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ICICI Bank Home Loan Reviews #1

4.7 stars based on 172 reviews

Sai Vatsalya (5/5)

I was looking for a home loan with a longer repayment tenure & smaller EMI to be paid. I chose ICICI Bank home loan as they offered me exactly what I was looking for. I got loan of 29 lacs with 25 years of tenure with an EMI amount of 26000.


Sahil (3/5)

I have taken home loan from ICICI bank. My experience is good but it could have been better even. I have a complaint with their processing charges as they are higher. They had charged me around 25000 Rupees as the processing fee, whereas others banks charge around only 5000 Rupees.


Saloni Kapil (5/5)

I had applied for ICICI bank home loan with the help of Finance Buddha team. I read the information about ICICI bank home loan & applied online through Finance Buddha portal. Their executives helped me a lot for preparing the documents for application. Home loan process with ICICI bank was hassle free & quick. The loan was disbursed in my account in a week which is amazing. The rate of inters offered was as low as 9%. They charged very nominal service charges for processing my loan application.


Shivanshu (5/5)

I have taken home loan from ICICI bank before six months. My experience with ICICI bank is really very nice. The process is very easy & smooth. Their staff is really very customer friendly. Their executive collected my documents from home & started the application process. I did not have to visit to the bank at all as they were informing me about every process. The time taken from the loan processing was very low.


Shreya (5/5)

ICICI bank has offered me a home loan and since I am an existing customer of the bank they gave me a good deal on the interest rate. But they were high on the charges when compared to other banks. The process was smooth and the documentation was minimal.


Sebastian (5/5)

The only complain I have that they did not disclose the processing charges to me at the time of my loan application. They promised me to provide me the lowest processing charges but they failed to do that. Apart from processing charges everything went well. The loan was disburse quickly & the rate of interest offered was also very competitive.


Suresh Anand (5/5)

It was a very good experience with ICICI Bank. I had applied for a home loan with them. They took up my application and processed it quickly. Their executive came & collected the documents from my office.


Saurabh (5/5)

It was a good experience with ICICI Bank for the home loan. A very smooth process and it was on time as per my requirement. They have done a good job from document collection to the disbursement. The rate of interest was normal, around 9%. The processing charge was affordable too.


Ayush Rastogi (5/5)

My home loan is from ICICI bank. They offered me the best of services and the response has been up to the mark from them through the whole process. The rate of interest was normal and on a floating basis. The processing charges was also low. The best is they provided me a 100% loan. I am really happy that I listen to Finance Buddha team & applied for the home loan from ICICI bank.


Manisha (4/5)

On the day of registration ICICI bank was slow, I had to wait for one more day and at the last minute I was asked for some more documents. The provided one of the lowest rate of interest when compared to other banks. The processing fees was on the higher side, but when I requested for a lower rate they have given me a good discount on the home loan.


Malisha (5/5)

It was good services at ICICI Bank; I never had to visit the bank for any kind of documentation process. The executive came over to my place and collected my papers for the home loan. The rate of interest and charges was on the nominal compare to other banks & financial institutes. The process was on time as well and as required.


Anushka (5/5)

ICICI bank is very good and transparency in all aspect, within the time ICICI bank has done the documentation and disbursed the home loan on time. Rate of interest and processing fee was nominal and ICICI has very good net banking features to check loan statement too online.


Shubham Patel (5/5)

My application is under process with ICICI Bank when it comes to housing loan, the thing is that I had not finalized the property. I was offered a pre-approved loan from ICICI bank as I am their existing customer. My loan process is going so well & as promised me that they disbursed the loan amount in 5 days & kept all their promises up till now.


Shine Aggrawal (3/5)

When compared with other banks, I am not getting a good benefit in terms of interest rate being an existing account holder of the said bank where as other banks are offering a good rate of interest for ICICI housing loan . Interest rate is the key factor and that is missing with ICICI.


Soni Kumari (5/5)

I had taken my home loan from ICICI Bank and the process for this loan was brilliant. It was very timely. I was getting updates from the bank at every stage of processing. I did not have to follow up and I am happy that the disbursement happened on time too. The rate of interest is pretty affordable and so are their processing charges.


Vishesh (5/5)

My home loan was from ICICI Bank and the services from them was excellent. It was a good experience and very much satisfactory. They offered me a decent interest rate and a good deal on the processing charges. In all it was a nice and the after loan is also smooth.


Nilesh (4/5)

I have got a good deal from ICICI bank when it came to home loan. The process was very quick and I got the response within 10 to 15 days of time. Rate of interest given was also nominal and the processing fee was zero which made me feel much happier. It would be good, if ICICI avoids technical errors.


Nikhil (5/5)

Nothing much to comment about ICICI Bank housing loan, as the rate of interest is relatively low at 8.75 where as other bank was providing 9.3%. The difference is huge that is why the reason I had switched over from another bank. Service and the response provided by ICICI was very much satisfactory and it was on time.


Neha (5/5)

I must say ICICI bank is very supportive & customer friendly. They are very transparent when it comes to rate of interest & processing charges. The only down side is the amount of documents that are required for applying for the loan is very high compare to other banks & financial institutes. I am really thank full to Finance Buddha executive for helping me out for documentation.


Manish (5/5)

I applied for ICICI bank home loan through Finance Buddha. My experience with ICICI bank when it comes to home loan is very nice. I am not having any complaints or issues with them. They are very quick in processing the application. My loan amount was disbursed in 5 days. The rate of interest offered was also very competitive. Even the processing charged is also very moderate.



I am an existing customer of ICICI bank, I am happy with their service and response. Bank is very supportive for my home loan but interest rate was high. My loan application experience was very good. I was expecting a tedious process which last for long time but ICICI changed it completely. The process was hassle free & documentation was also very easy. The loan was in my account in a week time which is awesome.


Lokesh (5/5)

I was looking for home loan but at reasonable inters rate. I wanted to do some homework about home loan before going ahead with it. I came across Finance Buddha website & I am really glad that they are providing such descriptive information about all the loans. I read all the information about many home loan providers & finally chose ICICI bank as I have heard many good reviews about their services & customer care responds. They did deliver what I have expected.


Bhushan (5/5)

I had got a couple of calls from ICICI bank when it comes to housing loan. The service provided by them was very good. They were professional they had provided the information about the interest rate .my experience with ICICI bank for home loan is delightful.



As far as ICICI bank is concerned I am happy with the service and the response provided by them. Interest rate and processing fee charged by them was quite competitive choose ICICI bank for home loan application as Finance Buddha executive advised me. ICICI bank was fitting into my requirements very well.

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