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Kotak Mahindra Bank Home Loan Reviews

4.9 stars based on 43 reviews


Kotak is really good in all its work and best in terms of providing services. They approved my home loan only in 6 days. Because of them only I am having my own home. They provided loan even when my CIBIL score was not that much good, the interest charged was somehow more as compared to others because of my CIBIL score.


Sagar Mehta(5/5)

I took a home construction loan with Kotak. The rate of interest is 9% and processing fees is comparatively low. For the construction loan I had to submit the land papers. The processing was very fast. I am happy with my decision of going with Kotak.


Vikram Ghosh(5/5)

Finance Buddha and Kotak are the institutions on which you can rely on at the time of need. I have taken a home loan with Kotak through Finance Buddha. The Finance Buddha team helped me throughout the process and my loan was approved on the 5th working days.



I applied for my home loan with KOTAK. All the things started well. The documentation process and all were on time. But then also I don’t know what went wrong and the approval took more than 11 days. I am not fully satisfied with this thing.


Lokesh (5/5)

I am a customer of Kotak from last 10 years, and when it comes for home loan I decided to go with Kotak only. The offered me the loan at an interest rate of 8.80% P.A. and the processing charge was 0.50%. I found this rate good for me and I took the loan. The loan amount 10 lakh and the tenure period was of 5 years.


Prabhat Mishra(5/5)

I took a home renovation loan for my old house in Bangalore. My loan is with Kotak and for this I had to submit the home papers, my salary slip, and one card for my identity proof. The rate of interest was normal and there were no hidden charges.


Yogita Mandal(5/5)

Kotak is best in providing service and their main aim is to make their customers satisfied and provide all type of support they need. The staff of the bank are very well behaved and soft spoken. I called them 2-3 times for the follow up related to my home loan. my loan application was approved only in 5 working days and I am very happy with it.


Himani Garg(5/5)

I am having my on going home loan with Kotak. I applied for this loan on 25th May 2017 through Finance Buddha website. The application form was filled online and the documentation process was completed with the help of executives. I was surprised that on the 5th day I got the SMS that my credit has been approved and next day from that I got the money credited in my account.


Animesh Nayan(5/5)

House is the basic need of very people. And having one’s own house is a dream to a common earning man. But with the help of Kotak I was able to turn my dream into reality. I applied for a home loan with Kotak and within a short period of time my home loan got approved. I am very thankful to Kotak for their help.


Shiv Srivastav(5/5)

The quality of service provided by the Kotak Mahindra bank was really good. The response was very quick and the processing was also fast. I am fully satisfied with their service. The rates and other charges were also low.


Priyanka Narayan(5/5)

I applied for my home loan with Kotak Mahindra and I was amazed with the response. The response was quick and the approval process started from that very day which was followed by the document collection and submission. All these things were done by the Finance Buddha executives. I had not to visit Bank even for a single time. My home loan was approved in only 5 working days. I am very happy with the support and work of Finance Buddha team.


Somnath (5/5)

The price of property is rising every day in Bangalore. And having one’s own house here is considered as a big thing for a middle class family. I was able to purchase my own house in Bangalore last month only with the help of KOTAK Mahindra. They financed me my home loan.


Vikrant (4/5)

Recently I applied for my home loan with the help of Finance Buddha portal. I got to know about this from one of my friend. The application form was filled online and after that the executives from Finance Buddha came for the documentation process. My loan was approved with KOTAK. The rates and other charges were normal with them.


Raj Anand(5/5)

Finance Buddha and Kotak Mahindra helped me in having me my 1st home. I applied for a home loan with Kotak Mahindra through Finance Buddha portal. The process started day after applying. There was a call for confirmation followed by the documentation process. The process was completed in a hassle free and smooth manner and my loan was approved only in 4 days. Thanks Finance Buddha and Kotak Mahindra.


Uday (5/5)

Recently I applied for my home loan with Kotak Mahindra bank. There processing was really fast and was on time. My home loan was approved only in 5 working days. The rate of interest charged is 8.80%P.A which is low as compared to the other banks. The processing fees charged was also very low.


Shashi Kant (5/5)

I am impressed with Kotak Mahindra, I must say I am really happy with their process, it was basically a home construction loan. They took around 5 to 6 days of time to provide the loan. They took my salary slip, and other relevant documents along with my land property papers works were produced to avail this loan. In short, I enjoyed their service.


Steve Braganza (5/5)

Getting a loan was not only tough for me but impossible. But, these are the people who turn the impossible into possible. My low CIBIL score became the barrier for the loan application in the bank branches. But, then a friend suggested me a canny group of people who claim that they can turn your loan problem into a solution. I visited their website i.e. and it was the moment when my life changed. I contacted them filled a few details and a list of home loans in the market which was available was displayed in front of me. Secondly, they advised me to take the home loan with Kotak Mahindra Bank by looking at my needs. They gave me a dynamic loan which busted incentives in front of me. The loan incentives were the low-interest rates as compared to which were offered by the banks. The interest rate which was provided to me was 15% at the best. This became possible because of their negotiation. They were polite enough to approve my loan and get it disbursed into my bank account within 3 days of the application of the loan which was not possible. They are the angels in my life who changed it completely. I thank them from the bottom of my heart.


Shagun Parmar (5/5)

I would not be writing a review if I would not be given a loan by these people who are unctuous in nature. The services that they provided me can be compared with the service you receive in a good restaurant. Yes! They are the loan Santa who gives you a loan just like a gift. I had a good experience with Finance Buddha in gaining me a loan without any issues. These people are so efficient at doing things. I also got a home loan with Kotak Mahindra bank which was without any issues and with benefits that are incomparable. My experience consisted of the loan which had low-interest rates and processing fee along with the support of Finance Buddha team. Even Kotak Mahindra Bank helped me get the loan insured so that during any contingency you can get the disbursement of the amount that was in a loss. In all, these guys understand your home needs and make it happening. The home that I purchased was still into construction and I reserved my home. Within 6 months I transferred into my dream home all because of Finance Buddha and the Kotak Mahindra Bank executives. The business loan sorcerers of my life!


Kalpesh Solanki (5/5)

They are the people just like the experienced movie star who acts a difficult scene even without any trouble. The smoothness of the process is truly amazing. You become a fan of their service once you join with them for the loan process. They are the man for the job when it comes to the loan. They never steer wrong with you and guide you with the best. I applied for a loan with Finance Buddha and they showed me some loans available in the market. After that, they suggested me with the loan with Kotak Mahindra Bank which was very dynamic and fulfilled all my needs. The low-interest arrested me and helped me gain a new perspective for the loan. The loan provided by Kotak Mahindra was very easily disbursed to me without any hard efforts. The best part is I got the loan disbursed at my doorstep. Also, the interest rate provided to me was 8.75% which is the lowest interest rate offered by them. They truly handle your issues and come up with a unique solution for it. Making them the best!


Jayesh Panchal(5/5)

The professionalism is one of the finest in the country. The manner and the nature of the sanction of the loan are truly so smooth that you can blind-folded trust them when it comes to the sanction of the loan. The loan process is the activity that these people should not be questioned with. They are just like the movie seat you booked and you do not need to look back again and check the seat twice after booking it. Yes! They sanction your loan so quick that you are unable to judge the speed once you connect with them. I got a loan sanctioned with the Kotak Mahindra Bank which was filled with incentives including the hassle free process and the other incentives. The low-interest rate was completely astonishing to me as they provided me with 8.75% interest on the loan and the processing fee. Also, they were extremely concerned about the loan sanctioned to me and you can actually track your loan. The best team ever to get you a loan!


Preeti Nagdev(5/5)

It becomes hard for working women to get a home loan. But it was made possible because of the adroitness of Finance BuddhaÕs team. They were so helpful in getting me a home loan with all the incentives I could demand of. I got a loan with Kotak Mahindra Bank with the help of Finance Buddha which was next level funding provided to me. They helped me get the loan without any hassle. Yes! For a woman to receive the loan without any hassle is a big thing. The normal banks try to delay your loan application for a longer time resulting in the loan process getting carried forward and carried forward. The loan was sanctioned to me in 4 days of application and processed in a speedy manner along with the low-interest rates and processing fees. The interest rate charged to me on Rs. 4.5 crores loan was just 9.85% with the processing fee of 1.25% which was very much easy. The team support ensured the safety of the loan to be disbursed in my bank account which was without any issues. I recommend them to all my friends for the financial assistance like the loan process either it be the home loan, the personal or business loan.


Rhea Anthony(5/5)

The people who are so plausible that they can tell you the loan amount and the interest rate you are going to get. You need not look at a second option once you join with them. They provide you with the loan details so meticulously that you cannot deny the offer. Firstly, you need to apply for a loan by checking the Finance Buddha website and filling up the home loan details such as your employment, your take away income and the EMI amount you would like to pay and within seconds your loan gets calculated. I got a loan from Kotak Mahindra Bank which provided me with various incentives such as doorstep delivery of the loan at my home. Also, they were kind enough to carry out the documentation process on my behalf by taking care of the whole processing and the disbursement process as they perform this function for their every customer. They believe in the delivery of the best services to the customer with the premium customer satisfaction motto they are able to execute them with so proficiency and without any errors. This makes them so away from the mundane and special.


Richard Sebastian(5/5)

The sophisticated team truly advised me the best loan available in the market. They were just better than the mainstream guys we all go for applying for the loan. This makes them look unique and the market changes. They analysed the gap in the market and fulfilled the needs of the necessary accordingly. I too received a loan because of the teamÕs support and the assistance at the lowest interest rates and the processing fee making it look like an impossible job made possible. I got a loan sanctioned from the premium bank in town i.e. Kotak Mahindra Bank which was flexible enough to provide me with a loan at such minimum rate of interest in the impossible time. I went on to the Finance Buddha website filled up few details they asked me for and applied for the loan. No sooner did the loan was sanction and I received a confirmation within a day. They were quicker than the BlueDart post and sanctioned me the loan within 3 days of the application at attractive interest rates. IÕm truly honoured by their service and would like to pay the debt they owe me whenever they are in trouble.


Noel DÕSouza(4/5)

Their maestro skills are truly off the ranks and resemble a higher standard of financial lending never seen before. You might be surprised to see the performance standard when you apply for a loan with them. They just are truly remarkable in the loan processing and the loan disbursement section. They truly justify what they are best at! I too got a loan sanctioned with the help of Finance Buddha and was amused to see the services they provided me with. They truly have got an upper edge over the other players when it comes to the financial lending. I have sanctioned a loan with Kotak Mahindra Bank because of Finance BuddhaÕs assistance and co-operation in getting the loan. They provided me with a loan just within few clicks along with the services of easy documentation and hassle free process; they handled all the documentation on my behalf making the process look like nothing. Also, the interest rate delivered to me was truly commendable as they provided me with 80% of the loan amount I had applied for at just 9% rate of interest. The other bank providers did not provide such low-interest rates. This is what makes them unique!

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