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Kotak Mahindra Bank Home Loan Reviews #1

4.9 stars based on 43 reviews

Roma Arora(5/5)

Just like the army men defend your country at the border from the foreign intruders the similar is with the Finance Buddha executives who exponents you from the foreign unworthy sources of finance for your needs. The best part experienced by me about their services was the hassle free process they handled on my behalf. When you walk into a mundane bank the documentation process becomes an irritation and they even came up with a solution for it i.e. the hassle free process. The interest rate too was not so high being 9.75% on the loan amount of Rs. 3 crores which were a benefit for me. I was able to secure a home loan from Kotak Mahindra Bank with the help of Finance Buddha which was not only full of incentives by Finance Buddha but also Kotak Mahindra Bank which sanctioned me the loan. The loan was processed fast and the disbursement that took place was just 96 hrs. The other incentive provided to me by the bank was the service of getting your loan insured if some contingency hits you and you are unable to pay back the money. All in all, the service provided and the support by the Finance Buddha team was phenomenal!


Riddhi Singh(5/5)

Just like an artist sketches the masterpiece with patience the similar patience and a worthy deal is provided to you by the executives of Finance Buddha! The home loan process is a tedious job if you donÕt know anything about the market and how to avail for a home loan. You can even get a home loan for a building which is under construction, or youÕre moving in. This makes the process a lot simpler. I too was able to secure a Kotak bank home loan with the help of Finance Buddha and was lucky enough that it fulfilled all my needs. The loan was provided by the financial institution Kotak Mahindra Bank which was so dynamic that it focused on the consumer needs for the loan to design it for them. The documentation process was carried out by the Finance Buddha executive along with the service of quick processing and disbursement of the loan. This just made the loan process a piece of cake. The best part about it was the low-interest rate which I was able to secure because of the team i.e. 8.75% which added the cherry on the top.


Gaurav Kapoor(5/5)

Finance Buddha a prodigy company with some unrealistic achievements! They sounded much exaggerated when a friend mentioned to me about them. I was in need of a loan for my home and was contacting people about the various sources of funding to fund my home. I did not believe earlier but when I visited the website they asked me to fill in a few details. I filled them and got the different home loan details available in the market. I applied for the home loan with Kotak Mahindra Bank and believe me the experience is truly amazing. The loan process as soon as I applied was followed by a call wherein the executive told me to upload my documents for the loan. All the approval and the processing were done by them on my behalf and I was able to secure a loan worth Rs. 1.5 crores at just 9% rate of interest and lower processing free. The loan amount too was disbursed within 3 days of the application of the loan. The other service provided by the Kotak Mahindra bank was the doorstep service. Truly amazed!


Rishi Shah(5/5)

The masters of the loan process are truly flawless! Finance Buddha an upcoming group of young as well as an experienced group of people who are dynamic in nature to avail you with the loan. They help you to secure the best loan you have thought of. You just remain speechless when you find the loan amount deposited in the bank account. Similar was the case with me when I first encountered them, I thought these guys have experienced so they would be guiding me where to get the loan from and other does and don't. But, actually, I applied for a loan with them. I applied for a Kotak home loan with Finance Buddha and was able to secure one interesting loan that satisfied all my needs. It was dynamic as well as had incentives. The first incentive that the loan provided to me by Kotak Mahindra Bank was the hassle free process and all the documentation was carried out by the Finance Buddha team. The second incentive was the quick disbursement of the loan into my bank account which helped me secure my dream home without any issues. This could not have been possible without the team so, I want to thank you all.


Abhishek Lakhwani(5/5)

The dexterity with which the activities of Finance Buddha are performed is truly commendable. It gives me immense pleasure to write something for Finance Buddha and the team as a few months back they helped me with my needs. It can be called a stroke of luck that I met these angelic people who were so helpful in securing me the home loan with the Kotak Mahindra Bank home loan worth rupees 2 crores easily. It looked difficult on the outer side as such a big amount to be collected by the bank would take while. I had applied for a home loan with Finance Buddha and was able to get a home loan with Kotak Mahindra Bank which was not only flexible but the cherry on the top was the low-interest rate of 8.75% along with lower processing fee. Secondly, I would like to appraise the efforts of the team as they were very helpful with me during the whole process. They carried the whole documentation process on my behalf and even processed and disbursed the loan to me quick i.e. within 4 days of the application of the loan. They truly hold the edge skillset for the loan process and provide you with the best loan.


Avi Dholakia(5/5)

They are just as equal to an ace in the poker. If you hold them during the loan process you get the best deal. You are provided with ample of incentives to choose for and design a flexible loan for you with the help of Finance Buddha. Is it a comparison site? Yes! Earlier I too had the same thinking but the moment I applied for the home loan to secure the loan it was easier than I thought. They just hold your hand virtually during the whole process and donÕt let you fall into any bank traps. If you walk into a mundane bank they try to captivate your attention with the various schemes and offers to make it complex for you to get into the loan traps if you are unaware of. But, Finance Buddha executives study your needs; compare the loan amount for you and avail you the best loan. I too had applied for a home loan through Finance Buddha. And I was able to secure a deal with Kotak Mahindra Bank for home loan which was very flexible as the bank executives take into the consumerÕs opinion as for the priority. The interest rates too were low, as low as 8.8%.


Harish Bhuvan(5/5)

Finance Buddha the people who are proficient in their claims as well as actions. They never exaggerate a lot and always tell you the truth making it easier for you to apply for the best loan. I can totally challenge anyone to get a better deal than Finance Buddha unless you own the bank. It is hardly possible to get a better deal than Finance Buddha. They help you secure your home and all other needs by their other products such as business loan which is for business or personal loan which is for satisfying every personal emergency. Finance Buddha helped me avail a Kotak Mahindra Bank home loan without any issues or trouble. I was looking for a loan and a friend suggested me, Finance Buddha. The moment I applied for the loan within 24 hours the loan was processed without any hassle as the documentation process was handled by them on my behalf. Secondly, within 4 days of the application, the loan got disbursed in my bank account. So, I can definitely tell as well that they are quicker than the other loan providers. The team is truly very supportive and never lets you down.


Andrew John(5/5)

I had an overall great experience with Kotak Mahindra bank with my home loan approval request. They were very flexible with the eligibility criteria but did not compromise on the documentation part which is a great and professional form of approving loan.


Robinson David(5/5)

I have been doing research on various banks’ home loan offers and interest rate from past 5 days and today I came across Finance Buddha. Here I found answers for all my queries and comparing between what ach bank is offering is now at my fingertip.


Aishwarya N(5/5)

Excellent facilities and quick processing. Simple documentation but there was thorough checking on the details before approval. Thus I feel it’s a very reliable bank.


Kushbhoo Singh(4/5)

I and my son were in a hunt for good bank for our home loan. Am very glad that I was introduced to Finance Buddha. This is definitely a one-stop-solution for comparing rates and offers of different banks. Through this I could choose Kotak Mahindra as the best bank that offers home loan that suits all my requirements.


Nidhi Kartha(5/5)

Feeling proud to be introduced to Finance Buddha, this is a great platform wherein I was able to find reliable information. And all these are offered just at free of cost.



I made a right decision to choose Kotak Mahindra bank for my home loan. Through simple processing I and my family are extremely happy and satisfied with their service. I have referred two of my relatives to this bank for their banking needs.



I applied for a top-up loan on my existing home loan from Kotak Mahindra bank and was surprised to see how quick and smooth the processing was. Great bank for home loan.


Gautham Chandra(5/5)

Am very happy with the customer support service offered by Kotak Mahindra bank, Shalini was the customer rep who was handling my home loan request and she helped me to get through the processing is a very simple manner.


Bala Narayan(5/5)

Finance Buddha offered me a home loan calculator which helped me to finalize Kotak Mahindra as the best choice.



Home loan was approved within 12 days without any collateral or security. As I had a very good CIBIL scoring, even the rate of interest was as low as 9.3% only.



Tracking my home loan application with Kotak Mahindra bank very systematic and easy. Thanks to Finance Buddha for referring me to this bank for my first home loan experience.


Krishna Iyer(5/5)

I had applied for a home loan with Kotak Mahindra bank just 8 days ago and the same got approved without much follow up. The whole processing was very simple and fast.

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