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Citi Bank Business Loan Reviews

4.8 stars based on 28 reviews

Niranjan Raut (5/5)

My Business loan is going in a very good way with Citibank. The rates and charges are good. Processing doesn’t took much time. I am happy with the service.


Neha Dayma(5/5)

I used Finance Buddha Website for applying for my loan. This website is very simple and easy to use. I applied my Business loan and it got approved only in a week with the Citibank. The documentation process was very simple in which the Finance Buddha executives helped and guided. The document required was very less.


Anupam Kumar (5/5)

5 stars for the service!! I received very good quality of service from Citibank. Even their staff members are very polite and helpful. The processing was fast and my business loan application was approved in 5 working days only. I am not able to believe this kind of fast service regarding a loan from any Bank. Good job Citibank.... keep it up.


Navin Parekh(5/5)

I went along with the trust of mine which I was having on Citibank from last 5 years. Earlier I was having my Personal loan with Citibank and it went very smoothly. I fully repaid it last year only. And when I was in need of Business loan to by some new equipment for my Business I again went with Citibank. And it didn’t let me down. My loan was approved with affordable rates and charges.


Ravindra K Reddy(5/5)

I was able to get my business loan with Citibank even though my CIBIL score was not very good. The interest rate was 15% p.a. and the processing charge was similar to others which was 2 %. I am happy that Citibank approved my loan application. Thank you Citibank. I will continue availing its services whenever required.


Yogesh Pal(4/5)

Citibank charged me 13.50% p.a. as the interest rate for my Business loan. And the processing charge was 2%. The processing of the loan application was within time. The process was stress free and smooth and smooth and was completed in 5 working days. I am satisfied with the service and the process as well.


Paridhi Kodiya(5/5)

Citibank is best in providing service to its customer. Their rate of interest and other charges are suitable for common man. One of the other plus point is that they are not having any hidden charges. And even their processing is very fast. My business loan was approved in only 6 working days.


Mamta Rathi (5/5)

I am having my Business loan with Citibank from last 3 months and its complete tenure period is for 3 years. Citibank provided easy repayment options. Everything is with my loan went smoothly and till day also everything is going good with Citibank and for the same in the Future.


Anupma Singh (5/5)

Magnificent I connected for this CITI Bank Business credit and incredibly I got the advance sum inside seven days. I was stressed over as I have never utilized online process for keeping money or monetary administrations. Finance Buddha was exceptionally useful and the client benefit individuals were extremely pleasant and affable. Great job by Finance Buddha.


Prawjal (5/5)

I took Business loan for setting up a new business for my wife. The executives helped me throughout the process they guided us in the documentation process and suggest us what ever there was required. I got the loan only in 8 working days. Because of Citibank only my wife is an Independent woman running her own small business.


Priyank Dubey(5/5)

The Finance Buddha site is exceptionally pleasant. In last month I applied for a business loan. I downloaded my financial assessment and utilized the free devices to check my qualification and the EMIs that I would need to pay on my loan. This site helped me a considerable measure to design my spending better for future, even before I actually went for it. Extremely decent and accommodating.


Aadesh Nath(4/5)

One of my friend suggest me to go with CITI bank for business loan. I applied for my Business loan through Finance Buddha portal. My loan was approved within time and the rates and charges were nominal as that of other Banks.


Kushum Sahay(5/5)

Finance Buddha helped me when I was looking for a Business loan to expand my Business. I went to the Finance Buddha portal and applied online for my business loan with Citi bank. From the next day only the process started and within a week I got the credit in my account. Thank you Finance Buddha and CITI Bank!!


Kavita Kurup(5/5)

Excellent in 1 word!! The rates and charges all are good. You will not face any kind of difficulty in the credit approval process. The credit approval process is fast, smooth and hassle free.


Umakant Upadhaya (3/5)

It was a good Experience with Citi bank regarding my business loan. But it took them more than 10 days to process my loan. I got my Loan approved on the 12th day. They need to improve the processing time, otherwise everything was fine.


Deepak Sharma (5/5)

I am satisfied with the service provided by the Citibank. There was a quick response from them regarding my Business loan. The processing was also fast as compared to the other banks. I got my business loan approved only in 8 working days.


Krishna Rao (5/5)

Good!! I am having my Business loan with CITI Bank. The provided me the credit at reasonable rate and the processing charges were also not much. The processing was completed in a smooth and hassle free manner. If you are looking for a Business Loan then you can go with Citi bank.


Manikanta M (5/5)

CitiBank is the best. We got best rates and processing charges here. The processing was on time it took them only 5 working days to approve my Business loan. I am very happy with my decision of going with Citi bank.


Richa Vincent(5/5)

With simple documentation my loan was approved within 5 days. Extremely fast service


Suresh Vijay (5/5)

This is my first experience through Finance Buddha and the overall experience was very great. Among the options offered, Citibank was the one that gave best offers at competitive prices.


Nithya Reddy(5/5)

I took a smart decision to avail my business loan from Citibank. Though an just 25 years old, I got a huge amount as loan with just 15% as rate of interest.


Keerthi Gowda(5/5)

I got a business loan for 16% rate of interest and the processing fee was 2%. As the pre-closure charges are NIL, I feel it’s a very good deal.


Sagar Das(5/5)

It was like a cake walk experience getting a business loan from Citibank. I will suggest this for my friends and colleagues.


Joseph P Jose(5/5)

Thanks to Citibank for processing my business loan so quickly and for playing a major funding part for my new start up. The memories and good experience will be always cherished.

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