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ICICI Bank Home Loan Reviews #3

4.7 stars based on 172 reviews


If you are a lazy person like me who doesn’t like to run behind people to get loan approved, then simply apply it through Finance Buddha and get it approved within couple of weeks from ICICI bank. There is no need to make repeated calls and follow ups if you are applying through Finance Buddha.



I had applied for a personal loan directly with a bank and a home loan with ICICI through Finance Buddha. To my surprise Home loan through Finance Buddha with ICICI bank was approved quicker than my personal loan. Am amazed by the service offered by them. Thanks Finance Buddha. For me FB stands for Finance Buddha, not Facebook anymore.



If not through Finance Buddha, I would have not got a home loan from any bank. I kept trying for loan with many banks, but nothing worked out as I was not meeting their eligibility due to low salary. Once this information was cascaded by Finance Buddha, I waited for 6 months to have hike in my pay and then applied for loan and it got approved within 16 days from ICICI bank.



I am very much happy with ICICI bank housing loan. The service is good; rate of interest was 8.85%. Loan amount approved is 12 lakhs and I was looking for tenure of 10 years. It is with the help of Finance Buddha the process was smooth.



My sister got her home loan approved through ICICI bank few days back. She is very happy with the service and had suggested me to try. Also got to know the documentation process was smooth and loan was disbursed quickly because she applied it through Finance Buddha. Based on these even I applied and it is approved by 5th day. Am waiting the loan amount to be disbursed to my account shortly.



ICICI bank housing loan was approved for me at 9.4% rate of interest. While other banks were charging me loan rate above 10.25%, this was the least offer I could get. Other charges and processing fee is also reasonable. All this I was able to compare through Finance Buddha website.



The best bank to apply home loan from is ICICI bank. I love the services offered by them and I have suggested to my friends and colleagues. Thanks Finance Buddha for suggesting this bank.



ICICI bank home loan process is good; it is bettering day after day. Last time when I took a personal loan, they were extremely good. This time when I applied a home loan through Finance Buddha, the whole process was quicker and smooth.



After my property was finalized I was in a hurry to get a home loan. One side I was worried about losing the property, the other side I was not sure how much I am eligible for a home loan. Finance Buddha was there to ensure all my worries are taken care and to offer a home loan quickly. If not ICICI bank, I wouldn’t have got such huge amount has home loan.



I visited Finance Buddha website to just explore the site but ended up with applying for a home loan. Yes, the amount of information in the website helped to understand how easy it is get a home loan, based on these information, I was motivate. I searched for a property, finalized it with my family and applied for home loan through this website with ICICI bank. Within 30 days, I am at my new own house.



Many have confusion on how to start about applying for a home loan. The answer is Finance Buddha. I cannot suggest any other website that offers such great service apart from this website. Everything about my home loan was done through Finance Buddha and it was approved by ICICI bank at 8.85% rate of interest. My CIBIL score was also decent, so there was no much delay in getting home loan.



I had an experience of taking personal loan through Finance Buddha, with the same confidence I decided to do my research and apply for home loan. My loan application was sent by Finance Buddha team to ICICI bank and the bank contacted me the same day to arrange documents collection. Post submitting documents, things were even faster. As I had an existing loan with this bank, there was no much delay in processing home loan. Property check and document verification was completed within 7 days and I got loan approved.



ICICI processes home loan within 25-30 days. My loan was approved within 12 days and by 20th day loan amount was disbursed into my account. As compared to other banks the rate of interest is nominal. I was able to compare these only through the help of Finance Buddha.



The customer care service at ICICI bank is good, they make sure customers are happy with the whole process of applying a loan. Anytime there is any concern, the executives will contact us directly and will ensure the issue is resolved as early as possible. If you are planning to take a home loan then go with ICICI bank housing loan. Start the loan processing from Finance Buddha to get zillions of additional benefits. I would like to rate this website 5/5.



The service offered by Finance Buddha is “Extraordinary”. They cater to clients various needs by clearly understanding each person’s requirements. There is information on all types of loans. Whether it is for a simple personal loan to huge home loan, you can rely on this website for any sort of information. This website worked jointly with ICICI bank to ensure I am getting my loan as per my requirements.



ICICI bank has done a great job with regard to my home loan processing. Rate of interest is 8.75%, tenure is 20 years and the home loan amount approved by ICICI bank is 35 lakhs. My friends are now excited to buy home with loan through this bank. I have referred Finance Buddha to them while trying for home loan.



As I am having an employee account with ICICI bank, I was sure the processing will be quicker but I didn’t have any idea about what the interest rates are, eligibility and charges. This information I got only through Finance Buddha platform. All these are made available at free of cost is totally unbelievable.



I enjoyed my ICICI bank home loan experience. If I had not applied for home loan through Finance Buddha, am sure the process would not have been this easy and quick.



I have had a solid experience with ICICI bank when I applied for home loan through Finance Buddha. Looking for more and more such services for absolutely free of cost just as this experience.


Pravin Kumar(5/5)

10.15% of interest rate is at what my home loan was approved by ICICI bank. I never imagined I would get a home loan at low rates. Even the processing fees and other charges are also low. Thanks Finance Buddha and ICICI bank.


Mani Rajan(5/5)

My home loan is with ICICI bank and getting it was simple and easy through Finance Buddha’s help. I love this service and the most loving feature of this bank is I can download my loan statements and check the status of the outstanding loan amount anytime through online. There is no requirement to go through phone calls or big chunk of papers to get update on the outstanding loan amount.



Recently I transferred my home to ICICI bank and I was able to save Rs. 8,000 from my monthly loan repayment amount. If you are also paying huge amount as EMI then it is time to think of home loan balance transfer to ICICI bank. Make use of Finance Buddha website to get all necessary information with regard to home loan.



I suggest every one of you to apply for home loan through Finance Buddha website only. This will make your home loan processing simple and tension free. The rate of interest at which my home loan was approved is 9.25%. I am very happy with the services, interest on loan, charges and input offered by ICICI bank.



Am very happy to see website like Finance Buddha is here to help us with loan applications. When i applied for a home loan through this website, it was approved within 8 days by ICICI bank without any issues. The processing of home loan was very quick and I love to take such services in future also.

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