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Bajaj Finance Home Loan Reviews #2

4.9 stars based on 111 reviews

Sumit Chhabra(5/5)

Bajaj Finance company provides the best home loans. They make all the terms and conditions very clear and on the top, they also charge the lowest processing fees. I almost had no information before I went to avail the loan but the Bajaj Finance company provided me every tiny bit of the information that was needed. I was happy to get a loan without having to run much here and there.


Arvind Kumar(5/5)

This is a great website where you can practically find the answers of all the questions that you have. They do not trouble you to sign up here and there unnecessarily. It is a onetime process and they do not charge even a single penny for the credible information they provide. True service is what I can call them.


Manohar Gyan(5/5)

Most of the banks are mere money making machines who would never understand the problems of a common man. I was so upset after my loan got rejected three times. I came across this website that my daughter recommended me and applied for my eligibility check from there. From that part, I got to know that I needed to improve my CIBIL rating which I was able to do easily through the steps the person from teh team of Finance Buddha suggested to me. Now, I have finally received the loan sanction letter from the Bajaj Finance and I cannot thank enough these people for their valuable time and piece of information.


Jaspreet Narula(4/5)

The Finance Buddha is a strong team of people who always give the right and correct information. I was pretty confused for a home loan from a private bank and from Bajaj Finance Company. But, these people told me the basic things that I should consider while choosing the entity for my home loan. I just realized that I could save a lot of money from here and there if I partnered with the Bajaj company. They processed my loan application and told me about the documentation process as well. Thank you guys!


Gaurav Tiwari(5/5)

I was in deep stress after my home construction was stuck in between. You cannot really realize the pressure when you are married and have the responsibility of the whole family on your shoulders. I had always wished to have a house of my own and I had promised the same to my wife as well. The Bajaj Finance company helped me in the time where I needed a loan for home construction. Also, they did not take any sort of leverage of my urgent requirement and gave me the loan at the cheapest rate in the market.


Umesh Khushwaha(5/5)

The employees of this website make the whole process very simple. First of all, the whole of the information provided on their website is in very easy language. Any person with knowledge of basic English can easily understand the tedious loan concepts. Then, they also have a loan eligibility calculator which tells you how your credit rating is and which bank would provide you the loan. Then, they also help you with the documentation. Overall, a great association has been with them.


Deepak Kumar(5/5)

All my steps for getting a home loan could be processed on time just because of the timely efforts of the website executives. They guided me well when I was not able to understand the steps for taking the home loan and gave me a deep clarity into how I could avail the loan without paying extra money for processing.


Sujata Sharma(5/5)

If you want to get an easy and quick home loan, then you must apply online for home loan through this website. My personal experience says that these people are very genuine and honest with their work. That is the reason they have always worked on time and given me timely assistance. They suggested me the Bajaj Finance home loan and till now, whenever I have talked to anyone regarding my loan, I have realised that my home loan has been the best than that of other people who trusted different companies for the loan.


Chanda Tripathi(5/5)

These people are doing an amazing job of helping people. We all are aware that it is very difficult to understand the banks and their processes. Going to a bank is like an exam in itself since these people seem so complicated. Finance Buddha employees make the things look so easy when they explain different terms and steps for loan. Associating with them has given me clarity into my home loan.


Aman Sehgal(5/5)

My friend recommended me the Bajaj Finance home loan but I was not able to visit it due to tight shifts in my office. Taking an hour's leave is also not an option, leave going to banks everyday. Great that I came to know about this website which provided me all the information while I was sitting at home. I got the home loan by Bajaj and Finance Buddha executive visited me in the office itself to collect the documents.


Praveen Mishra(4/5)

The services of this company are so good that you cannot believe. Fast response. Quick delivery of tasks, and accurate info everytime!


Saurabh Goyal(5/5)

My home loan was in a private bank and it had become so difficult for me to pay the huge amount of EMIs charged by the bank. It became so difficult that after not paying the loan for about four months, I was served a notice from the bank. I had to clear that amount by taking loan from a lender near my house. Then, I decided to transfer my home loan to a housing finance company or some govt. bank. A friend of mine who took a personal loan with the help of Finance Buddha suggested the website to me. The representative understood my financial situation very well and recommended the Bajaj Finance Home loan for me. My current rate of interest is 8.85% which is way too low than the 12% what I was paying. Earlier it felt like my loan outstanding was just increasing, but now, I have a satisfaction. Sorry for writing too much, but then, it then the company deserves the appreciation.


Sumit Jain(5/5)

Finance Buddha team has a very dedicated approach towards handling the clients. From checking the loan eligibility to processing the loan, they provide complete assistance in loan processing. What can be more important for a person than getting a loan without having to rush here and there for financial advice. It has been four months that I took the loan and I haven't regretted a bit.


Maurya Sagar(5/5)

The processing fees for my loan was tabled at just 1%. This is very low as compared to other banks who make it practically difficult to even get the first payment of the loan from the bank. Moreover, the rate of interest is also one of the lowest offered by any housing company or bank. Thanks to Finance Buddha for compiling all the information and making it easy for me to apply for the loan.


Aditya Mittal(5/5)

Bajaj Finserv home loan has helped me to avoid the hassle of paying the monthly rent every month. The great thing is that their home loan rate is really low. I got my loan at 8.90% where as many of the other banks and the housing finance companies I consulted were charging the home loans at the rate of 11% and higher. Also, I did not have to go and visit the company since I got to know about Bajaj Finserv from the Finance Buddha website itself. It has been great that my first loan experience was free from problems.


Narendar Singh(5/5)

I have never ever gotten associated with a loan because I never had a need for the same. I was very worried about the same as I have never dealt in loans and other finance components. Finance Buddha is a very helpful website and these people have flawless knowledge about finance. Finance Buddha helped me avail Bajaj Finance Home Loan for 5 million at an interest rate of 8.9%. Also the processing fee was very low at 1% of the loan amount. Finance Buddha also helped me with the documentation and the submission of the home loan application to Bajaj Finserv. Once my home loan application was processed the loan was disbursed to me within 24 hours. So thank you, Finance Buddha and Bajaj Finserv for making my dream home turn reality!


Naman Arora(5/5)

Applying for the home loan through Finance Buddha was very easy. I needed the home loan on an urgent basis as my construction work was getting slowed down. To my rescue, I landed on this extremely useful website Finance Buddha who listened to my concerns and told me the best solutions. Moreover, I want to pre-close my loan and as per the Bajaj Loan conditions, it is an easy case as I won't have to pay the additional charges for the same.


Abhishek Tripathi(5/5)

I got my additional home loan from the Bajaj Home Loan providers. I could track my loan request online through the Finance Buddha portal as well as the Bajaj Finance portal. My loan availing experience was made very smooth, thanks to the employees of both the teams who worked in alliance to deliver the superb results.


Qazi Mateen(5/5)

The Finance Buddha is a website run by enthusiastic professionals who know that the loan processing should be fast so that their customers remain satisfied. I signed up on the website and got a call from a girl who was already well-aware of my loan requirements. She was ready to suggest me the loans from different banks and companies and let me know about the Terms & Conditions.åÊ


Neha Kapoor(4/5)

As per the Step up Structured EMIs, I had the option of finishing my loan quickly with the provision of increasing the EMIs every month. I opted for the rate loan type since I knew that I had the potential of completing the home loan by this method really quickly. I am glad as I see that my loan will be cleared in just two years. I am an independent woman, and this is the best investment model I could think of.


Harshit Dhingle(5/5)

It was such a good experience to get the loan from the Bajaj Finance. The employees of the company are dedicated to providing the best of the services. I had already heard from my colleagues that the Bajaj home loans approve the loans for the salaried professionals instantly.åÊ


Abhinav Singh(5/5)

A personal home is everyone's dream. With Bajaj Finance House Loan, I saw the fastest service by the company employees. Their representative visited my home as per the hours suitable to me. He came with all the plans and explained them one by one. The meeting was scheduled by the Finance Buddha employees after I signed up on their website through the eligibility checker.


Dipanshu Arora(5/5)

This website is the one stop point where you get all the information related to house loans and I guess other loans as well. I compared the loans from different banks and companies, then I checked my eligibility from their EMI calculator. Within an hour, I got a call from the Finance Buddha employees and they cleared my doubts personally. They were very cordial while talking.


Kamal Joshi(5/5)

Finance Buddha is a portal through which you can avail the loan really quickly and easily. I selected the loan as it was fast and did not need any extra collateral. Only 2% additional fees was charged which is fairly low as compared to the other banks and companies in the market. The Finance Buddha employees provided genuine information and helped me get in touch with the Baja employees instantly.

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