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Citi Bank Home Loan Reviews #2

4.9 stars based on 66 reviews

Ramesh Kumar(5/5)

If you are looking for a genuine review who can tell you how good the loan is through their personal experience, I would say that go for it. I can say this through my personal experience. Even better, I would like to recommend that the loan should be processed through the Finance Buddha team as they improve the eligibility by suggesting changes and moreover, they also take care of the fast tracking of the loan.


Surubhi Rani(5/5)

Finance Buddha website has been very helpful in processing the loan with the Citibank. I think they are in some kind of tie-up or something as they communicate very quickly. That can be the only possible reason that the loan was processed so quickly and every thing was done online. They have a strong willingness to help every customer, that what I read from every review posted here. So many poeple cannot be wrong, after all!


Sunil Makhija(5/5)

The Finance Buddha team deserves 10 stars for the way they have helped me but unfortunately, I can only give them 5. What more do you expect than timely clarification of all your doubts by a company when they are providing all the assistance. I did not have to submit any document unless the whole of the process was approved. I did everything online through soft copy and that was how we co ordinated. I got the construction loan for my house without any brokerage or bribe to the mediators.


Hemant Dua(5/5)

Citibank home loan type should be your choice if you are looking for a quick disbursal of home loan without much trouble of formalities. Moreover, they also give extra perks like shopping voucher offers. I had only heard of such offers bei9ng given to people who had the salary account or savings account. With the kind of services that the bank is providing along with the extra perks, I think they will go real big than what they are now.


Ruchika Agarwal(5/5)

I got a call from a representative from the bank after I registered with Finance Buddha. The services are good.


Prince Choudhary(5/5)

I was not able to understand the documentation process as I have no experience in loans. There customer support service was so helpful that they answered many questions without getting exhausted


Manoj Ghosh(5/5)

I have trusted this bank since always because I have read about the good ratings for it. At Finance Buddha, I was able to see the review of previous customers and I knew I could trust them. I must say, I have not been disappointed. It was totally great to choose this bank.


Raghu Ram(5/5)

Comparing a loan was never so easy before.


Vijay Singh(5/5)

Finance Buddha helped me when I needed personal loan and this time too, it was at my dispersal.


Ramandeep Kaur(5/5)

They do not ask for a list of documents, just the required ones. Easy documentation and best services.


Shabnam Singh(5/5)

I was not able to get my loan sanctioned from the bank. I was not able to analyse what the real problem was. But, Finance Buddha, not only got me custom home loan offers and Citibank Home Loan was the best suited option for me. Thanks Finance Buddha and Citibank.


Ashmita Mukherjee(5/5)

The swift and reliant services by Pooja, were great. She was there to answer all my queries and helped me through the application process. Not only that, I got the home loan at the lowest interest rate. I strongly recommend Citibank house loan.


Sunil Behera(5/5)

Taking a loan was never too difficult for me. I knew about this portal Finance Buddha and it made it easy for me to compare the loans.


Ravi Tyagi(5/5)

I transferred my loan to Citibank. I should say everyone should compare their loan rates with this bank.


Ankit Mishra(5/5)

Shifting to my own house was like a far off dream. When I thought of loans, the only thing that came to my mind was Citibank as my sister had already availed this and strongly suggested it to me. In must say I am a happy customer.


Anjum Majumdar(5/5)

A friend of mine availed a home loan from some other bank. His rate of interest at the starting was lower, but with time we both could see that I had landed at a better doorstep.


Saiqa Banu(4/5)

It was a great experience to get associated with CitiBank. The phone banking service is great. They are different from other banks who put your calls on hold for hours. Happy that I made the right choice.


Sandeep Mishra(5/5)

My home loan got sanctioned pretty easily. I was sceptical that the documentation process would be long. I was also anxious if my loan got rejected my CIBIL score would be affected. Thankfully, my loan got approved easily and quickly.

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