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PNB Housing Finance Ltd Home Loan Reviews #2

4.8 stars based on 126 reviews

Lakshmi C(5/5)

I was offered with a home loan from PNB housing finance for 15 lakhs with very less documentation. The processing was very quick and effortless. Having no idea about loans, I knew it will not be easy for me to approach banks directly to get a home loan. The service offered by Finance Buddha is very helpful for people like me to get all necessary things done by just sitting at home and directing the associated representatives.



Finance Buddha helped me in getting home loan from PNB housing finance. For the first time I got a loan within 7 working days. Am feeling very lucky and proud to let everyone know about this great offer I got through Finance Buddha.



The service providers at Punjab National bank are very co-operative. They did not mind answering my questions again and again. As this is my first experience on home loan, I wanted to make sure every penny spent is for right purpose. For this matter, the information I got from Finance Buddha was also very informative and helpful.



Punjab National bank offered home loan at the rate of interest of as low as 9.75%. I have been trying for home loan from past 5 years but was hesitant due to high interest rates. I took the details of latest and revised loan rates from Finance Buddha and this information gave me the courage to apply for loan.


Siddhu Yadav(5/5)

I was tired of getting rejected with my home loan application from various banks and I had no clue of why it was getting rejected. That is when I came across Finance Buddha and got to know what it offers to its customers. Based on the information available in this portal, I checked my eligibility and got to know applying loan at Punjab National bank will help in getting it processed quickly. Now I got home loan from this bank and I have stepped into my dream home.



Get a home loan approved quickly by applying through Finance Buddha. Experience the service from this website once and you will never imagine another option. I love to deal all my financial necessities now through this website.


Ishitha Abraham(5/5)

My home loan was approved at 9.95% rate of interest at Punjab National bank. I feel very happy about the rate of interest. And considering I was in need of huge amount as loan, low rate of interest will help me save a big amount from EMI payment. Thank Finance Buddha.



I applied for a home loan with a reputed bank directly and for 20 days there was no progress. I was at the verge of losing hope but that is when I was introduced to Finance Buddha through my friend Sham Verghese. I applied for a loan through this platform with Punjab National bank and to my surprise loan was approved within 8 days.



I applied for a home loan through Finance Buddha with Punjab National bank and on the other side my cousin had applied for a loan directly with some other bank. In fact both were in hurry for a home loan and was wondering which would get processed fast. My cousin regrets even till date that he did not take the loan application through Finance Buddha. I got my loan approved within 12 days and money was in my account by 18th day. It has been more than a month and he is yet to know whether his loan will be approved or not.



This has been my third experience with Finance Buddha website and this time I am applying for a home loan from PNB Housing Finance. So far the experience has been good which is why I decided to write a review. The service offered by this website has kept bettering each time I took service from them.



I was searching online for offers and deals of Punjab National bank for home loan but not many information was available. Randomly I came across Finance Buddha website and was surprised to see all necessary information was available at just a click away. Based on the reviews I applied for a loan through this website and the same got approved within 9 days.



If you want on-time processing of home loan then apply for a loan with Punjab National bank and the most important thing is- apply through Finance Buddha. This way your application will get prioritized and an executive will be specifically assigned to handle all your queries.



I am more than happy to take more and more different types of loans from Punjab National bank. They offer best services to all its customers and will also ensure good customer care services are offered. For all type of loans, what Finance Buddha has suggested has turned out to be the best option.



My home loan is with Punjab National bank. All necessary documents were collected by the bank as soon as application was submitted online. Getting loan from this bank was as quick as just 5 days process. I prefer applying all type of loan through Finance Buddha platform.


Dilip Narayan(5/5)

A very good bank for home loan processing is Punjab National bank as compared to private banks. Everything starting from the loan application until disbursement of loan amount, Finance Buddha team was with me to offer all types of information and support. I recommend you all to start using this website.



I had a home loan with Punjab National bank from past 1 year but recently I decided to take a top-up loan and also to transfer the ownership from sole to joint ownership. This way my main intention was to share EMI with my brother and also to get sufficient money for re-construction. Finance Buddha clearly understood my requirements and helped to approach the bank in a right way to get it processed.



I got a home loan from Punjab National bank 3 years back and recently I wanted a top-up loan on the same for renovation. I approached bank through Finance Buddha and all my loan processing documentation was handled in a smooth and efficient manner. I got top-up loan within 5 days and I have initiated the renovation process.



The processing and documentation of housing loan at Punjab National bank is very quick, the customer service executive who was involved in my loan processing Mr. Naresh took all necessary initiative from day one until my loan amount was approved. The rate of interest is relatively less than what other banks are offering.


Sharadha Prabakar(5/5)

I am Sharadha, I recommend everyone who is looking for a home loan to apply through Finance Buddha. They will provide necessary assistance and will also route you to the right bank that fits as per your needs.


Simran Satpute(5/5)

I am happy that I approached Finance Buddha for my home loan. They guided me to Punjab National bank housing finance and thus getting a loan was very easy and peaceful process. Am very thankful and obliged to Finance Buddha for its assistance.



I never dreamt getting a home loan would be this easy. I wouldnÕt have wasted this much time and money in my life paying rent, if I knew this before. Thank you Finance Buddha and Punjab National bank housing finance for rendering help and for offering support all through the loan application process.


Tulsi Sriram(5/5)

I very satisfied with the home loan received from Punjab National bank housing finance. And Finance Buddha handled all processing and documentation part of the home loan application in a professional manner.


Deepthi Janaki(5/5)

I will rate below services 5/5 for Punjab National bank home loan. Customer service, fee and charges, promised interest rates and responsiveness. Finance Buddha platform gave all details about Punbaj National Bank home loan instantly.


Prarthana Narang(5/5)

Best bank for home loan is Punjab National bank and best way to get a home loan in Ahmedabad is by applying for home loan through Finance Buddha.

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