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Home Loan Reviews #5

4.8 stars based on 239 reviews

Harish Sharma(5/5)

I am happy with the efforts made by Finance Buddha team to help me go through the tedious home loan process smoothly. The team is really supportive and helpful. They told me about the banks and their procedures. Thanks a lot guys!


Harshvardhan Rai(5/5)

Thanks to Finance Buddha that let me calculate my EMIs and term of the loan. Also, it helped me to compare the features of so many banks. It was quite helpful and informative. I was able to get my home loan approved from ICICI and want to thank Finance Buddha team for the same.


Eklavya Kapoor(5/5)

I was getting married and thus, wanted to shift to a bigger house. I wanted a home loan for the same but in less time. Thus, I got in touch with Finance Buddha team and they helped me get my loan sanctioned from IndusInd bank. The whole process was quick and they understood the requirement as well.


Neer Mehar(4/5)

I had my personal account in Axis and I was looking for a home loan. I consulted Finance Buddha and got to know that how Axis bank will be the most suitable for me. Everything was sorted on the basis of my requirements and suitability. Everything was done instantly afterward.


Ravi Setia(5/5)

I do not like going to banks and dealing with all the people and explaining things from one person to another. I wanted a home loan and therefore, I contacted Finance Buddha and got my home loan approved from HDFC. I must say, both of them excel in their services. I did not have to go to banks again and again. They provide everything on your doorsteps. Great Service!


Sunil Sethi (5/5)

I did not feel like applying for a home loan to be true. Finance Buddha made it all look and feel really simple. Simple documentation and that's it. They took care of so many other things which might have caused a lot of trouble.


Neelam Negi(4/5)

Everything about Finance Buddha is good. From calculating EMIs to helping in getting in touch with the banks they excel in all aspects. They helped me a lot in getting my home loan approved from one of the best banks. Thanks!


Samar Sood(5/5)

Finance Buddha is my first choice whenever I am in doubts related to finance. I wanted a home loan for reconstruction of the built house. I was not able to decide the bank to go for, but Finance Buddha helped me with the same and told me about all the banks and their requirements and helped me choose the best one as per the need.


Jay Rajput(5/5)

I really liked the way Finance Buddha works. They really understand the customers and guide them accordingly. I was in doubt between two different banks for home loan application. But, they helped me understand that why SBI is more suitable as per my requirements. I am really happy with the support provided by the team.


Meena Shah(4/5)

It was a good and smooth process. I was helped by Finance Buddha team to get my home loan approved from Citibank. Their processing fee is less and interest rates are also reasonable as compared to many other leading banks in the market. Thus, overall everything went smooth in the process.


Hitesh Vohra(5/5)

From lending rate of interests to customer support service I like everything about HDFC. My loan was approved by HDFC last week and their process is quite quick. I got my loan amount sanctioned within 5 days. I also want to mention Finance Buddha team, who helped me to get in touch with this bank.


Nupur Goyal(5/5)

Amazing Team! Finance Buddha told me about the different banks and their priorities as per the requirement of mine. I loved the way they guided me about all the steps. I got my loan approved from Kotak Mahindra at low interest rates and less processing charges. Also, all the steps involved were quite favorable and easy to look at. Thanks!


Kiran Gupta (4/5)

I am really happy being associated with SBI. They have good customer support team and people are friendly. However, I would not have been writing this if I wouldn't have consulted Finance Buddha and their team. They help you a lot with all the things and get you the best available bank.


Shyantani Aggarwal(5/5)

The whole loan process was without any hurdle in my case. I opted for Finance Buddha and listed down few banks with their help. Now, it was my turn to choose the best suitable. After considering many banks, I thought of sticking to Finance Buddha's decision of going for Axis bank as that was most suitable for me. It is a wonderful platform for finance related queried.


Paresh Paul(5/5)

I applied for a home loan a year back and was rejected and I did not even think of applying it again. Then, one day my little sister was talking me about Finance Buddha and she told me about all the things that they do. I was amazed by looking at the help that their team provide. They tell you each and everything and help you meet the representatives of the most suitable bank.


Jasmine Kaul(5/5)

Finance Buddha has helped me a lot. Me and my brother were looking for a sibling loan and had no idea if that is possible. However, we consulted Finance Buddha team and got the insight of many banks. After knowing all the requirements and techniques, we got out loan approved from HDFC and the amount was also disbursed within few days. I loved the way all the things happened smoothly.


Subahu Mehra(5/5)

Finance Buddha team is professional and skilled. They are up to date with all the facts about all the banks ranking in the market. They have good customer support service and they are able to guide on each and everything effectively. My loan was approved by Kotak Mahindra and all due to Finance Buddha team and their support.


Priya Narula(5/5)

Just put your details and requirements and you get the loan. Isn't it amazing? I did the same. I told Finance Buddha team about the requirements and sent the asked details and they helped me to connect to the suitable bank. Everything related to my home loan was done without any trouble. I rely on Finance Buddha team without any doubt.


Simi Kapoor(5/5)

Finance Buddha team is one of the best today. They tell you whatever you want to ask. I got my home loan approved from Standard Chartered Bank due to Finance Buddha. They were helpful and told me all. The whole process only took 20 days and I got my loan sanctioned. It was a great help from both, Bank executives and Finance Buddha team.


Divyesh Bhoya(5/5)

My friend told me about Finance Buddha. He got his personal loan approved with the help of their team and asked me to consult them for my home loan. I did the same and I was really surprised by the information provided to me. All the guidance and help was given to me without any issue. Their executives were well aware about the processes and answered all the questions.


Jaimin Jadav(5/5)

Finance Buddha is really helpful in getting the job done. I applied for home loan in HDFC after referring to Finance Buddha and everything afterward was done without any hurdle. Enough guidance was provided and it all seemed pretty easy afterward. Thanks to the great team!


Shantanu Tiwari(5/5)

Applying for a home loan can be messy, if you have not done your homework. You can get puzzled by the questions asked by the bank representatives and you won't feel like going through the painful process. Thus, one of the solutions that I always adopt is referring to Finance Buddha. Their representatives are really helpful and they guide you really well with all the information. I got my home loan approved at lowest interest rates from SBI and I am happy about the same.


Manish Pandey(4/5)

I wanted to apply for a home loan for investment purposes. I got in touch with Finance Buddha and took references and details of the banks. I got to know about all the requirements and applied accordingly. My loan was approved within 15 days and I did not have to go to bank again and again.


Kanika Sharma(5/5)

I was looking for a home loan for investment purposes. I wanted to invest in a land and needed a loan for the same. I consulted Finance Buddha and they guided me about the types of loans and the requirements of the bank. I was also able to check the eligibility online and did not have to go to the bank for the same. It was quite comfortable and easy process.

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