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Bajaj Finance Home Loan Reviews #3

4.9 stars based on 111 reviews

Anu Sirohi(5/5)

I have always wondered how people avail the loans so easily and how do they get that much of the knowledge about finance and all. In the online medium, I got to know about all the banks and companies who provided the loans at the cheapest rates. Bajaj was an obvious choice because of their expertise in the niche.


Harsevak Panesar(5/5)

The loan amount and the related EMI keeps decreasing when you apply for the loan through the Bajaj home Finance. This is possible through their procedure which adopts the loan on the decreasing rate of interest model. I availed a loan of INR 50 Million and the great thing was that I did not have to pay any security amount or keep any land as collateral through it. The loan experience was smooth and easy!


Krishna AP(5/5)

The online access and digital medium of tracking the loan request and apply for the same is a boon for every working person. I cannot take leaves from the job and skip the job on the daily basis. Finance Buddha is a portal which rescued me from all these problems. I could apply for the loan while sitting at my job and tracked the application approval from my mobile handset itself. Who said loan can be availed only by going to the bank and standing in long queues!!


Farhan Ali(5/5)

Bajaj Finance Home Loan offers loans for longer durations. This is an add-on because it relaxes the EMI payer. In today's life, it is immensely difficult to get a loan without providing collateral. I barely had any piece of land to suffice the need. I could avail this home loan by Bajaj only after the Finance Buddha team assisted me thoroughly.


Navpreet Dhillon(5/5)

I could process my loan so quickly just because of the Finance Buddha team. They clarified me about all the required documents needed to apply for the loan. Also, the bajaj home finance gave me the option to apply for another loan with reduced rate of interest on the basis of my good status of paying the EMIs. Their customer service is the reason they are a big name in the field of housing finance.


Supriya Narang(5/5)

Bajaj Finance Home Loan should be your ideal choice if you want to reduce the troubles of loan availing. The housing company is solely dedicated to housing services which make the process really quick. I checked my eligibility through the Finance Buddha loan eligibility checker. It was a great method to check my credit rating.


Manav Thakkar(5/5)

The Finance Buddha team are like the Virar Kohli of the Finance world. They get better everytime I stumble upon their website. I have seen that they have incorporated every feature that would help the customers like us. I got my Bajaj Finance home loan within a period of 10 days, and yes, it was a house loan. No Kidding!! Thank you guys for an amazingåÊexperience.


Nupur Jain(5/5)

Me and my future husband are about to get married. When I got engaged, I had clarified one thing with him that I would not like to stay in a rented apartment because it is always better to invest in something than pay a price for something you don't even own. He agreed and we started saving. It's been a year and we have adequate amount that a few more money from Bajaj housing loan would solve our need. Our loan is disbursed and we just can't wait to start a new life.


Apurva Goyal(5/5)

Three words to describe the customer service by Finance Buddha team: best, best and only the best. They would never get tired of helping their clients that are the users of the website. Not would they ever upload any old information on their website. They are very nice to talk to. Hope they conquer the finance department and keep serving people the way they are.


Shiv Mamdapur(5/5)

After I trusted the website Finance Buddha to help me with my business loan, my choice was obvious while selecting a financial assistant to help me with the home loan. I was already aware of their processes which included checking the Eligibility through the EMI CALCULATOR, applying for the loan and gathering all the information from the website. I was happy that they recalled me and were so courteous that understanding my need and urgency, even worked beyond their office timings. You can see a sense of work dedication in them which promotes you to trust them.åÊ


Ashutosh Puri(5/5)

I needed a top up loan apart from the loan I already had taken for plot construction. It was supposed to be a quick loan as I barely had time to go through all the procedures. The Bajaj Finance home loan scheme is so helpful that it clears all your doubts about getting a loan like 123. This is the reason of these 5 stars I am giving to their website. I have developed a great relationship with their employees and would love to recommend the services of the company to anyone and everyone in my known.


Paras Jain(5/5)

My home was a long term dream of mine and I was just waiting to save some money so I could buy a piece of land and start constructing my own house. It was not so easy that I had imagined. I had to cut short my expenses and. Really work my limits off. Even after saving money for buying a plot, I bless far away from the target of accumulating money so as to build a house. Finance Buddha provided me the motivation I needed to avail a loan. I had so many doubts about taking a loan like the bank employees do no cooperate, there are many additional charges, etc. However, their frequently asked questions section helped me understand that it was all myths and zero reality. Glad I chose the right partner!!


Sajan Sharma(5/5)

Why go stand in scorching heat when you can relax at your home and check the loans from different banks, right on your mobile phone. I love their website which is so easy to use. Using their website is just like signing up on any random social media handle. You find relevant information at the right time.åÊ


Mary Joseph(5/5)

This is a useful website. I like their content display format which is so understandable. I can easily find the loans of different banks and companies that too with the latest information, pre defined loan tracking system, and easy way to check eligibility for the loan. I saw the suggestions of banks and the partner companies and decided to go on with the Bajaj home loan. I have not regretted my decision, it's been six months!!


Harshit Tomar(5/5)

It was pleasure dealing with the employees from Finance Buddha. They swear upon their professionalism and it is every evident by their services. Instant replies, real time tracking of the applications, and time to time notifications save you from the time destruction in applying for a loan. Because of their timely advices, my home loan is now approved by Bajaj. I am just waiting for the loan to get disbursed. Waiting for the first part of the payments.


Mayank Garg(5/5)

On the website Finance Buddha, you can find the cheapest rates of interests for all the loans you wish to avail. I have tried two to three finance websites who claim to provide loans instantly. However, I can proudly say through my experience that this website responds the fastest and does not keep you hanging at all.


Rohit Sharma(5/5)

Could I get my home loan disbursed from any other bank other than this housing company? I guess not. They do not keep you hanging. Moreover, they provide you cutting edge rates of interests that even after comparing with the market, you know that your initial choice was the best. I love how their employees were so well connected with me all the time through call and text support. Cheers to the company.


Avesh Bansal(5/5)

Bajaj home finance is a trusted company. I was very sure that their interest rates would be the lowest of all. I was even more convinced once I saw the comparison through the website of Finance Buddha. The home loan by Bajaj is so easy to avail that you don't need any bit of Finance knowledge for the same. A great platform which directly connects you to the right people who understand your concerns.


Kamal Dhaliwal(4/5)

Me and my hubby are happy to connect with the team of employees of Finance Buddha. They are so knowledgeable that any question you ask, they are already ready with the answers. Also, they provide timely response. They answer your messages through the live chat and other than that, they also give you a call within few hours or minutes of your signing up on their portal.


Maneesh Guha(5/5)

The Finance Buddha website is a knowledgeable platform where all the people with doubts in their minds can easily pull off knowledge from the regularly updated articles. The information is neatly bifurcated into parts where people can understand the documents, eligibility, frequency asked questions, etc. There website helped me to choose the home loan from Bajaj.åÊ


Ruchika Sharma(5/5)

These people from Finance Buddha team never fail to impress me with their services. I could see the same great display of customer service when my dad availed a personal loan and now, when me and my husband applied jointly for the home loan, they were as cordial as I had expected. The Bajaj executives visited my home and I was able to check the tracking of the loan from my home itself.


Anupam Grover(5/5)

Quick loan dispersion and high quality service..These two factors take the Bajaj home loan company to new heights. They are a great team of passionate workers and it shows by the way they interact. I would specially like to thank the executive from team Finance Buddha who provided me step by step guidance of how I should proceed with my loan application as my CIBIL rating was not very fascinating.


Karan Jonty(5/5)

I appreciate the effort of this website to keep the customer updated and aware about the latest trends in house finance and other loan categories. I wonder how these people know all the tits and bits about every change that occurs everyday. Must say that their team is highly competent. Keep up the great work on guys! Best wishes!


Prerna Chauhan(5/5)

Home loan should always be affordable as a home is every individual's basic need. I hate it when the banks and housing finance companies have to charge so high rates of interest on this loan also. I can surely tell about Bajaj finance that after a customer does his share of research about home loans and all..The best loan will only be by the Bajaj housing finance with excellent service and quick disbursement.

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