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ICICI Bank Home Loan Reviews #5

4.7 stars based on 172 reviews


My home loan was approved by ICICI bank within 8 days. This quick service was possible only because I applied for home loan through Finance Buddha website. My family is now proud of me that at the age of 28 I have an own house in Bangalore city.



Finding Finance Buddha has been the best thing that has happened to me in the year 2017. I had best loan experience through this website, of these the best one is the joint account home loan. When me and my spouse wanted information with regard to home loan for co-workers, we directly went to Finance Buddha to check details and even applied for loan from the same platform. I got my home loan from ICICI bank.


Baby Paulson(3/5)

My dad is very proud of me as I helped him to find Finance Buddha website. He applied for our home loan through this website and got the same approved from ICICI bank with interest rate of 9.75%.



I have taken a home loan from ICICI bank with floating interest rate, the processing was quick. I liked the services offered by them. Thanks to Finance Buddha for guiding me all through the home loan processing with ICICI bank.



Thanks to Finance Buddha team for ensuring I get my home loan by 2 weeks. You guys have supported me immensely to get to this home loan approved in a smooth way. There was no tensions given to me, everything was handled by this team and ICICI bank processed my home loan within 12 days for fixed rate of interest of 8.9%.



I first inquired with Finance Buddha about ICICI bank home loan and they gave all details related to home loan with this bank. All details such as interest rates, processing charges, eligibility factors were offered as soon as a query was raised. So, all this information made application process hassle free, and my home loan application got processed very quickly. Thanks Finance Buddha and ICICI bank for the support.



The best part of my home loan with ICICI bank was taking it through Finance Buddha. The team is extremely skilled and always ready to offer help to all customers. Irrespective of which bank you are planning to apply loan from, you can get all details at this website with just few clicks.



ICICI bank is not costly when it comes to home loan processing. I felt they are very reasonable with their charges plus the rate of interest at which my loan was approved is very low. I advise everyone to apply for home loan with this bank through Finance Buddha.



ICICI bank processed my home loan documents quickly; this in turn helped in speeding up rest of the process. The bank was able to collect my documents in a timely manner as I applied home loan through Finance Buddha.



I got my home loan approved from ICICI bank by just few clicks in the Finance Buddha website. Their services were above my expectations and I got loan approved for 15 lakhs within 15 days.



I got good service from ICICI bank when I applied for home loan. Thanks Finance Buddha for coordinating. Am looking to connect with this website more and more in the future and nice blog as well.



It was good services at ICICI Bank; there was no need for me to visit the bank for any kind of documentation process. Thanks Finance Buddha for all support.



After applying for home loan through Finance Buddha for one day I didn’t get any call, so I started to lose hope of this as well. On the second day I got call and within 9 working days my home loan was approved. Thank you Finance Buddha and ICICI bank for offering great support.



I received complete support and assistance from ICICI bank with regard to my housing loan. They had confirmed way in advance the rate of interest and also processing fee. This helped me to understand how much should I take loan and what will be my EMI. In fact, all these information was also shared by Finance Buddha. They had all necessary details about different bank’s loan rates and charges. Am glad I found this website.


Amrit Kumar(5/5)

If you believe in magic then itðs time to apply for a home loan through Finance Buddha. My ICICI housing loan was approved in a span of 16 days at a rate of interest of 9.5%. Thanks ICICI bank and Finance Buddha.


Sudhanshu Shekhar(5/5)

The first and foremost reason for me to write this review is the mind blowing and exceptional service offered by Finance Buddha website. After checking details of ICICI bank home loan at this website, I gained confidence and applied for a home loan. The same was approved by bank and now I own an independent house in Bangalore City.



I was looking for a home loan for a property that was not located in city limits. Due to this reason many banks rejected my loan application. I checked the feasibility of ICICI bank home loan through Finance Buddha and based on the information available in the website I applied for a home loan. I got loan approved within 25 days and the rate of interest is only 9.85% for 23 lakhs. The loan is for tenure of 25 years.


Vishwas Bahl(5/5)

The best website to apply for home loans is Finance Buddha. My personal experience with ICICI bank home loan is a best example of how good their services are. I stay in Bangalore and wanted a home loan for a property in Kerala. My family is settled in Kerala and we wanted a home loan. Not even once I had to travel to Kerala with regard to home loan. All arrangements were done by Finance Buddha website and as promised by them my home loan was approved within 3 weeks.


Vinit Kanodia(5/5)

I wanted to move my home loan to ICICI bank based on the home loan features available in Finance Buddha website. I applied for a home loan balance transfer with ICICI bank home loan and to my surprise I got a call from bank the very next day. They were happy and willing to take up my outstanding home loan amount and also offered a very low rate of interest. My EMI payment has reduced by Rs. 7,000 by this home loan balance transfer approach. Thanks Finance Buddha.


Ashish Chamaria(5/5)

After approaching many banks for home loan I had dropped my plan for time being of buying a home. I was disappointed with the home loan rejections from various banks and lost hope. That is when my Father-in-law suggested me with Finance Buddha website. Though I was least interested, I thought of giving a try due to his recommendation. After applying for ICICI bank home loan through this website only miracles have happened in my life. I got home loan approved within 15 days. Rate of interest is just 9.25% and home loan was approved for a very huge amount with less documentation. I registered the property in my name and this weekend we will be moving to our own new house. I am very thankful to my Father-in-law and most importantly to Finance Buddha website.


Rahul Ashok(4/5)

I would recommend everyone who is looking for a home loan to try through Finance Buddha. Apart from being greatly benefited by offers, it also gives all necessary information about home loan at various banks. My home loan from ICCI bank is with the support of Finance Buddha website.


Nilesh Srivastav(5/5)

Though I was not having any plan of taking home loan, when I saw revised low rate on home loan interest at Finance Buddha, I decided to give a try. I looked for a nice villa and applied for a home loan with ICICI bank. As I have my salary account with this bank, I was able to get home loan at 8.7% rate of interest and in a weekðs time I will be stepping into my new home.


Arvind C(5/5)

I am extremely happy with their service and response received from ICICI bank with regard to my home loan. This bank is very supportive and understanding customerðs requirement before jumping into conclusions. The reason I was able to get loan from this bank is Finance Buddha. After checking my eligibility for home loan through Finance Buddha, I applied for home loan and it got approved by 14 days.



ICICI Bank home loan process was very quick and good. The paper works were done faster when compared to time taken by other banks. Rate of interest at which home loan was offered by ICICI bank is nominal. I have referred by cousin to apply for home loan at this bank through Finance Buddha to enjoy maximum benefits.

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