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HDFC Bank Home Loan Reviews #3

4.8 stars based on 100 reviews


I am writing a review first time. The reason for this is extremely good and reliable service from Finance Buddha. Am surprised to see that such extraordinary services are offered for free of cost. My home loan application was quickly processed and loan amount was disbursed within 14 days.


Piya Sarkar(4/5)

My home loan application was sanctioned within 8 days of sending the application to the bank. HDFC bank officials worked with Finance Buddha to manage all document requirements. There was no need for me to contact the bank or Finance Buddha. Regular and timely update was given on the status of home loan application.



I applied for a home loan in Bangalore through Finance Buddha and was amazed by the service offered by the platform. They have very up-to-date and accurate information about all banks. When I applied for a home loan with HDFC bank with the information from Finance Buddha, loan was processed within 6 days.


Siddharth Jain(5/5)

Finance Buddha is an excellent platform for applying home loan. Through this platform getting home loan was very easy. All documentation process was completely taken care by Finance Buddha and helped me to connect with right bank. Best platform for those who are applying for home loan.



Getting a home loan from HDFC was very easy. Am extremely happy and satisfied with the home loan. Finance Buddha platform assisted me through the home loan process. Overall experience is great. I will recommend this bank to my friends.


Rachel Peter(5/5)

With the help of Finance Buddha I was able compare different banks that offer home loan. Of this, I picked HDFC bank as it offers very low rate of interest and low charges on home loans. The additional offers for women applicant offered by this bank helped me to get the home loan at a rate of interest lower than my expectations. The home loan is affordable for me as I got it through HDFC- One of the best banks for home loans in India. All thanks to Finance Buddha and HDFC bank for this extended level of service.



Buying a house was one of the major milestones of my life. It is through the help of Finance Buddha and HDFC bank I was able to own a house. The process was very smooth and I was not tensed about getting the loan. In fact I felt I have given the application to the right hands who will take care of all the necessities. I had informed the representative that I will not be available between 9am to 4pm on weekdays, this information was recorded and all the calls by the bank were post 4 pm. They highly value customer’s time and efforts.



HDFC bank stands out in the way it offer customer support to all its customers. From past 1.5 years my home loan with HDFC bank is a smooth and hassle free process. Even till date the rate of interest on my home loan is low as compared to what other banks are offering to its customers. The attitude and behavior with customers is very appreciable. Customer support is available anytime to help in case of any concerns or issues. Once I had called them at 2 am due to some urgent queries and they were ready to answer my call and resolved the same.


Mohammed Pasha(5/5)

I applied for a top up loan on my existing home loan with HDFC bank. Bank contacted me to check the details and requested for latest 3 months’ salary slip. I shared the documents to their representative on day 2 and on Day 3 loan was approved. Today (Day 4) I got loan amount credited to my bank account. I have been a loyal customer from past 2 years and have never default any payments on the existing home loan. Based on these credentials they approved my top up loan request within 3 days. Very quick service and recognizes loyal customers.



If you are looking for hassle free home loan then I will suggest HDFC bank. I usually do not write reviews but the service given by HDFC bank makes me to write a review today. The service was exceptionally great with low interest rates, low processing fee, less documentations and quick processing. I have made 3 EMI payments and so far the post loan service offered by them is also extremely good. I get reminder one or two days before the payment due date to make the payment to avoid late payment charges. I get regular updates on banking rate changes and other offers. Now getting a personal loan from HDFC bank is even easier than before because am already their valuable customer.


Sheela Vinod(5/5)

I was in search of a bank to transfer my existing home loan and with the help of Finance Buddha I was able to find HDFC bank and its offers. I initiated a request and the very next day HDFC bank contacted me to get all the details regarding home loan transfer. I was offered with a very low rate of interest as compared to what I was paying and the bank also helped me to understand how much I will save by transferring my loan to HDFC. The bank took effort to help me understand the benefits before proceeding with the application and now I have saved Rs. 8000 from my monthly EMI amount by changing my home loan to HDFC bank.


Sangeetha Yadav(5/5)

As this is my first home loan experience I had many questions and doubts. HDFC bank officials spent enough time with me to clearly explain the whole process and helped me to understand what each charge is meant for. Apart from this, they also took time to explain to me various offers and benefits that I can get as part of HDFC bank home loan. All these helped me to get a clear picture on the home loan. And loan was approved with low interest rate within 11 days of application.



I am Rahul 32 years old, with the help of HDFC bank I got my home loan approved at 11.5% rate of interest and very low processing fee. I have compared loan through Finance Buddha with at least 6 banks and this is the best bank in the list to offer loans at low rate of interest. Processing charges were low and affordable. I felt happy in overall service given by this bank. BEST BANK for Home Loans in India- HDFC.


Ranjith Jain(5/5)

I had taken a personal loan from HDFC bank 3 years bank and the service was very good. So I decide to apply for a home loan with the same bank. I made a right choice by choosing HDFC bank; this is the best bank to get loan in a hassle free manner. They will take care of the complete processing and kept me informed about the loan. I was least tensed about the loan applicant as I was getting regular updates. I will consider HDFC bank for all types of loans going forward.


Girish Prabhakar(5/5)

I took a home loan for house renovation purpose from HDFC bank and the processing was very quick. I had taken renovation loan 2 years back from another bank and it was very bad experience. This time I thought of trying HDFC bank as suggested by my friend Jacob and am very happy and satisfied with the loan process. The bank officials visited my home to collect all necessary documents and couple of days later 2 officers visited to check the property for renovation and within another 3 days loan was approved.


Sushil Kumar(5/5)

As compared to other bank, the rate of interest on housing loan offered by HDFC bank was low, so I decided to take loan from this bank. Later I realized, it’s not just the rate of interest but even other charges and fee is very low with HDFC bank. Best bank to take home loan. I suggested this bank to my cousin who was looking for a loan provider from past 6 months. Even she got loan within 9 days. If you are looking for hassle free home loan processing experience, then HDFC bank is the best option. EXCELLENT BANK !


Dev Kumar(5/5)

Thank you HDFC bank for making my dream a reality- Owning a house in Bangalore. This is the first time am applying for a home loan and I am very happy with the service offered by HDFC bank. The process was very smooth and quick. There was no time lag and the bank representative kept me updated on the status of the loan every day. I was told that I will get loan approved by 10 days but with 7 days money was disbursed to my account. Super-fast good service was offered by bank. I will reach out to this bank for any future banking needs.


Abhijeet Mathur(5/5)

If you are looking for affordable plot construction loan quickly, then HDFC bank is the one for you.


Akshay Saxena(5/5)

I opted for an increased tenor and my EMIs are considerably low. The bank did not have long list of rules. Great!



The customer service at HDFC is great. They clear all your doubts and are very patient.


Dimple Choudhary(4/5)

I applied for the loan through the website Finance Buddha and got my loan in just 8 days! Quick enough!


Sandeep Teotia(5/5)

I was looking for a loan to facilitate my investment in a plot in Delhi. The bank guided me to some great locations and I easily got the loan too.


Neeraj Sharon(5/5)

I got my loan switched because of the lower interest rates at HDFC. Quite happy.


Manoj Dave(5/5)

My friend works in HDFC bank and he told me about the Rural Housing Finance scheme which I was not aware of. I bought a home in my native village at very cheap rate of interest.

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