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HDFC Bank Home Loan Reviews

4.8 stars based on 93 reviews


Finance Buddha platform is best for applying home loans, they have latest information of interest rates, eligibility and other charges of every top banks in India. And definitely, HDFC Bank is the best bank for Home Loans in India, as not only it does offer the lowest interests on home loans, but it also offers a wide variety of benefits along with the home loan.


Ashwini R K(5/5)

Everyone has the opportunity to get home loan at lowest interest rates & processing fees from HDFC bank if you are applying through Finance Buddha. Based on our eligibility, this website will suggest banks for applying for home loan. Am satisfied with Finance Buddha’s services.



If you are looking for quick processing and disbursal of home loan, then I suggest HDFC bank. It is supported by the Finance Buddha team with all sorts of real-time information.


Jeena Raphael(5/5)

HDFC bank is simply the best bank for home loans. Finance Buddha helped with documents and application submission to bank thus the whole process was hassle- free.


Nikitha Rosley(5/5)

HDFC bank is customer’s bank. They understand my requirements and will always offer best services. Recently when I applied for home loan, the same was approved at 11.2% rate of interest and I am happy with their service.


Sukanya Satish(5/5)

HDFC bank is a great choice if you are looking for home loan. I will recommend this bank for home loans in India.


Yashashwini K(5/5)

Initially I was not comfortable of taking home loans. But post going through Finance Buddha website, I was sure I am eligible for home loan at HDFC bank. Based on this information I applied for a loan and the same was approved at 10.75% rate of interest. Thank you Finance Buddha for helping me.



HDFC bank values its customers. I have been a loyal customer with this bank from past 8 years. Every time I have any request, they are always there to assist me immediately without any hesitations or delays. Got my home loan also with the interest rate of 10.5%.


Febeena Francis(5/5)

It has been 3 years I have home loan with HDFC bank, I recently applied for a top up loan of 2 lakhs for renovation. HDFC bank considered this request and approved my top-up loan request within 5 days. There was no need of much documentation and service was extremely good.


Renuka Naidu(5/5)

My name is Renuka, I got home loan from HDFC bank at very low interest rates. Considering a women application, they gave me lot of additional benefits apart from low interest rates and processing charges.



I have been using HDFC bank for my home loan from past 2 years. Many banks are contacting me to do home loan balance transfer but am not interested as the offers and benefits from HDFC bank is simply the best. I love banking with HDFC.


Anagha Sasidharan(5/5)

I planned to buy a house with my retirement amount but due to last minute fund shortage I had to apply for a home loan. Thanks to Finance Buddha for helping me to find HDFC bank. I got home loan approved within 8 days and money was disbursed on 12th day of applying for a loan.



Even before applying for home loan at HDFC bank, I was told by my friends that the rate of interest and other charges are low. But the bank surprised me with excellent service. The bank representatives are very professional and approachable. Best bank for Home loans is HDFC BANK!


Anju Jayan(5/5)

I appreciate the customer service offered by HDFC bank. They kept me updated on the status of the home loan each and every day. Though it took 18 days to get the home loan approved and disbursed, I was not worried as I was getting regular positive updates from the bank on a daily basis.


Jisha Matthew(5/5)

Professional home loan service was offered on my request by HDFC bank. My application was approved within 14 days and the processing fee is at affordable cost. Overall a good experience and I feel I saved lot of money by opting HDFC bank for home loan.


Reji Chandran(5/5)

HDFC bank completed the whole documentation and customer screening within 9 days on my home loan application. My friends and family are surprised to hear that I got home loan so quickly. Thank you HDFC bank for such extended level of service.



Due to shake in Indian currency issues, I was worried about getting home loan. But HDFC bank and Finance Buddha helped me to get the home loan processed within 20 days without any major issues. Am very happy and satisfied with their service. Will definitely choose HDFC bank for all types of future requirements.


Daisy Joy(5/5)

I applied for home loan with HDFC bank on 16th Dec, 2016- the same day documents were processed through Finance Buddha and the bank started working on home loan I got my home loan approved on Jan 3rd 2017 despite of lot of holidays. I thought my loan will get delayed as there are lots of bank holidays, but still loan was approved within 17 days including holidays.


Amrita Sudeep(5/5)

Post checking home loan details in Finance Buddha, I decided to apply for a loan at HDFC bank. They considered my request immediately and started working on my request. Within next 18 days my loan was approved and money was disbursed to my account.


Emmanuel Peter(5/5)

I recently took a home loan from HDFC bank and am very satisfied with their service. Am writing this review to help everyone to find a very good and reliable bank for home loan. This bank is the best bank for all types of loans and especially for home loans.



I recommend everyone to use Finance Buddha for applying for any types of loans. You can compare your eligibility before applying for loan. This way there will be no loan rejections. I applied for a home loan with HDFC bank post checking my eligibility through Finance Buddha and got loan approved without any issues.


Aanchal Arun(5/5)

Applying home loan from HDFC bank was a very great experience. Simple documentation, hassle-free processing, very co-operative bank executives, additional assistance was offered by Finance Buddha with regard to loan information. I could apply for a home loan post checking my eligibility through Finance Buddha.


Som Som(5/5)

I received a very good service from HDFC bank. They gave clear explanation about all charges and as compared to other private banks; the rate of interest is very low in HDFC bank. Due to low interest rates, my monthly loan repayment amount is also low and affordable.


Stephen Marandy(5/5)

As compared to other banks, the rate of interest at HDFC bank is very low for home loans. This information was available in Finance Buddha platform. The loan details and all other information in this website are very accurate and reliable. Everyone must try to apply home loan through Finance Buddha for great service experience.

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