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Citi Bank Home Loan Reviews #1

4.9 stars based on 66 reviews

Pratyaya Dash(5/5)

The Citibank home loan is a good product as they provide reducing interest loan type. The rate of interest is affordable, the loan tenure is as per the customer needs, and their documentation process is easy. What else could I ask for!! It was already good.


Suresh Anara(5/5)

Citibank provides easy home loans. I can say this as my loan was processed without any problem. Also, I got comfortable loan tenure. I made it a point already that I would take the loan by gauging all the things before hand. Whatever criteria I had in mind, it was met by the Citibank home loan only. Great that I discovered the Citibank home loan on this website!


Deepak Mathur(5/5)

I needed a home loan of INR 500,000 and was being charged exorbitant rates of interest for the same. That is what generally banks do. It was great to associate with the Citibank who offered fairly decent interest rate of 9%. Also, the other rates were negotiated. The whole loan taking experience was smooth.


Sorabh Bajwa(5/5)

In the time of digital media and online support, if you are still going to bank and wasting your time and energy, not to mention the resources, then you are making a big mistake. With the Finance Buddha online support, you get every bit of information available online at your desktop. I have passed this information to every relative of mine who is looking for a home loan to contact them because their team is so supportive, even though a lot of information is already put up online.


Mohit Tiwari(5/5)

The Finance Buddha team is indeed very helpful. They understand your situation very quickly and do not waste time at all. I needed a loan very quickly as my home construction had to begin soon. I am glad I made the right choice.


Surabhi Pal(5/5)

The loan from Citibank means you can get suitable online assistance without any pre-payment. Also, their process is easy to follow and if you need help, the executives are always ready to help. I discovered the home loan from Citibank after scrolling the website Finance Buddha. They have provided a great comparison about the various loans from different banks. It became really easy to understand all the norms and select the best bank for yourself.


Nitin Islam(5/5)

We migrated to a new city and wanted to have a new house at the highest priority. Sold off our new house still needed some money to build the new one. Citibank provides the best of the interest loans and also the shortest time to process the loan. That was what we were looking for.


Swati Bawa(5/5)

The team at Finance Buddha is highly professional and they probably understand your requirements and listen to your concern and finally provide the loan. I got the best loan at the least rate of interest and the processing charges. The employees were there to help at every step. It was a great decision to trust them.


Dheeraj Rana(5/5)

Citibank provided me my home loan worth 19 Million within a period of 20 days @9% only. It was easy and quite understandable. Though it was a little new and so I took time to understand the processes. Finance Buddha website helped me a lot in the case. I found answers to most of the technical questions here itself. 


Preeti Meenal(5/5)

The Finance Buddha website is really well built. They have this loan eligibility calculator which shows good results. I got to know that my income was not up to the mark as it was a home loan and my income itself would not suffice. I clubbed my husband's income and we applied together. This was a valuable suggestion that I read on their website. With all their assistance and help, we have finally got out home loan money.


Maya Teotia(5/5)

The Finance Buddha team is very helpful and they are ready to guide in documentation to loan approval. The executives are polite and well spoken. They provide you with timely assistance, one of the most important things while applying loans.


Daya Dheodhar(5/5)

Citibank offers nil foreclosure charges. It is a one-time payment but then these little things matter the most when you avail a loan. Also, the services that the bank provided are phenomenal. Even if you do not meet the loan eligibility, they try to help you by suggesting you the things you can try to apply after sometime. I am glad I could connect with Citibank with the help of Finance Buddha.


Pracheen Gupta(5/5)

The interest is calculated by the Citibank on the daily reducing balance method. This scheme is a great measure as it helps you clear off your loan by decreasing your installment. This is an advanced measure the bank has taken and I believe, every customer must note this point. Well, it appealed to me the maximum. I recommend to compare the present rates and charges and do proper research on Finance Buddha before availing any kind of home loan or any loan.


Prachi Sharma(5/5)

I work as a freelancer and alone in Delhi. Instead of going for a home on rent or a PG or a hostel, I decided that owning my own house was the best for me. Hence, I decided to take a home loan so that my investment won't go in vain. I availed this home loan from Citibank and must say, it has been the best tax saving and life improvement measure I could have taken.


Gurjas Singh(5/5)

I applied for the home loan in two banks and both of them asked me for a guarantor. I was dejected and looked for online solutions. I found this website Finance Buddha which claimed that we could get easy home loans that too, without any guarantor. I signed up on the website and asked for more details. The next day, I got the reference from their employees who were happy to assist me and listed me with the best banks who offer home loans without any collateral demand. I picked the Citibank as it suited my needs.


Inderjeet Singh(5/5)

The Citibank offers a 24-hour service helpline by the name Citiphone Portal. The service is very beneficial in the initial days of the loan period when you have loads of questions to ask from the loan provider. The bank employees are always ready to help you with your queries and instead of holding your call for long durations, they connect you instantly.


Aditya Mittal(5/5)

The eligibility conditions of the Citibank are really normal. They do not ask for anything which is over the board. Finance Buddha team helped me understand the condition which was otherwise not so easy to understand as I am not a guy who understands Finance a lot. I got my loan approved in 10 days which is pretty quick. Glad that I partnered with a bank that is growing every day.


Sonali Gupta(5/5)

I applied for the loan and got the call from the Finance Buddha employees on the same day. They helped me understand the documentation and also helped me in arranging the documents by providing assistance. It has been a great help.


Rini Goenka(5/5)

The Citibank home loan is that one product which does not have any hidden Terms and Conditions. The bank employees have been very vocal in making all the communications on time and never missed on any information that I should know. It has been four months that I am paying my EMIs and so far everything has been great.


Sanjay Srivastava(5/5)

I did not have to trouble myself by applying the loan by walking up to the bank every time. The process was easy and swift as it could be. I just signed up on the website and calculated my loan eligibility. Then, I get a call from the Finance Buddha team and they guide me for the loan processing. Overall, it is a nice experience as they guide you through every step.


Tanya Juneja(4/5)

This web portal, Finance Buddha, is a great platform where one can get all the useful information. You do not have to go to different websites to check the loans, compare them, and apply for it. The loan eligibility calculator present on the website is just another good move through which a customer can prepare his application. Great job!!


Reena Mathur(5/5)

Everyone wants a home since it is the only place where you truly belong. Many banks charge exorbitant prices on this particular loan type because of the dire need the customers usually approach them in. Citibank employees are however empathetic. They realise the urgency of the loan a person might have and provide a great service with quick processing of the loan.


Sachin Sharma(5/5)

Citibank home loan is that one loan you can rely upon. They have no hidden terms and conditions. I can say that with my personal experience. They will provide you the best of the information themselves and let you know about all the recurring charges and payments. I appreciate Finance Buddha whose information on the website helped me reach out to the Citibank employees.


Megha Ratnam(5/5)

Finance Buddha is an unmatchable portal where we can compare the loans from different banks and then apply from their website itself. They have this loan eligibility checker which works accurately. I actually realised that my application form could be made better with the changes that the team Finance Buddha recommended to me.

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