I really appreciate the prompt service and response.


Gagan (5/5)

SBI had provided complete satisfactory on service and fast response. Rate of interest was very much attractive and best in the market. I would say they are providing excellent offers for Home loan. As per the customer requirements they are fulfilling their dreams.


Dilip (5/5)

Overall, I am happy about SBI service in terms of interest rate, processing fee etc. But I was expecting 90% of loan from the property value but SBI provides only 80% of loan. Other than that I am stunned by their services & rate of interest.


Dhyan (5/5)

SBI housing loan process is very simple. The documentation part was very easy and simple. There is no hassle absolutely and the loan processing happened on time. Everything is pretty much clear with them and everything happened on time with SBI.


Dhir (5/5)

I was looking for the loan to build a home at my home town. I approached SBI & applied for home loan. The responds from SBI was really nice. I thought they will not approve my loan but they did approve my loan. The tenure offered to me is 20 years with the rate of interest of 9%.


Dev (5/5)

Since I am an existing customer of State Bank of India, I got an offer for the home loan and the process was smooth as well in getting the loan. The services and response has been really good, they were clear in the communication. The rate of interest and charges was normal.


Deepak (5/5)

I read about the SBI home loan features online at Finance & I could not stop myself in applying for the loan. I wanted to take the home loan but after a year or so but the amazing rate of interest & processing charges offered by SBI changed my mind & I took the loan from SBI. I am recommending SBI to everyone who is in need of home loan.


Deb (5/5)

I wish to give State Bank of India ten stars for the whole package. They have prompt services & the rate of interest charged is amazingly low. Probably lowest in the market. I am really happy with SBI home loan.


Chandan (5/5)

I recently bought the land for building the house with the help of SBI home loan. I did not face any delays when it comes to SBI home loan. The documents were collected by their executive from my home & the process was really fast. I am very delighted with the rate of interest & processing charges that SBI has offered me.


Chetan (5/5)

SBI is providing flawless services when it comes to home loan. I applied for the loan six months ago & I did not face any issues while loan was processing. The time duration for the loan process was just a week. After that they disburse the loan. I am really happy with their rate of interest & processing charges.


Bhagat (5/5)

My home loan application with SBI went really smooth. There were no delays in processing my loan application. I was informed of all the updated timely. The documents requirement is also simple & clear.


Bali (5/5)

The reason why I chose SBI is that I have heard great reviews about SBI home loan. My application process went so well & easy. I was expecting a complex process where I will have to visit the bank every now & than but SBI proved me wrong. Their process is really very convenient. They are very clear about the documents required for the loan application. Their executive mailed me the list of documents & I submitted the documents. My loan was credited in my account in the time span of 9 days.


Badal (5/5)

I applied for SBI home loan through Finance Buddha portal. The website has the tremendous amount of information when it comes to home loan. I applied for the loan online & their executive collected all the required documents from my home. Finance Buddha team helped me in preparing the documents for loan. I am very satisfied with the rate of interest offered to me.


Sonal (5/5)

SBI called me and kept me informed about the details for the home loan process. I requested them to give me a clear detail on the documentation required. Their executive mailed me the detail requirements for home loan documentation. I am really glad to choose SBI as my loan was disbursed so soon & the application process is so easy & stress free.


Aalap (5/5)

I had applied for my home loan with State Bank of India. The services from them is good as the process is still on and they have been doing good in the collection of documents and giving me the updates. I am also happy with the rate of interest and other charges.


Aamir (5/5)

The rate of interest is very low that is why I had chosen SBI for the housing loan. Another plus, is the documentation part which is too simple.


Rutva (5/5)

SBI processed my home loan even though the property was not located at my work town. I wanted to rebuild the native home & the understood my requirements very well. SBI offered good interest rates and very low processing charges for my home loan.


Umesh (5/5)

I received a very good response from State Bank of India when I was applying for home loan. They communicating the details of loan & documents requirement to me very clearly. There were no hidden charges everything at SBI is so clear & transparent. The rate of interest that they offered is amazingly low. I am really very satisfied with their customer responds & services. They really care for their customers.


Ravindra (5/5)

I have recently transferred my home loan from Axis bank to SBI bank. The reason why I transferred the loan is the lower rate of interest offered by SBI. The process went really well. I was having all the documents ready with me & that’s why the loan process took very less time. The rate of interest offered to me was as low as 9%. They have charged just 3000 as processing charges. I am really happy with my decision of transferring the loan to SBI. They have even increased the repayment tenure from 20 years to 23 years.


Anand (5/5)

SBI has been very up supportive when it comes to home loan. Since I did not have the initial 20% to pay the builder. The bank made the options flexible for me. By making the payments like 10% from the client 80% with the bank 10%. From the client. The paper work was much as it took me a whole day to complete the same, but they had a good deal on the rate of interest and charges.

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