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Tata Capital Business Loan Reviews #2

4.7 stars based on 60 reviews

James Francis (5/5)

Finance Buddha, the people who solve business loan issues! I got a loan with their help for my business which was dynamic enough to provide me incentives. The loan was sanctioned by Tata Capital which provided me with the business loan with quick processing and disbursal of the amount. Great Work!


Preet Kiran Kaur(5/5)

Buying a house is the dream of every person. I applied to TATA Capital through Finance Buddha and did not have to make trips to bank. The loan was disbursed easily after online submission!


Kumari Sheetal(5/5)

Initially when I took a loan from Tata Capital, I found that the executive had calculated the EMI incorrectly. When I put in a complaint in their customer grievance cell, I got a prompt reply and my EMI was recalculated and communicated to me in good time. I am floored by the service offered by Tata Capital.


Komal Bhatia(5/5)

I was wary of taking a loan. However, after I dealt with the team at Tata Capital, that fear has gone away. I must say that Tata Capital have stood by their motto of “only doing what is right for you” in my case. They guided me in getting a lower EMI because my repayment capacity was less. I will surely recommend Tata Capital to friends and family.


Kalpana Chawla(5/5)

While taking a loan from Tata Capital, I was enamored by the EMI calculator that the site has. It truly makes the whole procedure of computing the interest rate and the corresponding EMI payment very easy. I have not seen such an efficient calculator anywhere else. Kudos to the team at Tata Capital.


Shalini Sharma(5/5)

Before I dealt with Tata Capital, I was unaware of the humongous amount of legal paperwork while taking a business loan. It was all because of you and your efficient team that this could be made possible. It was a totally enriching experience dealing with Tata Capital and their quality of service has only reinforced my trust in the Tata brand.


Rahul Balyan(5/5)

My business is doing well and I want to thank you and your team for helping me make it happen. I wish to tell you that the kind of support I got from Tata Capital was extraordinary. All this became possible only because you took personal interest in the process. You have a great team with Sachin and Dharmendra being the standout workers. They have contributed a lot to help me complete the laborious legal paperwork during the process. Thank you for making my dream come true.


Ravishankar Kadle(5/5)

I would like to take this opportunity to send you a quick note of thank you for the great service you provided. From the beginning, I felt that I was in good hands with the quality of service you were providing. With you attending to me, I felt like I was getting honest answers without the pressure of being rushed into making a decision. You have a great team there whose contribution was really huge in the laborious legal formalities and paperwork, during the processing of the loan. Without your support, all this would not have been possible. I will recommend your team to others and in future if I need any other loan, you will be my first port of call.


Vikram Sinha(5/5)

Many thanks to you and the Tata Capital team for your support and confirming all the requirements of Tata Capital have been met. It is a big relief after a big struggle; although it was stressful due to a rogue seller


Yogesh Dossa(5/5)

I’m writing a small note of appreciation for your staff Mr. Nilesh Dubey who is a part of the team at Tata Capital. He was very fast, polite and had an attitude that is rare to find. We approached him at 9 pm and work was done promptly. Keep it up!!!


Rishi Sharma(4/5)

In my tenure of handling various customer care profiles and handling many other situations, I have never come across a representative who is as responsible as you are. I really appreciate your efforts and admire the benchmarks you are setting for your colleagues by your service standards. Once again thanks to you and congrats to Tata Capital who are blessed with an employee as efficient as you are.


Neelam Kaur Passricha(5/5)

Normally, representatives of financial institutions just think about the bottom line of the company or about the rewards or accolades they will be getting from their bosses, when doling out business loans. But, you have evinced a sincere interest in our case and have done the best in obtaining for us a renegotiated rate of interest from your organization, in the process earning our appreciation. Not only have you won our continued relationship, but have also benefitted our business

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