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Home Loan Reviews #6

4.8 stars based on 239 reviews

Rohit Ruhela(4/5)

In January I got my loan approved from IndusInd bank and the whole process was really smooth. I do not have to think twice about the decision. I took a lot of help from Finance Buddha and they guided me well. The bank process also did not cause any headache. Overall, it was a hassle-free process.


Tanya Jassal(5/5)

If you are looking for a home loan which you won't regret later, then consulting Finance Buddha is must. Finance Buddha helps in making the best decision. I got my home loan approved from Citi bank and at low interest rates. Easy EMIs is another attraction. Now, I know I can rely on Finance Buddha and can take help for all finance related decisions.


Palak Verma(5/5)

I got my home loan approved from Tata First after consulting about different banks with Finance Buddha. They told me about the requirements and the eligibility criteria. They asked basic things like monthly salary, loan amount required and terms, etc. After knowing all, they came up with all the best available options and helped me go for Tata First.


Lucky Shorey(5/5)

If you do not want to spend a lot of time in researching and still want to get the best available in the market, then Finance Buddha is the one for you. I did the same and got my loan approved from the premium bank, HDFC. I never doubted my decision. Finance Buddha compares all the banks and gives results immediately. They also helped me in getting in touch with the bank executives.


Mahua Malik (4/5)

I wanted a home loan for expanding the already built house. I got a lot of help from Finance Buddha and got my loan approved from Capital First and that too in a very short span of time and with no hassles. I really liked one thing that there were no hidden charges and everything was happening with my confirmation. Thanks!


Himanshu Rana(5/5)

I wanted to reconstruct few parts of the house. Thus, me and my wife decided to get a home loan. She advised to go for Finance Buddha and I must say it was a really good decision. I got my loan approved within a couple of weeks and the whole process was smooth like anything. Great Job!


Amrinder Kaur(5/5)

I am never left disappointed by Finance Buddha team. They always have answers to every question. They guide so well and the team is really pleasant to talk to. I availed a home loan from Standard Chartered Bank with the great help of Finance Buddha. They just asked for the requirements and told the best available banks in the market as per my needs. Amazing team indeed!


Dishant Nehra (5/5)

I got my home loan sanctioned from State Bank of India last week. I must say the process was pretty simple and with the help of Finance Buddha, I was ready with all the requirements. State Bank of India is a huge bank and they have their branches everywhere, making them easy to reach. Also, their interest rates are quite reasonable as compared to the market. Everything was good.


Komal Saini(5/5)

Finance Buddha can give you a lot of information about loans and finance. I never knew that there are so many terms and their meanings are so understandable. Finance Buddha team helped me to know a lot. I was really comfortable asking them each and every doubt of mine.


Kanika Malhotra(5/5)

Finance Buddha is an informative platform where you can know about all the required things related to finance. The information is provided step by step and that makes it really easy to understand. Finance Buddha helped me to choose Bajaj Finance for home loan and it was a good decision.


Deepak Sood(5/5)

If you are like me and do not like to take rounds of banks for every work, then, you must connect to Finance Buddha. You can know about a lot of things by just sitting at your place and that too each and every detail. You can also apply online for the home loan and the banks will contact you with all the requirements and information. I applied for home loan from Axis bank and I loved the whole experience.


Vaneet Rai(5/5)

I wanted to build a house of my dreams and wanted a home loan of INR 200,000 and that was done by HDFC with the great help of Finance Buddha. I got my loan apporved without any waste of time and the time that was taken was for the documentation and the approval. I even got my loan amount within 5 days only.


Dheeraj Kapoor(5/5)

Finance Buddha team never gets tired while answering their customer's questions. They are always up with the latest trends of the market. They are very professional as well. Hope they continue to be the same and keep on serving like this only. I personally contacted them for home loan and I do not regret the decision till now.


Vrutant Panchal(4/5)

Last month I got my home loan approved from PNB Housing Finance Ltd and I must say that I am really happy with their provisions. They are good with all the requirements of mine and documentation process was quite easy and quick. I also liked the way Finance Buddha team came up with all the important information when I told them about the requirements. Overall, it was all good.


Vivek Wadhera(5/5)

I thought about home loan and the first thing that came to my mind was a suggestion from Finance Buddha. I can rely on them anytime as they are always up with the best advice. I got my home loan approved from SBI and with the best of all the services. SBI is one of the premium banks and their processes are transparent. A lot of people apply for home loan from SBI as they suit to different types of requirements.


Chetan Rao(5/5)

I loved the fact that I was able to know each and every detail by staying just at home. Finance Buddha team guides you very well about all the features of all the banks that you want to know about. They also compare each and every bank as per the requirement so that they can serve you with the best. I got my loan approved from Kotak Mahindra and at very reasonable interest rates and processing fee.


Hitesh Mehra(5/5)

With HDFC home loan scheme, I was able to decide the tenure and EMIs as per the term. I opted for longer tenure so that I can pay small amounts. I consulted Finance Buddha for the same and they advised me about this premium bank. I was happy to see all the requirements and the time that they will take to disburse the amount of the loan. It was really easy and did not take much of my time and energy.


Sandip Basra(5/5)

I know that I was able to get my home loan approved just because of Finance Buddha team. I was not at all aware about the requirements and the process. They guided me about all the required documents to apply for the home loan. I would also like to mention that the Bajaj Home Finance team gave me an option to apply for another loan with reduced rate of interest due to my good status of paying the EMIs on time and on regular basis. They are one of the best banks indeed.


Riya Shah(5/5)

Finance Buddha team is THE BEST! They are so supportive. I wanted to apply for a home loan and at low interest rates and with less processing fee. They told me all the charges and requirements as per the different banks. In the end, I got my loan approved from Capital first and that too in the way I wanted. My loan was also approved quickly and without any kind of difficulty. I am really happy with all the help provided by the team.


Monika Chawla(5/5)

I got personalized legal guidance through IndusInd bank's team. They told me about all the steps involved. They also guided me about the whole process. I also want to thank Finance Buddha team for making me use their tools to compare all the premium banks and knowing the interest rates as well. I was able to choose the best suitable in the end. Thanks a lot guys.


Shubham Dhar(5/5)

My home loan was sanctioned quickly and at low interest rates as compared to the interest rates in the market. I got it approved from Standard Chartered Bank and the whole process was quite quick. Also, the processing fee was minimal and there were no hidden charges involved. I also liked the way the team contacted and helped me throughout the home loan process.


Meher Malik(5/5)

I have never been able to understand all the terms and conditions of banks and their loan approval processes. Thus, I was in second thoughts initially if I should go for the loan or not. I contacted Finance Buddha team and they helped me know all the requirements and important information about the banks. In the end, I was well aware about all the steps involved and got my loan approved from Axis bank.


Sharman Verma(5/5)

Bajaj Finance makes the whole process of home loan quick and easy. Their whole housing team is so focused and is ready to provide the best of all the information related to home loans. This as a whole was a really nice experience. I was walked through the whole process and that too in steps. Thanks Finance Buddha for helping me to get in touch with this bank and their amazing services.


Jassi Singh(5/5)

Finance Buddha and Capital First are the BEST! I applied for a home loan on Finance Buddha's advice and I cannot thank them enough. It is the best bank as per my requirements. The whole process was easy to tackle. People were really supportive and told me thoroughly about all the processes.

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