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Bajaj Finance Home Loan

Are you dreaming about owning a house? It’s time to stop dreaming and take a step to own one. If you are tired of paying monthly rental then at Bajaj Finserv you can get home loan which will help you to own a property by just paying the monthly EMI. This monthly EMI could be as close as your monthly rental and bring a difference to your life. If you are a house hunter then Bajaj Finance can cater all your need and will be able to customize the loan as per your requirements. With the help of Finance Buddha you can check the eligibility and accordingly decide with the best home loan plan that suits your income and needs.

Bajaj Finance Home Loan: Features and Benefits

Some of the interesting features offered by Bajaj Finance are listed below. These will help you to understand why many choose this finance institution over other banks and non-banking financial institutions:

  • Offers home loan balance transfer
  • Helps in refinancing
  • Gives option of part payments for the loan borrowers
  • No foreclosure charges are applicable for closing the loan amount
  • Flexi schemes are offered for any existing loans
  • Huge loan amounts and long tenures
  • Home loan plus scheme which will help in owning a house and also financing for interior designing works
  • Prepayment facilities are offered
  • Online access
  • India’s No.1 100% Home Loan online approval for services for any salaried individuals
  • Home Loans upto Rs. Five crores and online loan-approval within just 5 minutes
  • Prompt repayment advantage as well as upto three EMI Free months.

Bajaj Finance Home Loan: Agreements and T&C

Here are some of the terms and conditions of Bajaj Finserv for availing a home loan:

  1. If the borrower takes loan in the form of Advance EMI option, then the below should be followed:
    • It’s agreed by the Borrowers that the EMI paid in advance as per clause 2.15 (a) (i) above shall be deducted from the loan and the remaining amount of the loan after such deductions will be disbursed to the borrower.
    • The Borrower shall pay in advance the amount of the last EMI in relation to the loan as mentioned in Schedule II.
  2. If the applicant avails the loan in the form of Step up Structured EMIs, then:
    • It is clarified and agreed by the borrower that the amount of EMI paid by the borrower will increase gradually during the loan period.
    • The borrower shall have the benefit of paying staggered or different amounts of EMI in relation to the loan amount which become payable during loan tenure as mentioned in Scheduled II.
  3. If the borrower avails loan in the form of Step Down Structured EMIs, then:
    • The borrower shall have the benefit of paying staggered or different amounts of EMI in relation to the loan amount which become payable during loan tenure as mentioned in Scheduled II.
    • It is clarified and agreed by the borrowers that the amount of EMI paid by the applicant will decrease gradually during the loan.

Why should you choose Bajaj Finance Home Loan?

Here are some of the key reasons why Bajaj Finance is considered as the best bank for home loans as compared to other banks and non-banking financial institutions:

  • The applicant can avail loan upto INR 150 million with or without any guarantor or collateral.
  • It offers prompt repayment benefits to the borrowers.
  • Part- payment and fore-closure options are available
  • There is no additional charges involved in fore closure of a home loan
  • There are pre-approved offers
  • Customers can access and monitor their account through online

How to apply for Bajaj Finance Home Loan?

Finance Buddha is the ideal platform where you can compare and choose the best banks or non-banking financial company that can offer you best rates and amounts as per your request. This will help you to judge which is the best and ideal option from the alternatives available. Once you pick your bank and apply through Finance Buddha, the banks will contact you directly within 24 hours to take your request forward.

Eligibility Criteria for Bajaj Finance Home Loan

Bajaj Finance has different set of rules and working style for salaried, self-employed as well as businesses. The same difference is considered even for their home loan eligibility factor.

  • Mainly the income of the individual should be sufficient enough the repay the loan amount.
  • Other factors such as age, creditworthiness, employer are also considered when it comes to checking eligibility

Income Eligibility for Salaried Individuals:

  • Minimum Monthly Net Salary should be at least INR 60000 for residents of Thane, Delhi /NCR and Mumbai.
  • Minimum Monthly Net Salary should be at least INR 45000 for residents of Chennai and Bangalore.
  • Minimum Monthly Net Salary should be at least INR 45000 or more for residents of Pune, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad and Kolkata.
  • Minimum Monthly Net Salary should be at least INR 35000 for resident of Coimbatore, Surat, Aurangabad, Vadodara, Jaipur & Nashik.

Documents Required for Bajaj Finance Home Loan

Documents Required


Firms, Partnerships

Identity Proof

PAN card, Passport, Driving License, Aadhar Card, Voter id, Govt issued i-card

PAN card, Passport, Driving License, Aadhar Card, Voter id, Govt issued i-card

Certificate and Proof of Business Existence


PAN , sales tax/ excise/ VAT/ service tax registration, Copy of partnership deed, Trade license, certificate of practice, registration certificate issued by RBI, SEBI

Address Proof

Passport, Driving License, Election ID card, Electricity/ Telephone/ Mobile bill/ bank statement

Bank statement, utility bill, Registry copy, lease or rent agreement, TAN allotment letter

Age Proof

PAN card, Passport, Driving License, Voter id card, Birth certificate, Employee ID card (only for PSU/ Government employees), School/ college leaving certificate

PAN card, Passport, Driving License, Voter id card, Birth certificate, Employee ID card (only for PSU/ Government employees), School/ college leaving certificate

Bajaj Finance Home Loan: Interest Rates, Fees and Charges


Bajaj Finserv Home Loan Interest Rate


Loan Tenure

From 5 years to 25 years months

Loan Amount

Min INR 3 million and Max INR 150 million

Processing Fee

1% of the loan amount for Salaried Individuals

EMI Bounce Charges

INR 1000 per bounce

Charge for Loan Statements


Charge for Interest & Principle Statement


PDC Swap Charges



Min 25 years and Max 60 years

Prepayment Charges

Allowed after 1 EMI's, can prepay without charges

Foreclosure Charges

Allowed after 1 EMI's, can prepay without charges

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I know if am eligible for a home loan with Bajaj Finance?

Make use of the Finance Buddha application to check your eligibility before applying for a loan.

What is the maximum limit of loan amount that can be availed from Bajaj Finserv?

Loan can be taken upto 15 crores for tenure of maximum 25 years.

Is there any fore-closure charges and when can I fore-close my business loan?

There is some amount of fore-closure charges and the home loan can be fore-closed any time after making the 1st EMI.

Are there pre-approved offers on home loans for customers of Bajaj Finserv?

Yes, existing customers can avail the option of pre-approved loans.

Are there any charges by Finance Buddha for the service offered?

No, there are no charges implied on the customers of Finance Buddha. This platform offers services for absolutely FREE for anyone who is looking for additional information!

What is the formula for EMI calculation?

Loan amount x Interest/12) x [(1+ interest rate/12)^loan tenure in number of months] / ([(1+ interest rate/12) ^ loan tenure in number of months]-1

Is it alright to make huge purchases for personal needs while availing for a home loan?

Huge purchases and outstanding debts will impact the loan approval, thus avoid the same. The rate of interest will be high for low credit rating.

How important in credit worthiness in loan approval?

It is advisable to not apply for too many loans, limit yourself according to the necessity. Credit score will go down as and when you apply for more and more loan.

What are the documents required along with a business loan application?

Complete loan application form with one passport size photograph Valid Proof of Applicant's Identity: Passport, Photo PAN card, Voter’s identity card , Driving license and MAPIN card Proof of Residence: Ration card Tel/ Lease agreement/ Electricity Bill/ Passport/Trade license /Sales Tax certificate Proof of Age: Passport, Photo PAN card, Voter’s identity card Financial Documents

Does online application actually work?

Through Finance Buddha you can simply apply for the loan and we will contact you directly to take the proposal to the next level.

What are the special features of Bajaj Finance Home loan?

Avail Attractive Interest Rates Hassle-free Loans - No Guarantor / Security or Collateral required Repay with easy EMIs Speedy Loan Approval Credit Shield Disbursal in 2 Days

What details are essential for checking eligibility of home loan through Finance Buddha?

Borrower name Company name Year of Incorporation Loan amount Turnover Choose the city Net profit after tax Mobile number Depreciation Email ID Partner salary

What is unique about Bajaj Finance?

While all banks are concentrated on giving low interest rates, this bank concentrates on low interest rates for its customers along with exciting offers. Home loan from this bank is a smart move if you are looking to take it anytime now.

Reviews   4.89 stars, based on 92 reviews

The way to talk to the customers is really nice. The people in Finance Buddha team actually understand the problem of a common man, their struggles, etc. This is where they are better and make a personal touch with the audience. Also, it is great that they help us in the documentation process which is very tough to understand otherwise.


The Bajaj home loan helped me in the time of need. I was in desperate need of money as my home construction was stuck due to the lack of funds. The Finance Buddha team told me that there was a home loan for this provision as well. I quickly compared all the loans through their website and finally availed the Home construction loan. By far, the experience has been the best.


Lowest interest rates and processing fees are the key attractive features of the home loan by Bajaj. They make it really easy to get the loan. I applied for the home loan through this website, that is, Finance Buddha. The whole team was very cordial and polite while answering all the questions. Overall a great experience.


The Finance Buddha website has surpassed my expectations. I thought they would be giving me information about the loans and that was the only service they were providing. To my surprise, they actually did all the document work from telling what all was needed to recommending the right time to avail the loan. Really helpful!


While studying itself, I had thought that from the time of my first salary itself, I would start saving money and buy a house. Little did I know that it wasn't that easy. Bajaj helps in fulfilling the dreams of people. I got my home loan from them at rather cheap rate of interest as compared to others.


I got the best home loan offer from the Bajaj Finance home loan providers as they gave me the lowest amount of processing fees. Moreover, I was eligible for the complete amount of home loan that I applied. It couldn't have been possible without the guidance of this website.


I checked my home loan eligibility for various banks through the eligibility calculator of the Finance Buddha. There I found out that I was eligible for the home loan through Bajaj Finance. Also, their rates of interest were lower than other banks. There was no doubt left as to which bank I should trust for my home loan.


Dedication and hard work make this company so successful. Every piece of information posted is genuine and concise. Also, they will reply in time and always be there in case of any sort of emergency.


I had a home loan already going on with the Bajaj Finance Company. Since my installments were paid on time, I had a good credit rating with the bank. I needed some more money to be invested on my house and so, I came to know about the top-up loan by Bajaj and checked the rate of interest and everything. I got the loan and the service was great as usual.


Whenever I used to miss my EMI date by chance, I had to face stupendous charges for cheque bounce. However, at the Bajaj home loan, they won't charge that exorbitant amount of price. They are genuine in their methods and would always charge the lowest, rate of interest, processing fees, or whatsoever!


Great offers and the best customer service. The Bajaj Finance company is here to stay for long.


I was highly unhappy with my previous home loan provider since it was tricky to understand the rates and charges they kept imposing without even letting me know and asking. At the end of two months when I checked the statement of my loan account, I was stunned to see that approximately INR 3000 was charged to me and I had no idea what those charges were about. I switched my home loan to Bajaj and these people have always asked me for my approvals.


I am fully satisfied with the home loan provided by the Bajaj Finance. I would specially want to thank Finance Buddha team because without them, it would have been so difficult to understand the process of the loan. Great that I came across this website which offers great customer service!


It was too easy for me to compare the home loan interest rates through the website of Finance Buddha. They helped me in choosing for the best home loan in the Bajaj home finance scheme. I applied for the joint home loan through the Bajaj Finance since it helped me share the burden of my loan with my wife.


The home loan by Bajaj Finance is easy to apply. The response of the company executives was very fast. Maybe this happened because I applied the home loan through the Finance Buddha website. Overall, the entire experience was pleasant.


Bajaj gives you the option of three EMI free months, which is why they are known for giving the best perks to their customers. The rate of interest charged is the lowest of all the banks and HFCs. I can say this because I have manually checked it from every bank official website. I chose the home loan through Bajaj finance and got it approved within a week's time. Also, I did not have to go to the company as their representative came home himself to collect all the documents.


I am a salaried professional and could not afford my home loan application to get rejected. I read somewhere that Bajaj was comparatively better at approving the home loans and their rates were lower than others. I searched for finance advisers and found this website that has given me every tip for applying the loan and checking eligibility. Glad that I applied for Bajaj house loan through Finance Buddha!


Why do people have to pay exorbitant rates of interest when they can easily compare everything on this website, I wonder! I compare every leading home loan provider from this website and chose Bajaj Finserv as it suited my needs. Everyone should make the most out of the loan comparisons on Finance Buddha since the information is genuine and highly credible.


The employees at Finance Buddha are very helpful. They always provide right information and that too on the right time. They had helped me with my business loan as well last year, and the experience has been really good this time also. Glad to have my loan processed through them.


Thankful to the Finance Buddha for always responding to every question. I was in a huge confusion regarding which home loan to go for. They quickly went through my application and suggested me the best home loan which was Bajaj Finance Home Loan in my case. I got Bajaj Finance home loan @8.9% disbursed in 10 days of applying online.


Bajaj Finance is one of the most trusted housing finance companies. I knew this and henceforth, trusted Finance Buddha when they suggested me the home loan by Bajaj. I needed a home construction loan and in comparison, I found the rate of interest and processing fees the lowest of all.


Finance Buddha gives you the solutions to all problems. They give you the platform to check the eligibility. Also you can compare the rates of interest of different banks through their website. Great customer service!


My family was desperately looking for a home construction loan and we were looking for financial advisors who could provide the right consultation. While it was getting messier, and we were confused about where to get our LAP from, my sister in law recommended looking upon this website she found while browsing on the internet. I talked to the executives of the company who helped me in getting the loan from Bajaj. The loan was charged at 9% which has been the lowest. Overall experience was great.


Finance Buddha employees give you the best customer service. They are quick in response and the information they pass on to the customers is valid and credible as well. Great to get in touch! They are my financial advisors now.


The home loan by Bajaj is the cheapest of those by many banks and housing finance companies. They have a very easy process which is made even easier by assistance through the Finance Buddha employees. I did not have to trouble myself for visiting the companies also since their representative came to my house to collect all the documents.


While a bad home loan experience can give you the biggest nightmare, a home loan done right will make sure that your home purchasing and building is pleasant. My sister had to face a lot of trouble while she was looking for a home loan. Fortunately, I did not have to bother myself that much. This website has been my guide and they have provided me the most genuine answers.


Bajaj has been a company in whom I have instilled the utmost trust. They helped me in quick processing of the loan and all the documentation work. Highly appreciate their promptness!


I had applied for my home loan through Bajaj Finance. They have the lowest interest rate as I compared them all. Also, they provide good customer service. Their loan processing is fast and also, they approve more loans than other companies and banks.


Bajaj Finance offers a wide variety of loans to choose from. Also, all the loans charge interest that is the lowest of the all. The customer service was good. Their executives also talked really nice and answered so many questions that I had to ask them. Overall, it was such a good experience that all the bad things people said about loans do not matter now.


Bajaj Finance company provides the best home loans. They make all the terms and conditions very clear and on the top, they also charge the lowest processing fees. I almost had no information before I went to avail the loan but the Bajaj Finance company provided me every tiny bit of the information that was needed. I was happy to get a loan without having to run much here and there.