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Standard Chartered Bank Home Loan Reviews

4.9 stars based on 12 reviews


Standard Chartered Bank gave me an option of Top up loan after six months where I could take more loan at a cheaper rate. The representative told me about this feature at the beginning and it made way to the expenses of a perfect holiday destination.


Sumit Saurabh(5/5)

I had my personal account in the Standard Chartered Bank. I was getting married so wanted to get a home loan. However, I could not take the burden of an exorbitant loan too.


Prakash Puri(5/5)

Good service, easy processing, and faster dispersal; expect everything at its best at Standard Chartered Bank.


Rahul Soni(5/5)

Thanks to Finance Buddha, I was able to calculate my approximate EMI and know the loan tenure for this home loan.


Vivek Banarjee(5/5)

I am not too satisfied with the Standard Chartered Bank Home Loan. I availed this loan year back and since then, I have been visiting the bank on a regular basis. I wanted to get slight amendments done in my loan tenure and they were very slow.


Rajeev Samra(5/5)

If you want a one stop for all your queries, then Standard Chartered Bank Home Loan is an all in one package. The bank offers so much at so normal rates. They also have risk cover for your land and property. Also, your family is ensured from a sudden burden of paying the loan if you die due to unexpected death.


Rina Malhotra(5/5)

I am happy with the Standard Chartered Bank Home Loan and for that, I would like to thank Finance Buddha. If it was not this website, I would have never come to know about the Standard Chartered Bank Home Loan. I was looking for other bank’s home loans, but through this portal, I got to know about the HomeSaver feature of the bank, which I believe is a great deal.



I am happy to be associated with Standard Chartered Bank. However, the branch that I visited did not have a very good customer support. Although the processing fees and rate of interest in fine, but I could feel a sense of disintegration among the employees.


Rohit Chadda(5/5)

My loan transfer was processed swiftly and I paid normal shifting charges. Also, the processing fees is not exorbitant like many other banks.


Abdul Rehman Khan(4/5)

When I took my home loan, I felt I have done the biggest mistake of my life. I was not able to understand the complicated terms and conditions offered to me. Then, a friend of mine suggested me the Standard Chartered Bank Home Loan and believe, I am grateful to him.


Md.Tanveer Khan(5/5)

I was scared to avail a bank loan because I have heard many bad things about the banking professionals. Believe me, my opinion has undergone a 360 degrees turn. I am satisfied with their lending rate of interest and also, they have a facility of a top up loan which gives extra loan at a lower cost. I like that thing.


Sampath Jalan(5/5)

My loan was sanctioned by the the Standard Chartered Bank and I must say that I was very much satisfied to have made the right choice. The loan was processed very quickly and services were really good. Unlike many other banks who literally exploit the customer and ask him to bring a new document every day, I must say that this bank offered a vibe of change.

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