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Deepesh (5/5)

The service provided by the Bajaj Finance is really amazing. I am having my home loan with Bajaj Finance. They offered me quite an affordable interest rate and the processing fees was very low. I am happy as I went with Bajaj Finance.



I took a home renovation loan with Bajaj Finserv through Finance Buddha. The processing here was really fast and smooth. I got my loan approved in 6 working days. I will recommend Bajaj Finance to others also who are in need of home loan.


Krishna (5/5)

Now having one’s own home is really easy with the effort of Finance Buddha and Bajaj Finserv. I took a home loan with Bajaj Finserv and now I am an owner of a house. The rate of interest charged were also bearable and processing charges were really low!!


Pragya Bharti (5/5)

Now a days there are many banks and NBFCs who are there to help you. But the decision will be yours only where to go for help. Finance Buddha is the best way to clear out all your doubts. And after clearing them you can apply for loan from there only. I am having my home loan with Bajaj Finserv and I applied it through Finance Buddha.


Amar Kant (5/5)

The service provided by Bajaj Finserv is really very good. I am having my home loan with them. Their terms and policies are clearly defined. The processing time is much less as compared to other banks. So in one word you can say they are the best!!



Finance Buddha is a proactive website which helped me with their home loan. The rate of interest they charged me for the home loan is 8.90% P.A and the processing fees was very low. I got my loan approved in only 4 working days.


Ashwan (5/5)

I got to know about Finance Buddha from its Facebook page. I went through their portal and applied for a home loan. There processing was very fast that I was able to get the credit in only 5 working days. I will give 5 stars to Bajaj Finance for their fast and efficient process.


Supriya Verma (5/5)

I went to the Finance Buddha portal and checked for my eligibility and compared all the banks and for my home loan. I found that Bajaj Finserv was the best suited for me. I applied for the loan through the Finance Buddha portal itself and the process started from the next day. My home loan was approved in only 5 working days.



I am having my home loan with Bajaj Finance. The interest rate at which they provided me the home loan is 8.85% P.A and the processing charge was 1%. The processing was really smooth and hassle free.



I checked my home loan qualification for different banks through the qualification of the Finance Buddha. There I discovered that I was qualified for the home loan through Bajaj Finance. Additionally, their rates of interest were lower than different banks.


Atul Gupta(5/5)

I had a home credit officially going ahead with the Bajaj Finance Company. Since my EMIs were paid on time, I had a decent CIBIL score. I required some more cash to be contributed on my home thus I wanted home loan. I came to think about the top-up advance by Bajaj and checked the rate of premium and everything. I got the credit and the administration was incredible obviously.


Abhay (4/5)

I went through the reviews of AXIS Bank and found it good. I applied for the home loan through the Finance Buddha portal with AXIS Bank. My loan was approved at an interest rate of 10.20% pa. the processing fees was low although. The money was in my account on the 8th day. Thank you so much AXIS Bank for the help.



AXIS Bank is very good and fast in providing service. I am saying this on the basis of my experience. I am having my home loan with AXIS Bank and my loan was approved by them only in 5 working days. The entire process was so fast that I was surprised. I will refer AXIS bank to others also.



I am satisfied with the service provided by the AXIS bank. they provided me home loan at the rate of 9.30% pa which was fine for me. The processing was very fast. The complete process from documentation to approval was completed in 7 working days. I am thankful to the team for the help.


Arunima (5/5)

My experience with AXIS Bank is very good. The staff of the bank was very soft spoken and helpful. They helped me the documentation process and provided me correct knowledge about all the charges. Thanks to the executives of Finance Buddha and the staff of AXIS Bank.


Ratnakar (5/5)

I was lacking in money to buy a new home. At that time AXIS Bank helped me. I applied for a home loan at AXIS bank. There was a very fast process after the application form was fill and within 6 working days my loan was approved.


Deepesh (5/5)

I preferred AXIS Bank after comparing other banks on the Finance Buddha portal. I found Axis bank was much suitable for me. The interest rate offered was low than the other banks and the processing charges were also low.



I was going through the Finance Buddha website when I came to know about Happy ending home loan by AXIS bank. The interest rate offered in this was 9.20% p.a. and the processing charges were also low. I will give 5 stars to the AXIS bank.



Having my own home was a dream to me. And I was able to change my dream into reality with the help of AXIS Bank. I applied for the home loan with AXIS Bank. The interest rate offered by them was affordable which was 9.04%P.A. and the processing fees was 1% which was also low. I will recommend Axis Bank to others also who want to have their own home and lacking with money.



My home loan was sanctioned by AXIS Bank. I took them only 6 working days in completing the entire process. The executives from finance Buddha helped me in the documentation process. Because of the joint effort of Finance Buddha and AXIS bank the process was completely smooth and stress free.



I am having my home loan with AXIS Bank. The interest rate and the processing fees offered by them are quite reasonable. But the processing took more than 15 days. My loan was approved on the 16th day. I had to wait a lot for the approval. I will give 3 stars to AXIS Bank.


Priyanka Shukla (5/5)

I have been using AXIS Bank for the last 5 years. And when I needed to take a home loan I choose AXIS Bank again because being a customer of AXIS Bank I was experiencing their service and I found it very good. And here also AXIS Bank didn’t let me down. My loan was approved in 5 working days.



Nowadays the price of property is reaching sky. And having own property is a tough thing. But with the help of AXIS bank and Finance Buddha now I am a proud owner of a house.my home loan was approved by the Axis Bank and Finance Buddha helped me a lot in proving the accurate information and helped me throughout the documentation process. Thank you Finance Buddha and AXIS Bank for being there for me.


Rajesh (5/5)

My experience with AXIS Bank was pleasant. I am having my home loan with them. The loan approval took only 6 days and the process was completely hassle free and smooth. I am very happy with their fast processing.

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