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HDFC Bank Home Loan Reviews #2

4.8 stars based on 100 reviews

Daisy Joy(5/5)

I applied for home loan with HDFC bank on 16th Dec, 2016- the same day documents were processed through Finance Buddha and the bank started working on home loan I got my home loan approved on Jan 3rd 2017 despite of lot of holidays. I thought my loan will get delayed as there are lots of bank holidays, but still loan was approved within 17 days including holidays.


Amrita Sudeep(5/5)

Post checking home loan details in Finance Buddha, I decided to apply for a loan at HDFC bank. They considered my request immediately and started working on my request. Within next 18 days my loan was approved and money was disbursed to my account.


Emmanuel Peter(5/5)

I recently took a home loan from HDFC bank and am very satisfied with their service. Am writing this review to help everyone to find a very good and reliable bank for home loan. This bank is the best bank for all types of loans and especially for home loans.



I recommend everyone to use Finance Buddha for applying for any types of loans. You can compare your eligibility before applying for loan. This way there will be no loan rejections. I applied for a home loan with HDFC bank post checking my eligibility through Finance Buddha and got loan approved without any issues.


Aanchal Arun(5/5)

Applying home loan from HDFC bank was a very great experience. Simple documentation, hassle-free processing, very co-operative bank executives, additional assistance was offered by Finance Buddha with regard to loan information. I could apply for a home loan post checking my eligibility through Finance Buddha.


Som Som(5/5)

I received a very good service from HDFC bank. They gave clear explanation about all charges and as compared to other private banks; the rate of interest is very low in HDFC bank. Due to low interest rates, my monthly loan repayment amount is also low and affordable.


Stephen Marandy(5/5)

As compared to other banks, the rate of interest at HDFC bank is very low for home loans. This information was available in Finance Buddha platform. The loan details and all other information in this website are very accurate and reliable. Everyone must try to apply home loan through Finance Buddha for great service experience.


Vishakha Arora(5/5)

I got a pleasant experience by applying for a home loan with HDFC bank. I have recommended this bank to my brother who is also planning to buy a property. And he will apply for home loan through Finance Buddha for hassle-free processing of loan.


Gregory John(5/5)

I used Finance Buddha to compare banks that offer home loan. After I applied for home loan with HDFC bank, the whole process was smooth and quick. 2 years ago when my sister applied for a home loan with another bank, the process was very time consuming and no much benefits were offered. Am benefited by HDFC home loan.


Gautam Choudhary(5/5)

HDFC bank offers home loan at rate of interest as low as 9.4%. Based on the revised lending rates post demonetization, the rate of interest on HDFC home loans is very less. I was lucky to get home loan at surprising rate of interest.


Nakshita Suresh(5/5)

With HDFC bank I had a wonderful experience when I applied for home loan. Before applying for home loan I checked my eligibility criteria through Finance Buddha and did EMI calculation. This helped me to understand up to what amount I will be able to afford a home loan. Thank you Finance Buddha for being a friend in need.


Vaishali Vijay(5/5)

HDFC bank managed to offer me a home loan within 15 days. All my documents were accurate and I was meeting the eligibility criteria for home loan when I checked through Finance Buddha. Based on this information I applied for a home loan and the process was very fast and reliable. Thank you Finance Buddha for sharing informative data with customers.


Salsan Jacob(5/5)

I got a very good response from HDFC bank executives when I applied for a home loan. They called up to check with me directly my needs. The whole home loan process was clearly explained to me even before collecting the documents and processing the loan. I was also given confidence on the loan approval. There was no need for me to be concerned about my home loan; HDFC bank looked into the complete process in a very professional manner.


Jessy Joy(5/5)

The service level of HDFC bank is appreciable. I am happy with the service offered on my home loan. In case of any future loan requirements, I will reach out to HDFC bank without any second thought.



In HDFC bank, processing fee and interest rates are low. I applied for a home loan through Finance Buddha and was surprised to see quick processing of loan. My friend who applied for home loan at different banks is still waiting for it to be processed. HDFC bank is very fast in approving and disbursing home loan to its customers.



As I have an employee account with HDFC bank, it was very easy for me to get a home loan with low interest rate of 8%. There was no need of much documentation. Thank you Finance Buddha for suggesting me to apply with HDFC bank, as my initial plan was to go with SBI. Am sure, any other bank would have definitely charged a big amount as processing fee and the rate of interest also would have been high.



HDFC bank is good at its home loan application. The staffs are well-aware of the services and are able to answer to all my questions and concerns. They even were ready to answer the same doubts multiple times. As am applying for a home loan first time, I was very considerate and worried, but HDFC bank gave hand-holding service right from the beginning to the complete processing of home loan.


Sreedhar Prabhakar(5/5)

Though am extremely happy about my home loan from HDFC bank, the main highlight is that the bank was ready to waive off my processing fee charges. Not many banks in India will offer such benefits to customers especially on home loan application. I saved a very big amount when the bank waived off my home loan processing fee charges.


Inderpreet Singh(5/5)

Am happy about the fact that I applied for a home loan at HDFC bank. The decision I made is right and best. Thank you Finance Buddha for helping me to pick HDFC bank for my home loan request. I have suggested my cousins to try this platform for various loan requirements.


Deepak Pawar(5/5)

Am happy with the customer service offered by HDFC bank. I was a bit hesitant to apply for home loan with the assumption that it will be a tedious process, but HDFC home loan processing is very smooth and hassle-free.


Swetha Nair(5/5)

My name is Swetha, I will recommend HDFC bank to everyone who are looking for easy ways to get home loan at low interest rate.



I would love to give HDFC bank rating as 5 out of 5 for such great service. Apart from low charges or rates and fee, the other highlight is staffs are very co-operative and professional. Home loan was processed in a smooth manner and Finance Buddha helped me with the documentation part.


Mukesh Gupta(5/5)

I had a plan of purchasing a flat to gift to my wife as our 5th wedding anniversary surprise. I tried applying for loan at various bank but nothing worked out. When my friend Satish recommended Finance Buddha for loans, I thought of giving a try. Tomorrow is my wedding anniversary and the new flat key is with me now. Thank you Finance Buddha for understanding customer’s need and referring me to HDFC bank for home loan. Loan was processed in a quick and hassle free manner.



I recommend everyone to take home loan from HDFC bank. They offer very low interest rates on home loan, processing fee will be either very low or waived off. Additionally bank executives are very co-operative and helpful to all queries and questions.

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