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State Bank Of India Home Loan Reviews

4.7 stars based on 314 reviews

Chandan Krishna(5/5)

I have taken a home loan from State Bank of India. The amount is of 30 lakhs. The interest rate offered my SBI to me is 8.70%. I am quite happy with this interest rate. The processing frees was also very low. So if u r in a need of home loan without any doubt or fear go with SBI “The most reliable bank of India”.


Shivani Tiwari(2/5)

I have not received proper response from SBI regarding my home loan. It took more than 10 days for the documentation process to get completed. I had to visit the bank many times to get the process completed.


Raghu (5/5)

I transferred my current going home loan from AXIS Bank to SBI. The reason behind this was the low interest rates offered by the SBI. The interest rate offered to me from SBI is 8.60%. I am happy now as I will have to pay less amount as interest to the bank.


Praveen Kumar(5/5)

One of my friend suggested me to go with SBI home loan plan. I applied for the home loan through the Finance Buddha website. The executives from Finance Buddha came themselves to my place and collected all the documents. My loan was approved with SBI within few days. I am very happy with my experience at SBI.



The processing of home loan with SBI is very smooth and hassle free. It took only 5 days in the processing of my home loan. I am very happy with the performance of SBI. If u r in need of home loan then go with SBI.


Dinesh (5/5)

The service and interest rates provided by SBI is best among all the banks. I opted SBI because of their lower interest rates. And I am happy that SBI didn’t let me down. My home loan was approved at an interest rate of 8.70%. I am thankful to SBI for their service.


Uttam Sharma(4/5)

I came to know about Finance Buddha through the Facebook page. I went through the website and applied for the home loan with SBI. The executive was very soft spoken and helped me throughout the documentation process. My home loan was approved within 6 days.


Pranav (4/5)

I visited Finance Buddha website and compared many Banks for the home loan. I found that State Bank of India is more reliable and the interest rate offered by them is quite bearable. So I went with SBI and applied for the loan. My loan was processed in 7 days.


Amit Singh(5/5)

SBI is excellent in their service. They provide the interest rate which is affordable by the people. I took my home loan from State Bank of India. It took only 5 working days for the approval of my loan. I was surprised with their quick process.


Abhishek Panday(4/5)

SBI gave me outstanding support. They provided me home loan when I was in need. I was surprised that my loan was approved in 5 days. The interest rate offered by them was also good. My loan was approved at an interest rate of 9.50%.



Having own house is every once dream. Finance Buddha and State Bank of India helped me to change my dream into reality. I used Finance Buddha website to apply for the home loan. I applied my loan with State Bank of India my loan was approved with an interest rate of 8.60% within 6 working days. I am thankful to both of them for helping me out for buying me my own home.


Prakash Mehta(4/5)

I received very good response from State Bank of India when I applied for home loan with them. Their staff helped me a lot in the documentation process as I was not having the full knowledge regarding the documentation. The interest rate offered by them is also bearable for a common man. I will recommend State Bank of India to others also.



I used finance Buddha website to clear all my doubts regarding home loan and then applied for the home loan from here only. After going through the website I found that State Bank of India is quite good with their service so I choose this. My loan was approved at an interest rate of 9.60%.



I am very happy with my experience at State Bank of India. I applied for my home loan with State Bank of India and there was a very good response from them. The documentation process was completely smooth and hassle free. My loan was approved within 6 working days.



I had applied for home loan from State Bank of India. I choose State Bank of India as their interest rates were quite affordable. I got the loan with the interest rate of 8.60% and the processing fees was also low. I am very happy for choosing State Bank.


Ramya Panday(4/5)

Buying a home in Bengaluru is not an easy thing as the cost of property here is reaching sky. I am thankful to State Bank of India because of them I am now having my own home in Bengaluru.


Shawayam Mishra(5/5)

Finance Buddha is the website which helped me to make my dream come true. I was able to take a home loan with the help of finance Buddha website. I checked my eligibility and applied online for the loan. There was a smooth documentation process and I got the home loan within 5 working days from State Bank of India.



The information offered by the Finance Buddha website is 100% accurate and reliable. I used Finance Buddha website for applying for home loan. The executive from finance Buddha visited my place and took all the required documents. I was surprised within 5 working days my home loan was approved by State Bank of India



I used Finance Buddha website to check my eligibility for home loan and applied online. I got the loan from SBI at very affordable interest rate and the processing fees was also low.


Nimesh (4/5)

It was a very good offer from State Bank of India. They have given me a rate of 9.35% on the home loan with a zero processing charge. The process for the loan took more than a month to complete as there was a delay from my end as I had to get some documents too and the bank as well.


Girish (5/5)

SBI is very excellent, in term of interest they were providing more attractive rates in the market. Overall Banking was good, SBI was transparent in all aspect of processing and there was no hidden charges. I really appreciate the prompt service and response.


Rounak (5/5)

For SBI home loan documentation part was too lengthy, they were asking for more number of documents than the standard set of documents which was strange. Obviously, interest rate is much better than any other bank. Processing fee too was much better than others. From the date of submitting my documents SBI took around a week's time to respond. The executive name was Pawan he was too helpful and the guy was truly amazing.


Gokul (5/5)

My home loan is from SBI. They completed my process within a week or two. There was a delay from my end. It was a good experience and the rate of interest was of 9.4%. Lately there was a reduction on the rate of .25% by SBI. The processing charges was also nominal.


Atul (5/5)

I am impressed with SBI, I must say I was really happy with their process, it was basically a construction loan. They took around 7 to 8 days of time to provide the loan. They took my salary slip, and other relevant documents like cheque along with my land property papers works were produced to avail this loan. In short, I enjoyed their service.

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