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Prakhar Singh(5/5)

HDFC required very less documents physical documents for my home loan in Delhi. The interest rate charged was 8.65% per annum and I had to pay ₹10,000 as processing fees. Overall a good experience.


Vipra Singh(5/5)

The executive assigned for my home loan by HDFC was not good, he provided me wrong information about the product so, that I can purchase it and he can get his commission. Apart from the executive, everything went well.


Anirudh Chawla (5/5)

DHFL charged me comparatively less rate for my home loan. Executives were good and polite they also provided me information about the processing and regarding government scheme too. Because of them, I was able to avail the PMAY government scheme which made my home loan cheaper.


Ragini Puja(5/5)

It is my first experience with Finance Buddha, I applied for a home loan from here. The interest rate and charges including the processing fees were nominal at just 8.6% p.a. and it got approved in a very short time.


Susheel Singh(4/5)

Satisfied by the service! HDFC charged me nominal rates to process my home loan in Delhi at the lowest home loan interest of 8% p.a. They took more time to disburse the loan. They also guided to take me home loan insurance.


Meghana Mishra(5/5)

I selected SBI Home loan because of low interest and affordable pricing. I didn't face any issues or trouble in the process. The loan got sanctioned on time that was within 15 working days. Even the documentation process was easy and Finance Buddha executives helped me throughout the process.


Apoorva Chandra(4/5)

The reason of going with HDFC home loan is I have my salary account with this bank. The customer support service is good as they responded properly. It took a bit long time to disburse my home loan. The rate of interest and other charges were affordable and good.


Pooja (5/5)

First, I used Finance Buddha to check the approximate EMI for a home loan. I found the website very good and then I applied for a home loan with HDFC from here. My loan got approved in 10 days only which is less for a home loan when compared to other home loan providers.


R. Venkata(5/5)

The bank has the processing of 2.5% of the total loan amount but it was charged ?10,000 for my home loan. Disbursement was on time and i am happy with the product as well as service provider. At one shot I only they disbursed the entire loan amount.


Rashid Khan(5/5)

SBI approved my home loan. I applied for it through finance buddha online portal. They immediately working on it and approved my home loan in a very short time. The rate of interest charged on my home loan is 8.75% for the tenure period of 20 years.


Raji M(5/5)

I have my housing loan with ICICI Bank, The loan amount was approximately what i wanted. The rate of interest which they charged is nominal only, the loan amount was sufficient for me. The loan is going on smoothly.


Mohd Sekh(5/5)

Home loan from HDFC helped me to get a new home for my parents in Delhi. It was a simple process which took 8 days to complete and on the 9th day my home loan was disbursed.


Raja (4/5)

Satisfied with the service.... I applied for a home loan in 2018 and it was a good experience. My loan was of ?40,00,000. I applied for it with HDFC bank which was approved shortly. I had to provide the required documents and fill an application form..and this was it. no need to go bank or anything. the loan was approved in just 9 working days.


Habibar Khatik(5/5)

Totally transparent system ! no hidden charges!


Lalit Raja(5/5)

I wanted to purchase a home in Bangalore as I got settled here itself, but the price of properties is too high which I couldn't afford to purchase from my savings. Hence, I took a home loan from finance buddha. The loan amount approved is totally according to my eligibility. I got a loan amount which was 80% of the property value. Happy with it.


Ashutosh Laghari(5/5)

I have my home loan with PNB housing. Things went well & smoothly for my loan approval. Documentation process was a bit longer as it required a number of documents but the processing ended on time and I got the loan amount in just 10 days.


Arpit Mailan(5/5)

I wanted a home a home construction loan to build a house. I was not able to decide to go with which bank. Finance Buddha helped me, their executives told me about all the banks and about their eligibility criteria. This helped me to choose the best bank for me.


Jignesh (5/5)

Finance Buddha is my first choice when it comes to borrow money. I have my ongoing personal loan with Finance Buddha and recently I have applied for a Home loan with them. The process has started. The interest rate they charged is 8.50% per annum and 2.5% is the processing fees.


Ritesh Singh(5/5)

I contacted Finance Buddha through their website and applied for a home loan through HDFC. My home loan approved through an easy and simple process which include applying online, submitting documents, physical verification of the documents. The service offered was good. The best part was I did not have to go to the bank again and again. They provide a doorstep service.


Jayabal (5/5)

I am satisfied with HDFC services for my home loan. The interest rate was okay along with the customer support system. They charged the processing fee which was nominal. The loan tenure is 30 years and the interest rate of the loan is 8.85% pa.


Arif (5/5)

The EMI of my home loan cost me 15,000 per month and the tenure period of my loan is 15 years. Service is good here and everything went smoothly.


Digvijay (1/5)

HDFC is the bank with which i applied for my home loan and its going so smoothly. My experience was good but with their customer service which is not fully satisfactory, it took them a long time to respond and even there was not proper follow-up.


Debashis Gulabrao(5/5)

Excellent work regarding my Home loan by AXIS bank. I applied online which was very easy process. The process was very quick and support executives were good, who helped me to choose the correct one. Thank you Finance Buddha and AXIS team to make this process fast.


Bharatkumar Dnyandeo(5/5)

I had my personal loan finance Buddha and when it came to taking a home loan i thought why not to trust them again instead of going with some other home loan provider. I applied online through their portal and the process started next day itself. their staff came to my house to collect the documents and within 10 days my home loan was disbursed.

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