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HDFC Bank Home Loan Reviews

4.8 stars based on 100 reviews

Guljar Khan(4/5)

Satisfied. I am very happy to receive my home loan disbursal within a few weeks of applying for the loan. My loan was approved at a very low-interest rate and there were no hidden charges. I received a loan amount which is 80% of the property value as my property. Overall I am satisfied with my HDFC home loan experience with HDFC.


Ashwin S.(5/5)

I got my dream home with the help of HDFC housing loan. interest rate of my home loan is 9.10 %. The application process was very easy with quick documentation process.


Danish Hamza(5/5)

I have a home loan of 40 lakhs from HDFC Bank. The amount was disbursed in 2 phase as the property which i purchased was under construction. There was no issue and everything went very smoothly.


Pinki Yadav(5/5)

I found the interest rate of a home loan is lower with HDFC as compared to other banks. The interest rate for my home loan is 8.80% per annum. There are no pre-payment charges and the processing fees was RS.10,000 ONLY.


Deena (5/5)

Generally taking a home loan is a lengthy and hassle process. But my opinion changed when i took my home loan from HDFC. The process was very fast and completed in 15 days. There were no additional charges apart from which they have described.


Naman Deep Singh(5/5)

Totally satisfied with the service. The executives were very helpful and polite. They came to my house for collecting the documents. Processing was also fast and stress-free.


Imran Mohamed(5/5)

I have my home loan with HDFC bank, it was approved on an interest rate of 8.80%. The approval took very less time which was 12 days only.


Ramesh (5/5)

I am very happy with my experience at HDFC bank. I applied for a home loan with them. The documentation process started in 1 day and my loan was approved within 7 working days. The interest rate offered by HDFC was 8.80% and the processing fees was also low. So based on my good experience I will recommend HDFC to others also for the home loan.


Menal (2/5)

I applied my home loan with HDFC Bank. The amount for which I applied was 14 lakhs. But I am not satisfied with the service provided by the bank. It took me more than 15 days for the approval of the loan. Though the staff of the HDFC Bank was very helping and supportive. I will give 2 stars to HDFC.


Suresh Sinha(5/5)

HDFC provides you home loan at floating interest rates. I took my loan with HDFC bank at floating interest rate. In this the interest rate of your loan vary according to the market value. The processing fees was also beatable. So if you are in a search of home loan with floating interest rate than go with HDFC BANK.



The service provided by HDFC is applicable. After you apply for the loan the entire process starts within hours. The executives and staff take join effort to approve your loan fast. So that the one who is in need can be helped as soon as possible. I will refer HDFC to others also as my experience with HDFC is very good.


Rekha (5/5)

The overall process with HDFC bank regarding the home loan was satisfactory. My loan of 15 lakhs was approved by the HDFC in 8 days. The complete process was smooth and hassle free. The rate of interest was also affordable. I will recommend HDFC bank for home loan to others also


Akash Singh (4/5)

I am satisfied with the service provided by the HDFC Bank. The HDFC staffs were very soft spoken and helping. They helped me in the documentation process and also provided me clear explanation regarding all the charges and policies. I am thankful to those staff who helped me and because of them I was able to get the loan in small interval of time.


Ritesh (5/5)

I will recommend finance Buddha to all those who are in a need of home loan. With the help of Finance Buddha you can compare many banks and whichever bank suits you, you can apply for the loan from that bank. I did the same and applied my home loan with HDFC bank.


Jay Prakash(4/5)

I am happy with the service provided by the HDFC bank. I took a home loan for the purchase of land for my home. The rate of interest is 9.30%. The processing fees was also bearable for me. The complete process took only 10 days and the loan amount was in my account.


Sandhya Sinha(5/5)

Earlier I applied my home loan with different bank. There my loan was not approved. Then I applied for the home loan with HDFC through Finance Buddha website. My loan was approved within 7 working days. I am very happy for going with HDFC for home loan.


Kapil (2/5)

I will give HDFC 2 stars for their performance regarding home loan approval. I have applied my home loan with HDFC Bank. My application was processed in 15 days. God knows why they need so much time.


Rahul Raj(4/5)

I am happy with my decision of choosing HDFC Bank for my home loan. The interest rate offered by HDFC was 9.20%. The processing took only 8 days. The documentation process was completed with the help of the staff of HDFC. The staff were very cooperative and supportive.


Anahita (4/5)

After applying for the loan with HDFC Bank through Finance Buddha, within an hour I received a confirmation call. And from the next day the documentation process started. The executives from Finance Buddha came to me and collected the required documents. And within 8 days my home loan was approved.


Akansha Dubey(5/5)

HDFC Bank is the best choice if you are looking for a home loan in very less time. HDFC processes its loan application very fast. I keep the need of their customer their top priority. I will give 5 stars to HDFC for their fast service.


Deepak Sharma(5/5)

MY experience with HDFC Bank is very good. I applied my home loan with them. I was surprised as the complete process from documentation to approval took only 6 working days. So if you are in a need of quick home loan then you must go with HDFC.


Alpana Kumari(4/5)

After going through all the banks on Finance Buddha website I applied my home loan with HDFC. HDFC is having the prepayment facility. I need this facility because in case if I am having surplus amount of money with myself then I can prepay my loan. In this way I can use my money in other things as well. And the interest rate of home loan from HDFC was also reasonable.


Manayata Arora(5/5)

I applied my home loan with HDFC Bank. The executives were very supportive. They helped me throughout the documentation process. The entire process was completed in 5 days. The interest rate provide by them is also affordable. I will give 5 stars to HDFC.


Priyanka (5/5)

In the city like Bengaluru where the price of property is rising day by day, having once own home is a thing of privilege. And I am availing this privilege only because of HDFC. HDFC helped me in proving home loan in Bengaluru. Thank you so much HDFC for this.

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