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Home Loan Reviews #8

4.8 stars based on 239 reviews

Shilpa Arora(5/5)

The work that Finance Buddha did for me was amazing. They helped me to get through all the important steps and guided me about all the banks. I cannot thank them for the help they have provided. I got the home loan, that I needed from long, sanctioned from Axis bank and that too at attractive interest rates. Thanks a lot!


Ananya Rai(5/5)

Finance Buddha? Who are these new fellow men in the town? You and I would react the same when you first encounter their name. But, they changed me and now I suggest it to my every friend or person who is in need of any loan. The reason behind this change in the perspective is the help of the Finance Buddha in getting me a loan with SBI bank and negotiating on my behalf for the low-interest rate. They truly are magical! This experience might surprise you that for renovating my house were a huge task and it could not be done so easily. But, these executives didnÍt let me touch my car keys and let me go to the bank but delivered everything to my doorstep with tremendous dexterity. I didnÍt have to stand in the line for the documentation process or the KYC procedures but they helped me in that. Also, normally you check into a bank you donÍt expect it to deliver the loan amount so quick. But, Finance Buddha guys did in 4 days. The best loan expperience of my life!


Soham Sen(5/5)

This might be the last option on the mind of the people who have low CIBIL scores but change your minds as Finance Buddha the option that can change your way of funding of home loans. I got a home loan with the help of Finance Buddha a few months back. My senior HR was looking for a funding as well and is a good friend. I suggested him, Finance Buddha, 2 weeks ago and he also got an amazing deal with them which does not disclose and takes the credit for being smarter than others. My experience was the same and I advised him. I was able to get a deal in spite of my low credit score with the help of Finance Buddha and Axis bank I was able to get a good funding for my home at low-interest rates which surprised me till the date. You need to be calm and just wait for it. The documentation process was handled by them including the processing of the loan and the disbursal of the loan making it possible for me to get a loan for the renovation of my home. I thank Finance Buddha and Axis Bank from the deepest bottoms of my heart to help me fulfil my dream. Yes! Dreams can become reality.


Sumit Desai(3/5)

It was a normal day and I had applied for the loan with Finance Buddha for the loan with Axis bank. I had no expectations that this is going to work after all my attempts of applying for the loans at the different places in the city. But, suddenly a call came up and they said can you upload the documents we will be negotiating on your behalf. I did it; within the next 24 hours they called me and said that your loan has been sanctioned with the Axis Bank. It was the happiest moment of my life. I had a low CIBIL score but in spite of that, they were able to solve my issue as they do not need any credit proof for the eligibility of the loan. I got the home loan sanctioned with the Axis bank where they provided me with the loan as they handled the documents so the loan was quickly passed without any further issues. Also, the loan was delivered quickly to me within four days of the opting of the loan. To my surprise, the best part of the loan was the interest rate while other banks were offering me loans at more than 15% rate of interest I was able to get the loan at 14.75%


Prachi Joshi(5/5)

Finance Buddha! The synonym for the agile work these people do to make your loan process interesting. These guys are masters at what they do and make you the leader when it comes to the borrowing of the loan. The banks are merely the providers but the loan is drafted on your needs. They draft the best loan available in the market. I also got sold by their offer which they gave me. My experience covers the home loan with ICICI bank which offered me the home loan for just 9.75% which is lower than compared to the other banks which offer the loan. Also, they were very sweet in handling all the documentation on my behalf as in the bank you have to stand in the line for the loan as you are not the only one. The loan got sanctioned with ease and my bank account showed the amount elevated by 70 lakh rupees for the purchase of a new home. I was able to return it back in 12 years as per the deal. Thank you! Finance Buddha team was very supportive.


Sara Shergill(5/5)

9%! Yes, similar was my reaction when HDFC provided me with the home loan at such interest rates. At first, it all seems to be not real as they were providing loans at such low-interest rates. They handle the loans just like your babysitter handles your baby when you are out. They are experienced and do not commit anything just in the air. They prove it and do it. I got the loan sanctioned by HDFC bank, a premium in class with the help of Finance Buddha just a few clicks and it was great to go. At first, they asked me for just documents and I thought it would go long. But, the next day the confirmation of the loan came along with the loan disbursement in 3 days of the application making it simple as well as easier for me to buy my new home. I thank Finance Buddha and the whole team for working so hard and making it possible for me. IÍm obliged you provided me with such a loan with such added incentives to it.


Ajay Raman(5/5)

It was hard for me to believe as well a few months ago that I got the loan with the SBI bank so quick and so easily. All because of Finance Buddha had a hand at loan processes. These guys are truly different at whatever they do from their procedures to their techniques of delivering the loan to you. If you join with them you will surely be delivered the best of what they hold. I didnÍt believe it as well at first but when the home loan was sanctioned I was tremendously happy to buy my new home. My experience on the first hand when I walked along with them was the documentation process first wherein I had a hassle free process as they did the work on my behalf. Also, they provided me with the interest rate that was much acceptable than the other banks absurdly pitched. Th interest rate offered to me by SBI was 9.55% annual rate of interest along with the processing fee and the disbursal of the loan. Lastly, the tax exemption was cheery on the cake. BEST TEAM is the synonym I would refer to them as.


Dhruv Dixit(5/5)

It is amazing to know that handling so many customers one after the other and being so smooth at the same time is difficult but a piece of cake for these guys as they handle the operations quick as well as take care of each and customer meticulously. ItÍs hard to find such bunch of people who are ready to deliver the loan just at your ease. I got the loan with the help of Finance Buddha in ICICI bank at the interesting low-interest rates and processing fee. This bank being private charges more but to my surprise it was low. My experience of getting a home loan with Finance Buddha was very simple. I went on to the website of Finance Buddha, filled the details as were required to get the loan. Then a list came by and I clicked on apply in front of ICICI bank. To my surprise, these individuals cracked the deal for me and I was very happy to get the home loan of Rs. 20 lakhs just at the interest rate of 9.25% which was lower than the other loan providers in the market. I recommend Finance Buddha to everyone for every type of loan.


Prashant Kulkarni(5/5)

Their coordination with the employees is terrific and creates a speedy flow in the activities they perform when they are into the sanction of the loan for you. I got the loan sanction quickly for my home as it was a last minute decision when I decided to go for a home loan. I was pretty sure that IÍll not get it quick but they proved me wrong. I got the loan disbursed in my bank account within 4 days of the application of the loan. The experience was breathtaking as well as interesting when I came to know that my loan has been accepted. I got the documents uploaded with the Finance Buddha executives and they started working like an F1 race car. They processed my documents and got the loan approved in a day. Within the next 72 hours, I got loan disbursed from PNB Housing Finance and was as happy as the loan processing and disbursement of the loan was done without any hassle. Great team work guys, indeed the best team of people to execute the loan for you. GREAT WORK!!!!


Ancy Alvarez(5/5)

They just are like your psychiatrist which by your characteristics identify your needs and give to you the best loan you can think of. They are good in the verbal word and always stand by you to give you the best of the loans. I too got a loan by their help because of their eloquence with the other banks at the lowest interest rate along with the tax benefit option. Yes! I got the loan with the State Bank of India (SBI) which was very courteous in providing me with a home loan. Finance Buddha guys just uplift your motivation levels by giving you the call that your loan has been approved. You might first upload the details and calculate the loan just in case you find that if I go to the bank they donÍt charge me more when I have looked into them and the interest rates are appropriate. I got the loan with the SBI bank which was so generous in providing me with the loan at the desired rate of interest I wanted i.e. Rs. 5 lakhs at 8.65% rate of interest for the renovation of my home. They agreed for a period of 5 years and disbursed the loan in 4 days.


Chris Alberto(5/5)

Travelling from different states due to the nature of work is not very easy as you lack funds sometimes. Once it happened to me when I was travelling to a new city and was lacking fund to buy a new home. I took the loan of Rs. 1 crore from the SBI with the help of Finance Buddha and my loan was sanctioned. To my surprise, the loan got sanctioned quicker than I thought. These guys cross their limits and make it possible for you to get the loan. Now, I suggest this peculiar group of people to everyone for finance problems My experience with them was a friend of mine suggested was very short but great. They helped me get a loan in just a few clicks. I applied for the loan, uploaded the documents as they said and got the loan disbursed with the SBI bank which was flexible enough to draft a loan at the low-interest rate along with the tax benefit on the loan according to section 80CCE of Income Tax Act, 1961 up to Rs. 1 lakh to the payment of the EMI. The interest rate was 8.6% and I was extremely happy and obliged to receive such an exclusive amount at such an exclusive interest rate and processing fee.


Anurag Nahar(5/5)

Quality work! Yes, this is the synonym that can be attached to them. They truly are an example of a force that in peer pressure still provide the work which never disappoints in quality. These guys can handle the hardest of the tasks in the simplest manner. Like the home loan of mine. They are the people who helped me gain the home loan with several other incentives. They are the pro players of the game when it comes to the financial issues. My experience with the HDFC bank was settled by them for a loan of Rs. 40 lakhs for my home just at the interest rate of 8.6% rate of interest and processing fee. The time period allotted to me was of 15 years. This became a changing point in my life as the loan payment was made in 14 years and I was lucky enough to buy a new home. All the processes were handled by them and they included the documentation process along with the processing and the disbursement of the loan into my bank account. I can say that they one of the best team of Finance executives in the whole world.


Tarun Bansari(5/5)

It is undisputed that Finance Buddha is the group of people who make it possible for you the hardest of the loans in the fraction of seconds possible. The every minute they spend with you is valuable and truly makes sense when the results come out. They are the example of sheer excellence when it comes to the comparison of the loans and keeping you updated with it, also the tremendous effort they put towards the sanctioning of the loan from the banks is as good as an artwork. Likely, I encountered with them the first loan in my life that was my home loan and they helped me secure it without any hassle as they handled the documentation. Secondly, the low-interest rate they were able to pull through because of their mark in the industry truly captured my heart. I recommend it to every of my friend and relative for if any need of finance and want to crack an amazing deal whether it be a personal loan, home loan or any other type of loan they make it possible.


Nishi Iyengar(5/5)

This could have only been possible so quick with Finance Buddha else all other finance providers are worth no good. The proficiency in their work makes them the leader and the all-rounder in their field. Finance Buddha team people support you from the core and take out the best deal for you out of their box. Their support is what makes them the best and helps you gain the confidence that your loan will be passed. My experience goes like that, I came to know about this unique service provider by my friend and was interested after listening to the brief she gave me. I quickly checked the website and filled the details along with my contact number. The Finance Buddha executives had a word with me and guided me to go with the home loan with the Axis bank where I got the lowest interest rate along with the other benefits. They just were so comfortable to have a loan with I cannot express. While some bank executives on the face donÍt sound so polite but they on the phone were different. I received the loan at just 8.95% interest rate along with the loan delivered in just 4 days of application.


Rohit Negi(5/5)

I had an amazing experience with Finance Buddha when it comes to home loan. I recommend it to my friends, relatives and my working crew whenever they say they have financial issues and want to go for a loan to solve it, I say Finance Buddha the aberrant solution for a home loan, personal loan, business loan, and all types of financial solutions. You just rely on them when you apply for the loan and share my story with them. My story is very simple and to narrate it in a line I would say I needed a home loan and Finance Buddha helped me. I visited the website on the advice of my boss wherein he suggested that the Finance Buddha is a group of people which helped me gained personal loan a few months back. It is not just a comparison site but a solution to your loan. I applied and within a day my loan was approved by the quick processing of Finance Buddha team. As the documentation was carried by them no hassle from my side was done. Lastly, the interest added the bonus to all the things. They negotiated on my behalf with the Axis bank and I got the loan for 9.5% rate of interest.


Rohan Deshmukh(5/5)

People consider it as a joke when you first tell them that you got a cheap loan in such times of money crisis. I actually had to prove it to them every time whenever I told them about the loan. So, here IÍm writing this review for no further confirmation questions. The secret behind my sourcing of the funds was not the bank but the people who helped me financed the loan. Finance Buddha a game changer in the lending of funds! Truly, they have got no comparison when it comes to funding. I applied for the loan through Finance Buddha and got the loan through ICICI bank at the cheapest available rates without any trouble. The first thing this amazing person provided me with was easy documentation. They just told me to upload my documents and thatÍs it. I was even surprised when I got the interest rate of 9.25% from the bank with 4 days which amazed me to the core. Now, when I tell people this they donÍt believe me. Finance Buddha, the people with the plan and they add fun to it.


Aarti Shukla(5/5)

There are like a group of winners in their fields who are there to provide you with a solution which you donÍt imagine or hold an image in the bank when you enter for a loan application. They work in a dynamic manner and prove out why they are so good at the loan lending processes. I got a home loan with the help of Finance Buddha in the HDFC bank and it was the best loan of my life I would say. In a way, it removed the liability of the loan still being a liability. The experience of me getting a home loan with the help of Finance Buddha was simply as getting a candy bar from the next shop near your home. I went to the website and filled the details. The next moment as you provide your details the bank executives call you and then you take the follow up with them. I got the loan sanctioned within 4 days of the application with the help of Finance Buddha as they are so dynamic. One of the best finance guides in the country!


Aashna Patel(5/5)

This just feels anticipating when you get the loan approved within a day. We all apply for the loan some or the other moment in our life and have to struggle through a lot of verifications when it comes to the approval of the loan. But, when it comes to the Finance Buddha they just get your loan approved in swoosh! You just need to be positive when you enrol and remain calm about what you get because they never compromise for the second best when they target for you. I got a personal loan with the help of Finance Buddha in none other than the Axis Bank which was so flexible in providing me with the home loan I could not think of. They have got this i-sense kind of thing to sense your loan before you walk in. I got the home loan at the best interest rate of 8.65% which was lowest as well and also got no issues in the documentation process as they did it on my behalf which was extremely courteous of them. They can be called the pioneers of the digital lending in India who fill the gap between the customer expectations and the customer satisfaction.


Gaurav Malhotra(4/5)

People were inquiring me after they came to know that I got the home loan so easily and without any hassle at such low-interest rate. Yes! The secret behind my home loan incentives is Finance Buddha. This group of experienced people are the source of my loan without any hassle and other issues. I had applied for a home loan with Finance Buddha on the suggestion of my boss. I went on to the website of Finance Buddha i.e. and filled up a few details. Within a few clicks, I was actually able to compare the loans of different financial institutions. I actually got the experience of having a home loan with HDFC bank for the first time and trust me these guys are so comfortable to have a deal with. They will actually give you the loan at your doorstep if you tell them. The loan process was speedy and efficient. The moment I made the decision of getting a home loan and clicked on applied I got a call. This just signifies the level of care they take for each of their customers. The loan disbursal was quick and no hassle too. I was so happy. Thank you, Finance Buddha!


Vinay Gupta(5/5)

This just sounds hypothetical when I say to people that I got a loan disbursed in 4 days. Their claim sounded unreal at first but when I applied for a loan with Finance BuddhaÍs help in the Axis Bank and they gave some incentives I could not refuse, it was the best moment. These guys are some sort of Santa or magician which brought the loan to my doorstep. It just was one of those moments when you feel emotional when you buy the house of your dreams. I applied for the loan with Finance Buddha and in the comparison options kept the loan provider as Axis Bank as I find them co-operative. To my surprise, this thing showered upon me that they are the people who provide you with the loan without any hassle of documentation as they handled all my documentation and the processing of the loan was done. The members are so calm and co-operative at such times that the loan was disbursed to me within 4 days of the application of the loan. I thank Finance Buddha from the bottom of my heart to become the life changer.


Jyoti Banerjee(5/5)

This is a surprising moment when you apply for a home loan and get low-interest rates and processing fee. It is similar to like you enter late at the home in night and dad opens the door with a smiling face. Is it unimaginable? Right, well no, it happened to me it can happen to you I say to all my friends. I applied for a home loan for the expansion of my home loan and I got it at amazing interest rates. They say with every gift comes followed by a curse. I was curious first of all that are these guys are playing some kind of prank on me. But, eventually after the comparison and application of the loan, the call came and they were for real. They handled the documentation process on my behalf and did all the documentation for me for the application and processing of loan within a day. The second surprise that hit me was the quick disbursal of the loan with their support service as they notify you every stage of your loan from processing to disbursement. This makes them unique than others and I feel obliged to write for them.


Sunny Maan(5/5)

You just relax on your sofa while these guys do everything for you, from suggesting the best home loan for you to its disbursal!. They handle so much pressure with so much ease. We Punjabis are not of that types and find it amazing. Similar, I encountered with them an experience of borrowing home loan from the PNB Housing Finance. They helped me get the best of the best details and turned my dream home into a reality. The interest rates are so good as compared with the mundane banks where you go and they charge you heavily. I got the loan sanctioned with the PNB Housing Finance with the flexible loan which helped me in benefitting from the tax as well. My process of getting the home loan was as simple as this: 1. visiting the Finance Buddha website i.e. 2. Secondly, I filled the details in the website and clicked on apply. 3. Got the phone from the bank executives and got the disbursement loan in 4 days of the application of the loan. The benefits these guys offered just captured my heart by their service and quick processing and disbursement of nature. Thank you! For the unparalleled support Finance Buddha.


Yash Shah(5/5)

This sounds to be a fantasy for the real world when I say to them that I got the home loan for just at 8.6% rate of interest and low processing fee. The Gujarati people are so envying each other because of the money minded nature they hold. All my relatives were even surprised that how I got a home loan from HDFC bank at the interest rate so low. I began to narrate my story with humour and they all were full of envy. I wanted the home loan for the purchase of a new home in a new area of Ahmedabad which was costlier than expected and I had a deficit of Rs. 10 lakhs in my funds. So, I looked for this Finance Buddha website suggested by a friend to compare the loan available in the market. To my surprise, it also helped in getting the loan at the low-interest rate and processing fee. Immediately, I filled all the details as required by them and was ready for the loan. The amazing thing that touched me was their service for the documentation without any hassle and quick. One of the finest people in the country to apply for any type of home finance!


Riya Popat(5/5)

This is still fascinating for me to understand that how Finance Buddha helped me to get sanctioned the perfect home loan. I needed the home loan for the house which was still in construction and my salary was also not much up to the mark to pay the loan quickly. Finance Buddha found me a solution for this one with the Axis Bank for the home loan of Rs. 25 lakhs for 20 years at the lowest interest rate and the processing fee of 8.65% which is just brilliant. Nothing is impossible for these guys. This is the first time I was encountering with the loan procedure and was confused which loan I should go for. The next second I dialled the toll-free number of Finance Buddha service from their website and was able to get the perfect loan for my home expansion. The loan amount was sanctioned in a smooth manner that my eyes just got popped up big in amusement. The hassle free process makes it an eye catcher as they handle all the documentation on your behalf plus, the quick processing of loan and the disbursement of the loan within 3 days of the application was amazing!

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