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PNB Housing Finance Ltd Home Loan Reviews #3

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I had purchased a house in Banglaore in 2009 and since then I have been paying home loan for rate of interest of 12.5%. Recently I came across Finance Buddha website and read through the home loan balance transfer service offered by various banks and its rate of interest and other charges. Based these information I contacted Punjab National bank to see if they are ready to take over my home loan from old bank. Now the documentation process is complete and loan is approved. I will be transferring home loan to this bank within a weekÍs time and will save Rs. 9000 per month from my monthly EMI.


Aishwarya Ajish(5/5)

I got my home loan from Punjab National bank at nominal rate of interest within 13 days of applying for loan. If you are in need of home loan then apply through Finance Buddha website.


Anurup Balan(5/5)

I have been in the real estate business from past 18 years and I recently came across the website called Finance Buddha for loan related queries. Now I suggest my customers who come to see property to try this website as they will get all necessary information here and if required they can directly apply for loan as well. I myself have taken a home loan with Punjab National bank through this website.


Cini V(5/5)

Honest review- the best bank for home loan is Punjab National bank. This bank official will understand what each customerÍs requirement and will come up with a loan plan accordingly. The secret of me getting home loan at 9.5% rate of interest is Finance Buddha suggesting me to this bank.



My name is Siddharth, I was looking for a home loan from past 2 months and was confused to pick a bank that offers maximum loan amount with minimum rate of interest. Finance Buddha helped me to finalize with PNB housing loan- a bank that meets all my expectations.



One of the best banks to take home loan from is PNB housing finance. Apply through Finance Buddha to enjoy maximum benefits from home loan application. This is the best bank for home loan.



Overall I had an excellent and memorable experience with Finance Buddha website. Am very thankful to them and the only thing I can do in return to them for offering such great service is by writing a true and great review. If ever you are trying to buy a home and want to take home loan I will suggest you to go through Finance Buddha. They are masters in this field and you can expect professional service. I got my home loan of 75 lakhs from PNB Housing Finance Ltd.


Verghese E(5/5)

I own a business thus getting home loans for businessmen is totally different. Everything ranging from eligibility to rate of interest will vary for businessmen who are trying for home loan. I wanted to collect all information about a home loan before applying for one and came across Finance Buddha website. This website had answers for all my questions and I also got loan approved with Punjab National bank through this website.



I purchased a flat recently in Jaipur with the help of home loan from Punjab National bank. There was no involvement of brokers or loan representatives. I directly checked all necessary details with regard to bank loan through Finance Buddha, compared different bankÍs home loan rates, checked my eligibility for home loan and CIBIL rating and then applied for loan with the bank through this website. Without any additional charges for these services I got my home loan approved in just 14 days.


Danny Joseph(5/5)

My house builder had tie up with many banks to offer home loan but when I compared the rate of interest through Finance Buddha, it helped me to realize banks are actually offering home loans at much lower rate of interest, thus I applied for a home loan with Punjab National bank and got the same approved in a hassle-free manner. Even if your builder is suggesting with banks to apply for home, I would suggest you to apply through this website to get great offers. By comparing different bank rates you will be able to pick the best that suits your requirements. DonÍt simply settle with what the builders are offering and always do your part of investigation.



With the interest rate of 9.15%, I got home loan from Punjab National bank. This bank has a specific department to handle all home loan related queries and even ensures regular reminders are given to customers to make EMI payments. This service has helped me to avoid defaulting the loan amount.


Shirley Saji(5/5)

I have my home loan being processed with Punjab National bank. So far the service has been extremely good and I am sure I will get my loan approved within couple of days. The bank representatives are very co-operative. With the help of Finance Buddha I have checked my eligibility before applying for loan thus I am sure money will be in my bank account within a weeksÍ time.



Finance Buddha suggested me to Punjab National bank for home loan. The executive from Punjab National bank was very good. They came to my residence to collect all necessary documents. Customers are treated with great respect at this bank. Within 12 days I got home loan approved.


Dheeraj Shah(5/5)

Last week when me and my wife finalize on a ready-to-move in house for purchasing, the very next thought was how about managing finance. That is when my friend suggested me to Finance Buddha website. I applied for a home loan through this website with Punjab National Bank and to my surprise, I got loan approved easily at 9.45% rate of interest.



At Punjab National Bank, the banking norms are very flexible. Getting a home loan is not tough if you are applying through Finance Buddha. Am sharing my personal experience here so that it will help others to get loan easily for any type of requirements.


Naveen Kotian(5/5)

I took a home loan from Punjab National Bank with fixed rate of interest for 15 years. Am very happy that I got loan from this bank at low rate of interest and also close 80% of the property value was offered as loan amount. Am stepping into my dream home tomorrow and thanks to Finance Buddha for always supporting and assisting all through the home loan.



With my past experience for loans, I had decided never again to apply for one. But when it came to buying a house in Bangalore, I had to go for a home loan without any option. At this time my sister-in-law suggested me to use Finance Buddha for home loans and I am extremely happy that I could compare and pick the best bank for home loan. Punjab National Bank has offered home loan to me at best rates and at low processing fees.


Vasanth S(5/5)

I have my home loan with Punjab National Bank and I must admit that the service offered by this bank was way above my expectations. I have referred by brother also to apply with this bank for personal loan through Finance Buddha to get best offers and the lowest interest rates on home loans.


Prem Naren(5/5)

I have suggested Punjab National Bank to my friends and family. More and more people will be applying for home loan with this bank through Finance Buddha. I am glad that I came across such great bank through this website. I feel proud to suggest this to others.



I have my home loan with Punjab National Bank, as per Finance BuddhaÍs suggestions I applied for a home loan with this bank and was surprised to see such low rates at which they offer loan. Am very impressed with the services offered by this bank.



The folks of Finance Buddha are highly professional. They will invest time to clearly understand each customerÍs needs and based on our eligibility they will suggest banks that we can apply for loan for. I did a thorough comparison before blindly selecting a bank and I felt what Finance Buddha is suggesting is of course a best option, I got Punjab National Bank Home loan at 9.25% rate of interest.


Pankaj Kumar(5/5)

I got home loan approved from Punjab National Bank for tenure of 20 years with rate of interest at 9%. This bank did not charge any processing fee for sanctioning home loan due to some festival offers. That way I saved nearly Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 25,000. Am happy that I decided to apply for home loan with Punjab National Bank as per Finance BuddhaÍ suggestions.


Mallana Gowda(5/5)

I would recommend everyone to start using Finance Buddha site if you are looking to apply for loan for any matter. For me getting a home loan from Punjab National Bank was like a cake-walk. Finance Buddha executives involved in all processing related matters and ensure everything went well. I got my loan sanctioned within 15 days. I feel 2 weeks for a home loan is very fast as compared to other banks which might take 45 to 60 days.


Shyam Balu(4/5)

Finance Buddha has good connectivity with various banks in India. I applied for a home loan with Punjab National Bank through this website and they ensure the whole process was smooth and hassle-free. For any future requirements related to loans, I will definitely take the route of Finance Buddha only.

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