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Citi Bank Home Loan Reviews

4.9 stars based on 66 reviews

Rushit Dubal(5/5)

The process of the home loan was not only made easy but also it added an edge incentive to it by providing me with the flexibility of repayment of the loan. The process, first of all, sounded very tough when the manager was explaining to me. But, then a friend advised me to apply for the home loan through Finance Buddha. They are the people who make you feel like you are sitting on a cushion and they are working on your behalf. They provided me with the whole guide to the process that how to apply and how will the process be executed. It felt relaxed and without any hassle. I managed to secure a Citibank home loan at the lowest interest rate and the hassle free process which was not at all expected in the first time journey with them. But, they execute it smoothly. Also, the disbursal time of the loan was very quick and without any issues because of the quick processing of the loan they executed. It gives me immense pleasure to write a review for them as they helped me fulfil my needs without any issues. They are truly the financial wizards.


Firdos Solanki(5/5)

You take the backseat and they drive the loan vehicle for you. They truly are an inspirational group of people who set a benchmark that how the work should be executed with ease and without any trouble or issue. With the way, they execute the process is truly mesmerising as I secured a home loan with the help of Finance Buddha and it was off the hood. You just depend on them and show your trust and they will be there at your doorstep. A few months ago, I was in need of a home loan to buy my new house and they provided me with one with all the benefits I could expect of. Just in a swirl of a wand, they executed the process. I was able to secure the home loan with CITI bank worth 8 million which is the 80% of the property value which I never expected and that too at the lowest interest rates as they negotiate the rates with the bank on your behalf making it worth your while of availing the service with them. The disbursement of the loan was not at a trouble for me as they managed to execute that as well.


Kapil Arora(5/5)

They truly are the masters in whatever they do! This was not possible without the Finance Buddha team and the CITI bank co-operation as they handled all my issues of buying a new home. The support and the confidence they hold with you all the time are truly the next level thing. From the processing to the disbursal of the loan they stand beside you virtually, if there is query plus you can track your loan with their help as they keep you informing 24/7 about the processing of the loan. I was also able to secure a loan with the help of Finance Buddha team and the constant support with the CITI bank in the home loan segment. I was able to secure 75% of the loan amount at 9% interest rate and the processing fee which was lower than the market rates. Also, 75% of the loan amount was disbursed to me by their help and I was able to achieve the home of my dreams with the help of CITI bank. They truly are your ‰Û÷Gurus‰Ûª when it comes to getting a loan and the best incentives. Lastly, the bank was flexible enough to adjust my EMI‰Ûªs to complete the loan.


Nikita Mehta(5/5)

You are just the last person to concern about the loan when you apply for a home loan online with Finance Buddha as they get your loan processing and the disbursal process so quick just like the blink of an eye. It‰Ûªs just like you don‰Ûªt need to spy on your girlfriend as she is so loyal herself she informs you every hour where she is present and doing what. You just are required to sit and relax and wait for the call. You just have to fill up few details and few clicks make them working. This does not happen regularly when you enter the premises of bank. You become eligible for the loan as soon as you apply with Finance Buddha as they don‰Ûªt check your backgrounds meticulously. I got a home loan with Finance Buddha in one of the most reputed banks i.e. the Citibank at an amazing rate of interest as everyone looks in for lower interest rates when they apply for a loan. The lowest interest rate was gained by me through Finance Buddha i.e. 8.80% on the loan which was provided. The loan was disbursed into my account within 3 days of the application of the loan. Also, the constant support of the Finance Buddha team gave me the hope for my home loan.


Paras Patel(5/5)

You can bet on them that they are the quickest in the loan disbursal process as they provide you with the loan in the least possible. Plus, the other incentives makes the loan process cooler and worth the while. Finance Buddha, one of the leading market comparison sites for the loans is not just a comparative site but it also provides to you with the loan of your choice. I was required to fill in few details as I had to apply in the home loan segment and they provided me with a list of the loans and I applied for the CITI bank home loan, as it offered high home loan amount and the Citibank home loan interest rate is also low. The aspect of the lowest interest rates comes in everyone‰Ûªs mind while applying for the home loan. I was able to achieve that because of the Finance Buddha team as they negotiated on my behalf and also provide me with the incentive of quick disbursal of the loan without any hassle as the documents were handled by them. In one word ‰Û÷BEST TEAM!!!


Rishabh Nathani(5/5)

I feel obliged when I write a review for the Finance Buddha as they were the ones who provided me with a Home loan which was dynamic in nature plus fulfilled all of my needs. These are the people who not only understand your criteria but don‰Ûªt let you compromise and get the loan of your choice. Being money minded person and a miser at the same time I don‰Ûªt want to spend more on the loan. They were able to understand that and provide me with loan with the cheapest interest i.e. 8.80% Yes! I got a home loan with the Citibank. Citibank home loan interest rate of 8.80% was not only surprising for me but they agreed to provide me with the best which just elevated the respect for them in my mind. The loan which was sanctioned to me was for an apartment which was under construction and still, I managed to secure it. Apart from that, I was able to get the loan disbursed into my bank account within 3 days of the application because of the speedy processing they execute because of the years of experience. BEST TEAM EVER!!


Dhrumil Thakkar(5/5)

Where can you get a loan with the interest reduction on the daily balance? Yes! Finance Buddha turned the tables in my life by providing me with Citibank home loan. Finance Buddha, the one stop solution for your home loan I would say. They understand you like a family member and execute to you the best deal as there is a relative of yours in the bank which will give you an extra discount without demanding any cut. Along with this, they provide you with the online assistance which is less seen in some bank executives. Finance Buddha helped me to gain a loan with the Citi bank worth 50, 00,000 which was the amount I was not expecting while the sanction of the loan. The process was also hassle free as they were the one who was handling the documentation on my behalf. I got a call from the Finance Buddha executive and uploaded the documents. The next day I got a call that the loan has been confirmed. Such quick processing made me surprised. They truly are the man for the job!


Rohan Mehra(5/5)

The next term to support for your financial needs I can use is the Finance Buddha team which helps you to solve your financial needs. The team is so dynamic and so supportive you can hardly imagine them if they are less concerned for you. Their constant support makes the loan process so easy and without any issue. I too got a loan with the help of Finance Buddha. Despite my low credit score, I was able to secure a good amount of the home loan and with the best interest, I could expect. The loan was tagged at 20 lakhs and I got the loan at 14% rate of interest which was lower as compared to the other loan providers in the market. Also, the way they execute is truly phenomenal. They take care of all of your needs to execute the loan in the most proper manner. I got the loan without any hassle as they handled the documents on my behalf and they were able to get it disbursed as well without any issue. You cannot get a better option than the Finance Buddha loan and the flexibility of the CITI bank.


Jaswinder Singh(5/5)

You might be under the impression that Finance Buddha is the mundane loan provider but they execute the loan just like in the Punjabi style with full of benefits. You might be thinking this is a comparison site what it has to do with loans. Believe me, it is not the incentives they provide you with are just the next level. I had applied for a home loan and with a few clicks, I got the home loan amounts the interest rates and other details about the different home loans available in the market. They also give personal advice to you that which loan you should apply for. I applied for the home loan and got it sanctioned within 9 days of the application. The application approval was done in a day because of the Finance Buddha executive. The loan was sanctioned with CITI bank which was so flexible in providing me with the loan and the interest rates and other benefits just captured my heart. You need not go anywhere except finance Buddha I suggest to all my friends and they truly deserve the respect for their work.


Mrs.åÊ Rhea Chadda(5/5)

Finance Buddha is the sole player you need in the team against the war against the banks. They fight on your behalf and give you the best loan you could dream off. At first, I too had the doubt that is this wrong or right but they clarified it in a very professional way. They handle you just like a CEO of a company handles his clients. They don‰Ûªt demand any benefit but give you the better deal than the banks. I was able to repay the home faster with lesser interest because of the Home Credit Fast Track option wherein if you get the Citibank home loan you can repay the loan quickly and faster if you want according to your pay and have to pay less interest. This option helped a lot and I got a loan with the best benefits. They were also very kind to execute the home loan disbursement quick with their quick processing and disbursement without any hassle. In all, the team that never lets you down. They say it with confidence and execute the same making it possible for you to get a loan with them. Best home loan providers in town.


Jaswindar Kaur(5/5)

This gives me immense pleasure to write this review for Finance Buddha as they helped me get a home loan to fulfil my needs. I wanted to buy a new home and was lacking in funds. A friend suggested me the Finance Buddha website where you can get the loan of the minimum rates. I did first of all not believe him but then I checked the website and found it interesting. It had got some sections to be filled in to get the inquiry of various loans available in the market. I filled them up and a list popped up with various loans available in the market. There was a number provided to me i.e. 080-60120505 wherein I can call 24/7 and they would advise me on the loan process. The Finance Buddha executive recommended me the CITI bank home loan which is very flexible. I was able to secure the home loan with incentives like the best interest rates, quick processing and disbursement of the loan which shocked me completely. Then I realised that these guys are truly the angels who made it successful the whole loan process. I thank them for helping me to the best in getting a loan with the CITI bank.


Rajendra Prasad(5/5)

This could not have been possible without the Finance Buddha lowest interest rates as they help to solve all your queries without any issues. I was struggling for the home loan in the various banks but some or the other eligibility criteria were missing. Then, a friend suggested me with the Finance Buddha for home loan option wherein there is a comparison site from where you can get the best home loan deals. You too might not believe at once even if it‰Ûªs your school friend suggesting you. I checked the website and went in for the home loan option. By filling few details and few clicks my home loan application was approved. The executive called me within an hour and I uploaded the necessary documents they demanded. I was able to get the loan so easily and without any hassle as they were handling on my behalf. The loan too was processed in an easy manner because of the quick disbursal in just 93 days. To add the cherry on the top was the Citibank home loan interest rate of 9.5% which was not the lowest but the best for me. I thank the whole team.


Mehal Patel(5/5)

The construction of the home I wanted to buy was still in the process and I wanted to book it before anyone could acquire it. I went onto the Finance Buddha website and compared the loans available. I was surprised to see the lowest rates offered by the CITI bank. I applied quickly with the help of Finance Buddha and within an hour the executive called me to upload my documents for the processing of the loan. The next morning I received a call at 10 saying that your loan has been processed ma‰Ûªam and would be disbursed to you within 8 days. It is just as similar to any ecommerce website where you place an order and they will process everything for you. I was able to get the home loan of Rs.1 crores with an interest rate of 9% only per annum and that was just like Diwali for me. The loan disbursement was done in my account within 10 days of the application confirmation which resulted in the securing of my dream home. I would like to thank each and every member of Finance Buddha who worked on my behalf and provide me with their service.


Chinky Arora(5/5)

A family member walked into the bank I was feeling like that when I applied for the home loan. Finance Buddha might have lots of success stories but mine is the special one as I wanted to gift the home to my mum and dad on their anniversary. I had planned it for 10 years but was lacking Rs. 20 lakhs to fulfil my dream. Here is when the Finance Buddha guys walked in and helped me out. They provided me firstly with the list of banks providing home loans and then the best home loan for me. I was able to secure a home loan with CITI bank without any trouble and without any issues in the processing too. The process was so smooth it came to my mind that are these guys doing it since the age of 3! I got the loan processed within a day and disbursed to my account within 3 days because of the Finance Buddha team at the interest rate of 8.80% which just added the spark in my mum and dad‰Ûªs anniversary. They were so proud of me just as proud I am because of Finance Buddha and CITI Bank.


Rajesh Das(5/5)

This would seem unrealistic when you listen to it for the first time but yes I got a home loan of 8 crores i.e. 80% of the amount of 10 crores loan I got with CITI bank just at the interest rate of 8.80%. I too couldn‰Ûªt believe it that I would be able to design such a great bungalow for my family. Family members are important for everyone as they provide you with the best of everything. So, is the task of you to provide them with the same? I gifted them the new home on the Diwali and they were all very happy. This could not have been possible because of Finance Buddha and the CITI bank as I was able to the get the loan with Finance Buddha from CITI bank and repaid it fully. The loan amount was very huge and I thought it would take time. But, the process was hassle free and without any errors. Also, such an amount was disbursed in my account within 4 days of the application making it the most beneficial for me. I thank each and every member for assisting me with the loan process and help me secure my future. The best team ever to fulfil all your needs related to a home loan!!!


Dilip Rahees(4/5)

The loan was sanctioned within 20 days. My home loan experience has been good only because of Finance Buddha employees! Thanks a lot!!


Ashutosh Sharma(5/5)

Thank you so much people for the help in deciding the loan. The call I had with them was real long and in between I also had to hold the call because my boss was around. However, the call coordinator did not get irritated a bit. 


Gaurav Pandey(5/5)

I would like to say that the loan was pretty fast and easy. I call the Finance Buddha employees and within 15 minutes, they called me bank on the mobile number I provided. That was too quick, and I have never seen such quick service from companies. 


Shweta Malik(5/5)

The team at Citibank is very polite when they talk. Customer service is very good. They talk to you like you are in a restaurant and they are there to provide all the services you need. I was happy to receive such a treatment from the bank employees. They were happy to help and answered all my queries. A great experience must say!


Ankit Tomar(5/5)

The great ratings about this home loan type on the website of Finance Buddha made me very sure that the loan was decent and affordable. I can say that because my sister availed a personal loan after looking on this website and she tells me that the info was valid and reliable. My loan was sanctioned with the help of timely correspondence for the Finance Buddha team.


Arun Kumar(5/5)

There is this fast track option with the Citibank home loan where the loan is approved. I got my loan disbursed very quickly, just 5 days. A home loan in such a minimum period of time is like a dream. This dream turned into a reality for me with the Citibank home loan. I believe, the website is doing a great job of spreading the word about finance.


Vineet Gupta(4/5)

The EMI calculator at Finance Buddha web portal is a great way to check your eligibility for the loan. The builders of the website and the calculator have probably paid detailing to every other feature. I could find that my loan eligibility was weak and at that time, the person from Finance buddha team helped me a lot to fix the issues and increase my CIBIL score through the two easy methods. It eventually helped me to grab a better loan.


Arush Pandey(5/5)

Finance Buddha is a great portal for people who are layman when it comes to finance and have the need for loan urgently. I was thinking of paying someone in helping me process the loan, like a broker or something. I started looking for brokers online and in the process found this website, Finance Buddha. The next thing, I find the web portal with all the information that I was looking for some person to tell me. Now, I am clear with different aspects of my loan in such a good spirit that I can actually tell someone else which loan is best for them. Just kidding. But the website is helpful for every loan seeker.


Sumit Varshney(5/5)

They gave me a home loan of high value, 75% of the property price of my land which I had bought 5 years back. Now, when I started to construct it, I realized that the actual price would go really high and I did not have enough capital and funding to bear the cost. Citibank provided me a high paying loan with which I could carry on with my home construction easily.

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