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HDFC Bank Business Loan Reviews #1

4.8 stars based on 50 reviews

Shiju Abraham(5/5)

I was informed by my friend that HDFC bank will offer business loan within 7 days. Though I felt that time line is not realistic, I applied for a loan with HDFC bank and was surprised to get the loan approved within 5 days. HDFC bank is very fast and reliable. Thank you Prasad for referring HDFC bank to me.



I had taken a business loan from HDFC bank for 2 years tenure but decided to pre-close it after 6 EMIs. Bank agreed to this and they processed the pre-closure request. Very less amount was charged as fee for pre-closure service.


Rahul (5/5)

HDFC bank executives deliver services according to what is promised to its customers. I got business loan from HDFC bank through Finance Buddha within 8 days. This is a very quick turnaround time and processing fee was waived off due to Christmas and New Year offers.



I took a business loan from HDFC bank for business expansion purpose. The process was very quick and everything was very neatly organized. I would recommend this bank for business loan to everyone who is looking for hassle-free loan processing.


Bobin Samuel(5/5)

HDFC bank is known for excellent and fast processing of loan. And the rate of interest is also low. I thought all these are offered only for personal loan but now I realized these offers are available for business loans as well. I got the cheapest business loan deal from HDFC via



Anyone who is looking for business loan should try with HDFC bank. As per my personal experience I feel this is the best bank for business loan. Loan is offered by HDFC bank for different types of business requirements.


Stephen (5/5)

I received a very satisfactory service from HDFC bank on my business loan application. Loan was disbursed within 11 days; all documents were collected from my office on the very next of sending online application. HDFC bank is very quick at processing loan.


Sneha Mohan(5/5)

I tried HDFC bank for the first time and getting a business loan was a hassle free process. Everything was well organized in this bank. I loved the overall experience and have suggested this bank to one of my friends for home loan.


Kavya Madhav(5/5)

If you want experts to handle your business loan application then apply for a loan at HDFC bank. They are good at providing great service to each customer. They charged me only 1% for processing fee and 13% was the rate of interest. Rate of interest is low as compared to other banks’ interest rates- 16% and 18%.


Sanjay Mohandas(5/5)

HDFC Bank is best for business loan. They updated me on the status of the loan application in a timely manner. Offered low rate of interest. Documents were collected from door step. Processing fee was very low. Pre-closure option is available after 6 EMIs. Lot of additional benefits is offered at HDFC bank for business loans.


R.F. Adbullah(5/5)

Through Finance Buddha I was able to understand how much business loan I am eligible for from each bank. And by comparing I figured out HDFC bank is offering best deals for business loan. I applied for a business loan with HDFC bank through Finance Buddha. Bank executive collected documents the same day and by 3rd day loan is approved. Am waiting for the money to be disbursed to my account. Very quick service is offered by HDFC bank with low rate of interest.


Niharika Kulkarni(5/5)

Am amused that Finance Buddha is offering such great service for zero fees. This website is very informative and helpful. I used this to compare business loan rate and charges between different banks and also used it to check my eligibility for a business loan with HDFC bank.



In order to expand my business I was in search of a business loan. Through Finance Buddha, I did complete comparison and finally decided to go with HDFC bank. My decision was right and I got loan within 10 business days from HDFC bank. All information given by Finance Buddha about HDFC bank is 100% accurate and reliable. This saved a lot of time as there was no need for me to contact bank to get generic information about the loan.



I would rate this bank 5/5 for the customer support offered by this bank for a business loan. Thank you HDFC bank for providing highly informative executives to handle customers. I saved a lot of time as Akash – the executive who addressed all my queries on time.


Keerthana Darshan(5/5)

I have a start-up business and decided to take business loan from HDFC bank but was worried about the rate of interest and other charges. HDFC bank clearly understood am applying for business loan for the first time, so the executive tried to make sure all the rules, terms and conditions are explained to me well in advanced to clarify all sorts of doubts.



All this while I have taken personal loan from HDFC bank, this was the first experience of taking business loan and I am very happy with their service. Lot of information about the loan was shared by the executive and all the terms and conditions were clearly explained.


Nayana Nair(5/5)

Got my loan approved in 2 days and got money in my account within next 3 days. Super-fast bank and satisfied service.


Mohammed Tabrez(5/5)

Am very thankful to HDFC bank for approving my business loan within few days. The rate of interest was 15.75% - I feel this is a good deal as compared to what was offered by other banks.


Kiran Mariam(5/5)

My business loan was very quickly approved. Though I didn’t get the amount that I was expecting, the service and rate of interest is attractive and appealing.


Issac Jose(5/5)

Satyajit is a very helpful and professional customer care rep. He helped me to solve all the issues within a day, even when other banks were hesitant to approve huge amount of loan, HDFC bank approved this without much issues.


Stanley J(5/5)

Customer care service is excellent. Through phone banking everything about my loan was taken care. Very realistic and professional approach is taken for all services.


Gracy Thomas(5/5)

Received my business loan approved and money was in my account within 11 days. Very quick service and overall I had a great experience. Special thanks to Finance Buddha.


Sahitya Suresh(4/5)

It was a great experience to work with HDFC bank. I have received business loan with very less interest rates.


Vinod Kumar(5/5)

One of the best customer oriented bank, I am completely satisfied with service and everything about by business loan.

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