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Not getting the desired Loan Amount?

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Have multiple existing loans?

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Standard Chartered Bank Home Loan Details

Standard Chartered Bank Home Loan

Standard Chartered Bank is a UK based renowned banking and lending company. The bank provides affordable home loans to salaried professionals and self-employed individuals and firms. The bank has numerous branches in more than 70 countries where it has a long list of satisfied customers. On Finance Buddha, you can compare the home loans of different banks with Standard Chartered Bank and apply for a home loan online

Features of Standard Chartered Home Loan

  • No hidden charges
  • One time processing fees
  • Variable and semi-fixed rate housing loans
  • Low finance home loan
  • Easy transfer options
  • Flexible tenures
  • Loans for self-employed and salaried professionals
  • Loans available for every purpose
  • Top up loans available
  • Easy online application
  • Protection to family in case of unexpected death
  • Quick dispersal
  • 24*7 customer support
  • Loans available for renovation and home extension

Benefits of Standard Chartered Home Loan

  • International service assurance
  • Home Loan Protector and Home Protector (HHP) as insurance products
  • Tax benefits according to the Sec 24(b) of the Income Tax Act, 1961
  • An option to avail top-up of up to 100% of the principal loan taken
  • Zero foreclosure charges
  • Loan tenure can be up to 30 years
  • Loan up to INR 150 million available
  • Facility of co-applicants
  • Daily reducing balance method used for calculating interest
  • Option of changing loans from fixed to varied and vice-versa

Another feature of Standard Chartered Home Loan is the HomeSaver . You can pay the loan in half the time and at half the cost.

Standard Chartered HomeSaver Loan

One can connect the linked transaction account to the Home Loan account. The principal amount in your home loan can be cleared by the extra money on the linked account. 
The applicable loan will be the difference in the surplus transaction account balance and the outstanding loan balance.


  • Pay loan in half the time at half the cost
  • A free debit card to carry out your domestic transactions
  • The interest is calculated on daily basis
  • No fees on withdrawal or payment of funds
  • Withdrawal or payment of funds at any time


  • Reduction of tenure up to 50%
  • Saved amount on interest up to 54%
  • Easy process to link your salary or savings account as linked account
  • Withdrawal only on surplus amount in the linked account

Why should you choose Standard Chartered Bank Home Loan?

You should go for the Standard Chartered Bank Home Loan if you want a one stop solution for your home loan needs. 
The home loan protector gives your family the relief from the burden of paying the loan amount in case of your unexpected death. The home protector gives security cover to the property and things inside the house. Tax benefits and top up loans are the features that will attract a customer. 
HomeSaver gives you an option to pay the loan amount easily and swiftly. One-time processing fees are levied and variable interests can be adopted. 

How to apply for Standard Chartered Bank Home Loan?

You can apply for Standard Chartered Bank Home Loan in a quick, burden-free way and directly through Finance Buddha. On Finance Buddha, we will ask you the fundamental points to evaluate your loan eligibility. Finance Buddha is an assessment site where you can discover your eligibility, loan amount you can avail, just by mentioning about your present organization, take home salary, existing EMI sum, salary account bank, preferable loan tenure and interest and residency. 
You can discover, compare and apply for the loan directly through our website.
Through Finance Buddha, you also get rid of any kind of probability of getting your loan rejected due to low CIBIL score. Rather than going into the botheration of going to the bank just to check the qualification and going out personally, you can directly examine the best choice for yourself. Leave your queries to Finance Buddha and you will get a swifter and easier way to apply for your home loan.

Standard Chartered Home Loan Eligibility Criteria

  1. Age of Applicant
    • Min-21 years
    • Max-60 years (at time of end of loan)
  2. Number of years in employment -2 years & above
  3. Net Yearly Salary or Income - INR 180,000/- & above (Salaried Professionals) INR 250,000/- & above (Self-Employed)

Salaried professionals must be getting salary in salary account on regular basis.
Professionals like doctors, engineers, etc must be drawing regular income from their professions. They must be filing income tax returns.

Businessmen must have their firms registered with government agencies, own a bank account. They must be drawing a regular income from their professions and filing income tax returns.

Standard Chartered Home Loan Interest Rates, Fees & Charges (updated 19 Jan,2023)

Interest Rates, Fees and Charges

Interest Rate

9.35% to 9.45% - Depends on your loan type, amount and tenure etc.

Pre-closure fees

2.5% of the principal outstanding balance of loan at the time of closure

Part pre-payment Fees

Nil (if payment is lower than 25% of the principal outstanding balance

Processing Fees

Less than or equal to 1 % of the sanctioned amount


INR 500

Switching or conversion cost

1 % of the sanctioned amount

Cheque return charges (issued by customer)

INR 500 per return

Cheque return charges (deposited by customer)

INR 200 per return

No objection certificate (NOC)


Penal Interest

Yearly 24%

EMI cheque bounce rate

INR 495 per bounce

Document Retrieval charges

INR 300

Another feature of Standard Chartered Home Loan is the HomeSaver. You can pay the loan in half the time and at half the cost.

Standard Chartered Home Loan Documents Required

  • Loan application form
  • Identity proof bearing signatures like Copy of Passport / Driving License/ Voter ID card / ID card issued by employer
  • Address Proof which should not be more than three months old like Copy of Ration Card / Passport / Electricity or Phone Bill / Rent Agreement / Credit card statements / Property Papers
  • Proof for Date of Birth (DOB)
  • Bank Statement
  • Documents for Income
  • Cheque for Processing Fees
  • Self-attested photograph
  • Proof of shop or firm establishment (for businessmen)
  • Office address Proof (for businessmen)
  • Income Tax Returns (ITR)
Frequently Asked Questions

What is the maximum amount of loan I can avail?

One can avail up to 10 Crore.

What is the minimum amount of loan that I can avail?

The minimum amount of loan that can be approved is 5 lakhs.

Can someone be the co-applicant?

Parent, children and spouse can be co-applicant. Your siblings can also be the co-applicants. For this, they need to also be the co-owners of the property on which the loan is to be taken.

Standard Chartered Bank Home Loan ReviewsView All


5 / 5

Standard Chartered Bank gave me an option of Top up loan after six months where I could take more loan at a cheaper rate. The representative told me about this feature at the beginning and it made way to the expenses of a perfect holiday destination.
Sumit Saurabh

5 / 5

I had my personal account in the Standard Chartered Bank. I was getting married so wanted to get a home loan. However, I could not take the burden of an exorbitant loan too.
Prakash Puri

5 / 5

Good service, easy processing, and faster dispersal; expect everything at its best at Standard Chartered Bank.
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