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Home Loan Reviews #2

4.8 stars based on 239 reviews

Hemant Mani(5/5)

I have my home loan with the PNB Housing Finance LMT. The rate of interest is ok as compared to others who are offering home loan in the market. I has been a year now and everything is going fine after the loan disbursal also.


Gaurav K(5/5)

I had taken my Home loan two months back from HDFC Bank. My experience with it so far has been good. I got the same loan amount for which i applied, so i am quite happy about it. The interest rate has been nominal including the processing charges. and There were only a few additional charges associated such as GST, stamp duty charges and all.


Anup Sethi(5/5)

The confusion arises when you have too many options. Same happened to me when i decided to go for a home loan. It is a product offered by all the banks, hence it becomes more difficult to select the best one for you. Finance Buddha helped me in deciding my lender.


Monu Sharma(5/5)

I am totally satisfied with my home loan with PNB housing. The interest rate is 9%p.a and there were no additional charges apart from the processing fees. The process went in the same way as they have mentioned on their website.


N. Krishnan Rao(5/5)

I applied for a home loan of 70 lakhs with HDFC. In beginning, i was not sure whether i will get the loan or not. But i am very happy that my home loan got approved. Everything is good and i am very happy.


Harsh M(5/5)

If you are one looking to buy a property in Bangalore, this is the best place where u can get a home loan according to your requirements.


Mulla (5/5)

The interest rate is nominal. Processing was fast as i got my loan application approved within 15 days. and disbursal was made on the 25th day. The process went smooth and i faced no problem in completing it.


Nagesh Singhal(5/5)

Perfect place to apply for a home loan. i have mine with SBI. the processing was fast and i did not have to visit bank. Executives from finance buddha came and collected all the documents. They even came and explained each and every detail such as processing fees, stamp duty etc. I had to pay 20% of the property cost from my pocket as the downpayment and rest 80% was approved by SBI as my home loan.


Swapnil Banerjee(1/5)

The experience which i have with my home loan is not so good, though my loan was approved, it took 1 month approx. i had to talk with the executives 3-4 times regarding the updates and my queries.


Murgesh reddy(5/5)

Processing fees cost me Rs. 10,000. The disbursal was on time and the interest rate at which my loan was disbursed is 8.55% per annum.


Anandita Banarjee(3/5)

Took longer time which was more than 20 days to process my home loan. But i am happy at the end that i got a home loan of an amount which i wanted. i applied for a loan of 30 lakhs and my loan was approved for the same amount.


Naveen Birur(5/5)

Buying a home in Bangalore would have not been possible without a home loan. Thanks, axis bank and finance buddha for providing me a home loan that too at affordable rates.


Suresh Kappa(5/5)

My experience is good so far with Finance Buddha, they provide good services regarding my personal loan. seeing this when i decided to purchase a home, i applied for a home loan with finance buddha only. Customer service is good as they gave response was on time.


Akhilesh Kumar(5/5)

The disbursal of my home loan was on time, the interest rate and processing charges were satisfactory. the amount for which i applied was 50 lakhs but unfortunately was not eligible for it, but after negotiation, i got approved for a loan amount of 40 lakhs.


Bhairu Dharmaraj(5/5)

I took my home loan from HDFC bank, i got it on interest rate of 9.25% for the tenure for 15 years. The principal amount of my home loan is 20 lakhs. The plus point with HDFC home loan is that they do have foreclosure option.


Parmar Sethi (5/5)

This is too good of a website for any person can understand it. The instructions are in plain English and their executives always help.


Vinay Ahuja (5/5)

These people are the best financial experts. My loan was sanctioned in just a week. I could not be happier.


Sudarshan Bhat (5/5)

I am a happy customer of Finance Buddha, Thank you team for giving me the best advice and the best home loan at lowest rate.


Pranay Kumar (5/5)

My home loan was a crucial decision because of the fact that this was going to be my first own house. I am happy I chose Axis bank for this. They really provided the best services. Thanks to this website for right guidance.


Sujoy Debnath (5/5)

They give you genuine feedback for your application and help you improve it. Who wants their loan to be rejected!


Rajeev Pillai (4/5)

Do not run here and there. Home loans are pretty simple to get and I can say this because I have already availed a home loan from Finance Buddha. They give the best in class service and provide all the correct information.


Jitesh Bisht (5/5)

While most people run from bank to bank for their home loans, all I had to do was stumble upon this website and get the information from all banks and compare! What else do you need? It is so easy.


Bala Surya Kiran (5/5)

The great deal about the home loan they provide is that all the partner banks charge the lowest rates & processing fees. They actually guide you from the start to the end.


Ankush Singh(5/5)

Quick disbursal of the home loan and a customer service that is simply unbeatable. If you are in touch with this website, you will surely get these two things!

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