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ICICI Bank Home Loan Reviews #4

4.7 stars based on 172 reviews

Ariya Das(5/5)

Anyone who is keen to apply for a home loan should apply through Finance Buddha; they will help you to pick the best bank that offers loans at reasonable rates. Very important part when it comes to home loan is to check how best suiting it is for our requirements. Finance Buddha will help us in getting this result when we look for loans through this website. My home loan was quickly approved by Finance Buddha.



I am Ganesh, I am physically disabled. I wanted to apply for a home loan and didn’t know how to start with it. The only option left with me was to search online and get information. At the beginning it was very challenging until I found Finance Buddha. Later it was very easy, Finance Buddha ensured that I have all necessary information in hand before applying for loan. With this information I applied for home loan with ICICI bank. All people like me will really enjoy these services and would love to enjoy the benefits. Thanks Finance Buddha for coming up with such a fantastic initiative that will help all differently challenged people like me.



I have been using home loan from ICICI bank from past 6 months. So far the service is very good and I love banking with them. The best part about this home loan is i applied through Finance Buddha and got it approved within 15 days.


Nethra Reddy(5/5)

Finance Buddha offers good service when it comes to home loans in Hyderabad. I am content with the services offered with this website. Getting loan from one of the best banks- ICICI bank was not an issue at all as I applied for loan through this website.



If you are planning to take a home loan in Chennai then my suggestion is to try using Finance Buddha to do all the foundation works before applying for a loan. When I tried this way, ICICI bank approved my home loan with less documentation in a hassle-free manner.


Balan Nair(5/5)

Finance Buddha is a superb website. This site was very helpful to me while applying for a home loan with ICICI bank. The complete procedure was taken care without any delay. I had taken a home loan in Jaipur and received the amount to my bank account by 6 working days.



I live in Bangalore; I have taken a home loan through Finance Buddha. I have used this website previously and personally I find it very useful. I have suggested this website to my near and dear ones. My home loan was approved at 9.45% rate of interest by ICICI bank.



Recently I was looking online for an easy way to apply for home loan instead of walking up to different banks to get their loan details. I am lucky to find Finance Buddha website which helped me compare to the charges and rates for a home loan in Ahmedabad. Finance Buddha provided all information of loans like interest rates, processing charges, eligibility factors and so on. The best part of this website is it takes care of end-to-end processing of home loan. This service helped me to get home loan within 10 days from ICICI bank.



My home loan was disbursed successfully by ICICI bank housing team and I am extremely happy with their services. Almost everything was done through online and was neatly executed on-time by Finance Buddha team. I will continue to apply all type of loans through Finance Buddha. The loan was approved for the amount I was expecting and rate of interest was low.



Although I have been a regular customer with ICICI bank, my recent experience with the bank was exceptionally great on the home loan request as it was applied through Finance Buddha. They clearly understood this is my first experience of home loan and guided me at each and every step to ensure the process is quick and hassle. It was an awesome experience!


B. Raghu(5/5)

Finance Buddha executive came to my residence to collect all documents same day of applying. Also I loved the services offered by ICICI bank for my Home loan. Though not much discounts were offered by the bank, its prices, charges and rate of interest were acceptable and reasonable. Already a friend of mine has applied for a home loan here after seeing my experience through Finance Buddha.



I had a prior experience on home loan and I was aware how tedious process it is. This time when I planned to apply for a home loan, I was searching for ways to make it a better experience. My friend Jason helped me to find Finance Buddha website. This website helped me to get home loan processed within 5 days. Thanks Finance Buddha for helping on my home loan process and thanks ICICI bank for ensuring loan is approved at the right time.



I had no clue of how a home loan will work. Finance Buddha gave me all necessary information and my home loan was processed within 12 days. I checked my home loan eligibility; I referred to this website to know what documents are required, and compared loan rates at various banks and even applied for loan from Finance Buddha. Also I am happy with the service offered by ICICI bank with regard to home loan.



After going through offers of various banks with regard to home loan at Finance Buddha website, I decided to apply my home loan with ICICI bank. This bank processed my application within 2 days and I was contacted by bank to collect my documents. As mentioned in Finance Buddha, there were less documentation requirements and the bank was very quick in approving home loan.



Due to various reasons and hearing to other’s experience, I was quite hesitant to take home loan. But without having any choice I had to apply one to buy my dream home. I applied for home loan through Finance Buddha and the website delivered services way above my expectations. I got my home loan at 9.65% rate of interest and a loan amount of 25 lakhs was approved within 18 days from ICICI bank.



I don’t have words to express how thankful I am to Finance Buddha and ICICI bank for helping me to get a home loan so quickly. My home loan was approved within 10 days and this is the fastest loan service I have ever received in my life. I had heard so many things about home loan and was of the impression that it will take long time to get approved, but mine was an exception.



Home loan from ICICI bank is very good. I also like their service and offers. I have suggested my friends to try this. Even they will be applying for loan through Finance Buddha only. Overall it was a very good service and they were very much willing to help me at all scenarios.


Robin Fernandes(4/5)

Me and my wife were planning to take a home loan as co-borrowers and I was curious to know information about co-borrower loans. I was tired of searching information and finally asked my wife to do some research. She shared with me Finance Buddha website and I was surprised to see answers for all questions. Post checking all details, we applied for loan at ICICI bank through Finance Buddha website and we got loan at 8.95% rate of interest.



ICICI bank have provided me home loan within 22 days, their services are very appreciable. They have good coordination among various departments and to customers they work as one-team, this helped me to get answers for all my queries from one team. This type of service is rarely seen in other reputed banks. I want to give 5/5 rating for this bank. Thanks Finance Buddha for suggesting this bank for home loan.


Rovin Alex(4/5)

I choose ICICI housing loan as the rate of interest is quite less here as compared to other banks. Finance Buddha helped me with the loan comparison part. Customer service of ICICI bank is very good. The loan amount was successfully disbursed by this bank within 10 days along with special offers and discounts.


Felix John(4/5)

I got a very good offer from ICICI bank on my home loan, the processing fees and rate of interest at this bank is very low. The rate at which home loan was approved is 9.45% and the processing charges were waived off due to some scheme. I suggested this bank to my relatives as well and have informed them to apply through Finance Buddha for quick processing.



My experience of using ICICI bank housing loan was wonderful; the home loan service offered with low interest rates was mind-blowing. I usually don’t write reviews, but this time I can’t resist myself from writing a review for such great service. I got very good information with regard to loan from Finance Buddha website. They are quite good at responding to all customers.



I applied for a home loan with ICICI bank through Finance Buddha online application and my loan was approved within 10 days. Bank remitted money to my account directly and there was no need of any calls or follow up. Finance Buddha worked with bank to get process completed on time. I had applied for a huge amount as home loan and I am surprised to see that the loan is approved so quickly.



Thank you Finance Buddha and ICICI bank for rendering support always when I was in need. I am amused by the service offered on my home loan. It was a simple process with less documentation and formalities. All necessary information was instantly offered by Finance Buddha website during my home loan process.

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