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PNB Housing Finance Ltd Home Loan Reviews #4

4.8 stars based on 126 reviews


After seeing the low rate of interest Punjab National Bank is offering for home loan, I decided to do a home loan balance transfer to this bank. With the help of Finance Buddha, the process was pretty smooth and fast as well. All charges associated to balance transfer were clarified by Finance Buddha and bank. Making the transfer was not an issue at all.


Ravi Chaluvaraj(5/5)

Few months back when I was looking for home loan, the rate of interest was very high everywhere. Now I was just going through Finance Buddha and got to know Punjab National Bank was offering home loan for very low rate of interest- as low as 8.9% only. So I decided to apply through Finance Buddha and got my loan approved within 7 working days.



As I applied for a home loan with Punjab National Bank through Finance Buddha, they managed documentations electronically. There was no need for me to visit the bank for any formalities. I never thought getting a home loan in Kolkata was this easy. I have suggested this to my brother also and he will be applying through Finance Buddha shortly.


Roopashree Kumar(5/5)

My home loan was approved by Punjab National Bank with the rate of interest of 9.4% only. Processing fee was just 1% of the loan amount plus there is pre-closure option available after 1 year of EMI payment. Finance Buddha helped me to finalize the bank with all features I was looking for.


Nidhi Ashoka(5/5)

I applied for a home loan through Finance Buddha and Punjab National Bank contacted me the very next day to collect all necessary documents. As I had checked my home loan eligibility through Finance Buddha, I was sure that am meeting all requirement criteria. Loan was approved within 12 days and now I am waiting for the money to be disbursed within next couple of days. Punjab National Bank offers fast and efficient services to all its customers.



Punjab National Bank is very good bank for home loans. I got a SMS from the bank confirming my home loan is approved within 48 hours of submitting application and documents. The minute I got message, I was extremely happy and excited. The only procedure now left is registration of the property and I will move into my new own house within a weekÍs time. Thank you Finance Buddha for always giving best of best services.



I have taken home loan from Punjab National Bank. The best thing about this bank is how they calculate interest on home loan. The reducing balance method is used to calculate on a quarterly basis. Whereas most of the private banks will calculate this on annual basis. This makes a lot of difference and saves money. I got this information from Finance Buddha website and I immediately decided to pick loan from this bank without any second thought.


Abhay Lokhande(5/5)

I have suggested Punjab National Bank to my friends and colleagues. This bank gives home loans at affordable rates and processing fees and other charges are also low. Finance Buddha website introduced me to this bank for home loan.


Sudip Medda(5/5)

There are many banks to offer home loans but finding the best one that suits my needs was the concern. Thanks Finance Buddha for helping me to finalize home loan application with Punjab National Bank and for ensuring I get the loan at best rates.


Chandra Murthy(5/5)

I am thankful to Finance Buddha for coming up with such great platform with all information of bank loans. Getting a home loan from Punjab National Bank was not at all an issue for me.



It was a dream for me and my wife to build an independent villa in Bangalore. We did a lot of research on the property and finally decided to move ahead for the construction. My friend Shobith suggested me with Finance Buddha website to compare loan details of various bank. Thus we did our finance research through Finance Buddha and also applied for a loan with Punjab National Bank home loan service providers. 75% of the property value was approved by the bank and we got our home loan approved within 15 days.



I got excellent services from Punjab National Bank and my home loan was approved within 8 days. Finance Buddha website helped me with all necessary information and the home loan process was very smooth. I would like to rate Finance Buddha as 10/10.



On one side the reduction on interest rates on home loan is a good thing and on the other side Finance Buddha helped me to compare and pick the best bank that offers home loan. Through these services I saved close to Rs. 6,000 from my monthly EMI as rate of interest at Punjab National Bank is only 9%.



I got a home loan approved from Punjab National Bank with interest rate of just 8.95%. I have been trying for a home loan from past 4 years but it kept delaying as I was not able to afford for high interest rates. Thank you Finance Buddha for sharing latest information about home loans, this helped me to get the loan at low rate of interest.



I really do not know how to thank Finance Buddha for giving such wide range of information on all types of loans. This is the best platform I have come across till date. I took a home loan from Punjab National Bank as per Finance BuddhaÍs suggestion and I am very happy about their services.


Shobha Murthy(5/5)

It is now possible to get home loans at lowest interest rates & processing fees from Punjab National Bank. I suggest you to apply for home loan through Finance Buddha to enjoy best deals and to compares rates and services of various banks.



If you are looking for hassle free way of getting home loan, then best option is to apply through Finance Buddha, they understand each customerÍs requirements and will accordingly suggest us with banks that we can choose home loan from. I choose Punjab National Bank and am very happy and excited about my right decision.


Vijay Prasad(5/5)

I took a home loan through Finance Buddha with Punjab National Bank and I am very happy with their services. I recommend this bank or home loan to everyone and the lowest rate of interest at which home loan is offered is at 8.9%. So stop thinking and grab the option immediately.


Rose Mary(5/5)

I was in need of a home loan for renovating my house. I used Finance Buddha to compare rates and choose Punjab National Bank. The best facility of this bank is they give SMS reminders to ensure there is sufficient balance in my bank account for ECS payment. This helps in avoiding defaults of loan EMI payments.


Shruthy Balakrishnan(5/5)

The fact is Punjab National Bank processes home loan in a professional manner. The staffs are very co-operative and helpful. They are ready to address customerÍs queries anytime and offer realistic and best resolutions. I used Finance Buddha website to connect with this bank and to check eligibility criteria.


Anoop M(5/5)

I got my home approved from Punjab National Bank with the interest rate of 9.2%. Feel like I won a jackpot. Thank you Finance Buddha for suggesting me to this website. They process home loan very quickly, I got my loan approved within 16 days of applying for loan.



I want to let you all know that I got my home loan approved from Punjab National Bank within a span of 10 days with the help of Finance Buddha website. This bank ensured my documents are collected on time and all required actions are taken appropriately. I just applied for a loan through Finance Buddha and the rest fell in place in a timely manner.


Chandradeep Singh(5/5)

I urgently needed a home loan since I had bought a land and wanted the construction to start soon. PNB dispersed the loan in merely days, I could not believe my eyes that a government bank would offer me state-of-the-art services like a multinational bank.


Avinash Singh(5/5)

I ported my home loan to PNB since I had heard that it has cheaper rates of interests. To be honest, there is not a much difference, but there is surely a difference. In the long run, you will save.

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