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PNB Housing Finance Ltd Home Loan Reviews #1

4.8 stars based on 126 reviews


I applied for a home loan through Finance Buddha with Punjab National Bank and got it sanctioned for 15 lakhs at rate of interest 10.2%.



The best thing that happened to me during my home loan processing is applying it through Finance Buddha. They took care of the process completely and ensured the loan is getting approved with 15 working days from Punjab National Bank. I know my friends and relatives who have been behind their home loans for more than 1-2 months. As compared to that I have been lucky to find Finance Buddha.



Finance Buddha helped me with sorting home loan documents quickly and this expedited my home loan application with Punjab National Bank. All tough part of home loan processing was handled by Finance Buddha, thus there was no need for me to be worried at all.


Sanjith Prasad(5/5)

Through there is no perfect bank for home loan, I found best bank that offers home loan as per my requirements through Finance Buddha. My home loan was approved by Punjab National Bank.



With the help of revised home loan rate, my dream of owning a house has come true. Thank you Finance Buddha for collecting all details of home loan and sharing up-to-date information. This helped me in comparing what is best according to my requirements. I got home loan from Punjab National Bank.



Am writing this review on behalf of my sister, she was desperate for a home loan as she found a very nice house as per her expectations. Due to many reasons, it was difficult to get a bank that offer home loan at low rate of interest. I searched and found Finance Buddha. This helped her to get all details regarding home loan and her loan was approved by 10 days when applied through this platform. Thanks Punjab National Bank and Finance Buddha.



I have been using Punjab National Bank housing loan services from past 3 months and am very happy about the service. I was suggested to this bank by Finance Buddha and I took right decision with the help of Finance Buddha guidance.


Leneesh CH(3/5)

I and my brother were looking for a co-borrower home loan as it will reduce huge EMI burden on one person. With this intention I informed Finance Buddha about my requirement and this website suggested me to Punjab National Bank. I got loan within 18 days and am happy with the interest and other charges on loan.


Veena (5/5)

Thank you for suggesting Punjab National bank for a home loan. I got my loan sanctioned at 9.85% rate of interest. Finance Buddha website has all latest information. Recent revisions with regard to home loan interest rates are available easily.



I was very ambitious about building a house before I turn 35 years. I started looking for ways to get sufficient funding for constructing a house and came across Finance Buddha. This platform is best in offering all details related to home in India. I used this website to get all required information and applied for loan with Punjab National Bank and got loan approved at 9.25% rate of Interest.



Within a span of 22 days my home loan was disbursed by PNB housing finance with rate of interest of 9.25%. Though they charged for documentation, it was nominal. Due to festival offers they waived off processing fee. The documentation process was very simple. I got done with the home loan process with less effort by Finance BuddhaÕs assistance.



I received my home loan from Punjab National bank with the rate of interest of 9.65% at fixed basis for 5 years period and processing fee was just 0.25% of the actual loan amount. Though my property was in the different state, Finance Buddha helped in collecting and submitting all the documents through online but the signing document had to go through courier service.



It was an easy process with Punjab National bank Housing finance on my home loan. They were very clear about what documents are required. Finance Buddha helped in speeding up the whole process. The process was completed within 16 days. The rate of interest is low. The processing fees were normal and affordable.


Meena Kumari (5/5)

I have taken my home loan 3 months back from Punjab National bank. The service is good. It was even better when the documents were collected at one shot than collecting it in installment basis. The rate of interest was low but processing charges was normal. The whole process took only 21 days as it was done through Finance Buddha.



It was a very satisfactory experience with PNB housing finance. I had taken my home loan from this bank. The services were great. The executives had all necessary information. There was no need for me to follow up as Finance Buddha handled the communication part completely.


Kushal Nagaraj(5/5)

My son was looking for a home loan from past few weeks. When I came across this Finance Buddha I referred and asked him to give a try. He is very happy with the service offered by the website and also extremely happy to have his home loan approved by a reputed bank like PNB housing finance.


Shiva Kumar(5/5)

The response and support offered by Finance Buddha on my home loan is much appreciated. As I am working for night shift, I was getting very less time to follow up with banks about home loan. But by being introduced to Finance Buddha, they handled end-to-end of the home loan processing and ensured home loan was approved by PNB housing finance way before registration dates.


Sushma Ganesh(5/5)

I have taken my home loan from Punjab National bank and the experience was very good. I was looking for an opportunity to thank Finance Buddha for being beside me through the loan process like a friend. There were some complications on the joint ownership of property but Finance Buddha was involved in resolving the issues and home loan was approved and disbursed within 25 days.


Harish (5/5)

The very next day of applying loan through Finance Buddha, Punjab National bank representatives came to my residence to collect all documents. Home loan processing was very quick. Within a weekÕs time bank officials came to check the property and evaluated its value. As I was looking for just 6 lakhs as loan amount, the whole amount was approved within next 3 days without any need for further documentation.



I took my home loan from Punjab National bank. The processing fee and stamp duty charged on the loan amount was very reasonable plus the rate of interest for 8 lakhs loan was pretty decent. I have been paying my EMI from 3 months without any issues. All this was possible as I applied for loan through Finance Buddha.



Punjab National bank waived off processing fee as part of New Year offer, this helped me to save Rs. 6000. Apart from giving details of rates and charges of each bank for home loans, Finance Buddha also helped me with offers and discounts available at various banks. Get a home loan now just a click away through Finance Buddha.



Those who need home loan approved without any hassle should try approaching banks through Finance Buddha. This style worked for me and I loved the overall experience. Anytime you need any information about loan, Finance Buddha team is always there to assist. This website suggested me with Punjab National bank. Without a second thought I applied for loan and got home loan at 9.25% rate of interest for 38 lakhs.



The home loan I took from Punjab National bank hardly took 15 days to get approved and within the next 5 days loan amount was disbursed to my account. The procedure of home loan was smooth and simple. To experience hassle- free home loan processing, apply through Finance Buddha.


Arjun Mehta(5/5)

Getting home loan approved through Finance Buddha is very easy if you are submitting valid documents. My builder was very precise that the registrations should be completed within 20 days and I was in a dilemma of getting loan from banks. My wife was referred by her colleague to try Finance Buddha website for home loan and that worked. We got our home loan approved within 2 weeksÕ time.

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