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Capital First Business Loan Reviews #4

4.8 stars based on 125 reviews

Bhoumik Sharma(5/5)

My business loan is from Capital First is delightful experience to share with others. The customer services and the response have all been good. Even the rate of interest was quite low compare to other financial banks. The processing charges were normal for me and it was completed on time.


Srikanth Nayak(5/5)

The whole experience with Capital First was up to the mark for my business loan. Finance Buddha team helped me in preparing the documents for the loan application. The process took just a weekðs time. The rate of interest and processing charges was quite easy.


Shailesh Parmar(5/5)

Speedy timing and rapid disbursement are the two key factors of Capital First. Capital First hardly took a week's time to disburse the loan amount. I am very much comfortable with the payment due date too. There is no discomfort nor did I face any challenges till date.


Pranav Patil(5/5)

Special thanks to the relationship Manager Prachi, who helped in executing the process well. I am very much happy with the rate of interest charged by them. Everything else was prefect, the documents collection, verification and everything was done on time. Capital First did not take a long time to process the loan.


Arjit Bhatia(5/5)

In all aspects Capital First was really best. Even they had processed good rate of interest of 14.9% and processing fee of 2500 it was normal. They should improve the documentations part but they disbursed my loan amount about a week. Payment option was good through ECS.


Nidhi Mathen(5/5)

The offer was good on the rate of interest from Capital First. They gave me a rate of 15%. The process was also easy. it took around six days for me to get the business loan in my account. The documentation was normal. I will surely recommend the Capital First to all my business colleagues.


Vidhi Doshi(5/5)

Most importantly, I had not run into any issues on my CAPITAL FIRST business loan. The payment happened very quickly and the money was disbursed on time. Interest rate offered by them was very much lower than others. I am thankful to Finance Buddha for contenting me with the information of Capital First loan.


Rishabh Yadav(5/5)

My experience with Capital First was really good for the business loan. It was an easy process and they also offered a lesser rate of interest, when compared to the experience at Fullerton. The rate I got was of 17% and the processing charge was also nominal.


Vasu Baneerjee(5/5)

Capital First has been good in their services and they completed the loan process on time. It was not much of a hassle to get the business loan. The rate of interest was average and the processing charges were average as well. The after loan services has also been good and the ECS deductions are going through easily.


Soni Shaw(5/5)

Capital First was good; they had taken care with very fast processing after they had received my documents. Rate of interest was medium and processing fee was less compared to other banks. They worked as customer oriented and process my application.


Gurpreet Singh(5/5)

Have taken business loan from Capital First a month ago. I felt interest rate was nominal and processing fee was also quite low compare to other financial institutes. There was no delay in documentation process. Finance Buddha helped me in preparing the required documents for the loan to be successful upon submission.


Shubham Maheshwari(5/5)

Fully satisfied with the service offered by Capital First for the business loan. I would definitely recommend this loan to all first time loan seekers. The most interesting part about this loan is the disbursement part which is very good as it happened within 5 days of application submission.


Abhay Goel(4/5)

Capital First business loan process is very easy. My EMI date is fixed on one date if we donðt pay the amount they will not give any grace neither days nor they make a reminder call they charge a lot of penalty charges. Out of 24 months they had charge an ECS amount and this was my last date.


Omar Farooq(5/5)

The process for the business loan was satisfactory from CAPITAL FIRST. The service was good. The staff was quite cooperative. The entire process they took around 12 days. I am happy to share they team helped me in arranging for the documents of the loan.


Nitish Vohra(5/5)

I received the loan for business expansion in the span of 8 days which is exceptionally good. I would give the credit to Financebuddha for introducing me with capital firstðs business loan when I was in need of it.


Gandhi Mardi(5/5)

Brilliant service and I will suggest Capital First business loan to my friends and colleagues.


Naresh Kumar(5/5)

I felt Capital First is a very welcoming financial institution. They are very clear about what is offered to whom. This helped me to understand the benefits of their business loan. I applied for the loan with the help of The executives of the website helped me in preparing the documents.


Porika Kapil(5/5)

I was looking for an add-on loan and applied to Capital First through Finance Buddha for the same. I was surprised with the quick sanction and disbursal of money. My account was credited the very next day with Rs.5 lakhs.


Vaibhav Kumar(5/5)

I was looking for a business loan to make sure that I pay my debt to my suppliers on time. I needed some heavy cash as was facing cash crunch in my business. Financebuddha helped me & guided me about the business loan from Capital First. The information about the loan on the Financebuddha is quite reliable & transparent. The executive of Financebuddha helped me in preparing for documentation for the loan.


Garima Gasra(5/5)

I was looking for a business expansion loan as wanted by some heavy equipment for the technological advancement in my manufacturing firm. I searched several websites for comparing various business expansion loans. I come across Financebuddha website which has elaborated the details of capital first business expansion loan very well. I called the website & even wrote a mail to them as I was seeking some help. The Financebuddha executive guided me & even helped me in preparing my documentation for the loan. After applying for a business loan with Capital First, I feel very confident about my business. They agreed to approve loan up to 25 lakhs post considering my documents and business performance.


Smith Sudheer(5/5)

Foreclosing my business loan was without any complications and just $% was charged on the outstanding amount as fee.



This is my first banking experience where I had to submit just 3 main types of documentations. Address proof, income proof and certification and proof of business existence. Very less documentation process is needed for Capital First



I was looking for a top-up loan and contacted Capital First for the same. I was surprised with the speedy approval and disbursal of money. My account was credited the very next day with Rs. 9 lakhs


Akash Kumar(5/5)

I was offered with business loan with a favorable rate of interest. All thanks to Capital First and Finance Buddha.

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