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Bajaj Finance Home Loan Reviews

4.9 stars based on 111 reviews

Vineet Kumar (5/5)

The processing of my home loan with Bajaj Finance was really smooth and hassle free. My loan was approved only in 6 working days. The executives of Finance Buddha were very soft spoken and helping in nature. The helped me in completing the documentation process.


Rahul Verma (5/5)

Bajaj Finance helped me to have my own home in city like Bangalore. They approved my home loan at quite an affordable interest rate. The processing charges were also low. The process was completed in only 5 working days.


Manshi Yogi(5/5)

I took home renovation loan with Bajaj Finance. The rate of interest at which I got the loan is 8.80% P.A the tenure period is of 6 years. The processing charge was 1% only which is low as compared with the other banks. I am happy for having my home loan with Bajaj .


Akriti (5/5)

It was a very satisfactory experience with Bajaj Finance. I applied for a home loan there with Finance Buddha. The executives from Finance Buddha came to me and collected all the documents. I had to do nothing after that. All process was completed by executives only. The complete process took only 5 days and I was having the money on the 6th day. I will give 5 stars to both Finance Buddha as well as Bajaj Finance.


Preet Ranjan(5/5)

Having own home is everyone’s dream. Such was mine. Finance Buddha and Bajaj Finance helped me to change my dream into reality. I got my home loan with Bajaj Finance with the help of Finance Buddha. The rate of interest and processing fees were nominal. Thank you Bajaj and Finance Buddha.


Rupali Vaishnav(5/5)

My experience with Finance Buddha was really very pleasing. I went with Finance Buddha for my home loan. my loan was approved with Bajaj Finance NBFC. The rate of interest charged was affordable and there were no hidden charges. I am very happy with both Finance Buddha and Bajaj Finance.


Anupam (5/5)

Choosing Bajaj Finance was my best decision when it comes to my home loans. They provided me home loan at very reasonable rate which was 8.50% pa and the processing charges were low. They processed my loan within 5 working days. I will recommend Bajaj Finserv to my friends also.


Shashank Shekhar(5/5)

The processing expenses for my credit was only 1%. This is low when compared with different banks additionally, the rate of interest is likewise one of the least offered by any private organization or bank. With Finance Buddha the assembling all the documents and making it simple for me to apply for the credit.


Deepesh (5/5)

The service provided by the Bajaj Finance is really amazing. I am having my home loan with Bajaj Finance. They offered me quite an affordable interest rate and the processing fees was very low. I am happy as I went with Bajaj Finance.



I took a home renovation loan with Bajaj Finserv through Finance Buddha. The processing here was really fast and smooth. I got my loan approved in 6 working days. I will recommend Bajaj Finance to others also who are in need of home loan.


Krishna (5/5)

Now having one’s own home is really easy with the effort of Finance Buddha and Bajaj Finserv. I took a home loan with Bajaj Finserv and now I am an owner of a house. The rate of interest charged were also bearable and processing charges were really low!!


Pragya Bharti (5/5)

Now a days there are many banks and NBFCs who are there to help you. But the decision will be yours only where to go for help. Finance Buddha is the best way to clear out all your doubts. And after clearing them you can apply for loan from there only. I am having my home loan with Bajaj Finserv and I applied it through Finance Buddha.


Amar Kant (5/5)

The service provided by Bajaj Finserv is really very good. I am having my home loan with them. Their terms and policies are clearly defined. The processing time is much less as compared to other banks. So in one word you can say they are the best!!



Finance Buddha is a proactive website which helped me with their home loan. The rate of interest they charged me for the home loan is 8.90% P.A and the processing fees was very low. I got my loan approved in only 4 working days.


Ashwan (5/5)

I got to know about Finance Buddha from its Facebook page. I went through their portal and applied for a home loan. There processing was very fast that I was able to get the credit in only 5 working days. I will give 5 stars to Bajaj Finance for their fast and efficient process.


Supriya Verma (5/5)

I went to the Finance Buddha portal and checked for my eligibility and compared all the banks and for my home loan. I found that Bajaj Finserv was the best suited for me. I applied for the loan through the Finance Buddha portal itself and the process started from the next day. My home loan was approved in only 5 working days.



I am having my home loan with Bajaj Finance. The interest rate at which they provided me the home loan is 8.85% P.A and the processing charge was 1%. The processing was really smooth and hassle free.



I checked my home loan qualification for different banks through the qualification of the Finance Buddha. There I discovered that I was qualified for the home loan through Bajaj Finance. Additionally, their rates of interest were lower than different banks.


Atul Gupta(5/5)

I had a home credit officially going ahead with the Bajaj Finance Company. Since my EMIs were paid on time, I had a decent CIBIL score. I required some more cash to be contributed on my home thus I wanted home loan. I came to think about the top-up advance by Bajaj and checked the rate of premium and everything. I got the credit and the administration was incredible obviously.


Sujit Mehta(5/5)

The way to talk to the customers is really nice. The people in Finance Buddha team actually understand the problem of a common man, their struggles, etc. This is where they are better and make a personal touch with the audience. Also, it is great that they help us in the documentation process which is very tough to understand otherwise.


Roy Bannerjee(5/5)

The Bajaj home loan helped me in the time of need. I was in desperate need of money as my home construction was stuck due to the lack of funds. The Finance Buddha team told me that there was a home loan for this provision as well. I quickly compared all the loans through their website and finally availed the Home construction loan. By far, the experience has been the best.


Seema Sharma(5/5)

Lowest interest rates and processing fees are the key attractive features of the home loan by Bajaj. They make it really easy to get the loan. I applied for the home loan through this website, that is, Finance Buddha. The whole team was very cordial and polite while answering all the questions. Overall a great experience.


Dhara Bansal(5/5)

The Finance Buddha website has surpassed my expectations. I thought they would be giving me information about the loans and that was the only service they were providing. To my surprise, they actually did all the document work from telling what all was needed to recommending the right time to avail the loan. Really helpful!


Sachin Gupta(5/5)

While studying itself, I had thought that from the time of my first salary itself, I would start saving money and buy a house. Little did I know that it wasn't that easy. Bajaj helps in fulfilling the dreams of people. I got my home loan from them at rather cheap rate of interest as compared to others.

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