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Capital First Business Loan Reviews #3

4.8 stars based on 125 reviews

Sunil Parikh(5/5)

Transparency and regular updates were the key factors of Capital First for my business loan. They took around a one month's time to disburse the amount and the required loan amount was sanctioned. They charged the proposed interest rate and processing fee and they were also very much competitive.


Arnav Mehta(5/5)

It served my purpose when I took my personal loan from Capital First and although the interest rate offered was 18% with processing fee of Rs.6k which are quite competitive. I wanted a loan on an urgent basis. The documentation and processing was pretty easy and smooth and took about 10-15 days for the loan to get processed and disbursed.


Uddyan Aggrawal(5/5)

I was looking forward for business loan & came across to Finance Buddha website which has so useful information uploaded on their website. I seek the help of Finance Buddha team for my documentation for the loan. Process was carried out in a step by step manner by CAPITAL FIRST they are very good in all category of service provided related to the personal loan application. The customer support provided was very good with Capital First and they have processed the loan within 4 days of time.


Kapil Sinha(5/5)

It was good experience with Capital First and they have provided the loan in an instant manner. I directly approached their office and they have processed in an instant manner. The overall process was very easy and there was no drawback in the service provided by Capital First. I would like to thank Finance Buddha team for informing about Capital First.


Suman Reva(5/5)

Soon after my request is raised online, the next minute Finance Buddha executive calls me back with an answer. The experience was very good with Capital First. I got a lesser interest rate from Capital First compare to other organizations. There process is smooth & easy to understand. Customer service is good I would suggest that they reduce the rate it would be better.


Pavan Pathak(5/5)

Fortunately, Capital First offered me a pre-approved loan; therefore I had taken a personal loan from Capital First. The services were excellent. They contacted me on time and processed my loan within a week. Though the rate of interest was high. I am happy that they provided a loan at the time of my need. The processing charges were nominal too.


Navneet Mathur(5/5)

It was good experience from Capital First in case of business loan application being submitted. I would like to say its satisfactory service from Capital First. They are prompt about the interest rate applied for the loan. The service offered was also recommendable.


Meghna Mehta(5/5)

The most prominent feature of Capital First personal loan is the documentation part as it was very less. The procedure was simple with the Capital First. The process of business loan approval is quite hassle free. I have heard from my friend that taking the business loan is very tiring process but with Capital First I did not experience any of such things.


Anjali Sharma(5/5)

Interest rate is quite nominal for the business loan compare with others. The customer service is really good with them. I did not go ahead with the Capital First because I have arranged the funds from my own sources. Still I am recommending Capital First to everyone as I had nice experience with Capital First.


Asif Chauhan(5/5)

The most notable feature of Capital First business loan is the documentation part as it was very less. I would like to thank Finance Buddha team for helping me with all the documents preparations. The executives were so supportive & explained every detail clearly. The procedure was simple with the Capital First.


Ankit Choudhary(5/5)

The process was smooth and no hassle found with Capital First in case of personal loan application being submitted. There were no additional charges applied in this loan. They took time for approval which can be minimized for better services.


Nirupa Athavale(5/5)

It was decent experience from Capital First in case of business loan. The service of Capital First is smooth, swift & reliable. The rate of interest & processing charge is very competitive. The application took 6 days & I was having the loan amount in my account on 9th day. I am already recommending it to everybody.


Kalyani Uday(5/5)

Very big thanks to Capital First for providing this business loan in a very short time. The rate of interest offered by them was very low which is 16% which is lesser than other banks and even the processing fee is low which is Rs 4000 hardly on the same lines other banks are charging around 9000. Initially they have quoted me 16.5% however later they have reduced it to 16%.


Manish Pandey(5/5)

Finance Buddha is the right place to go to apply for business loan in lesser time. They are processing the application in a very fast manner beyond the customer expectation. Keep going with work which helps Capital First to beat the other competitors in the market. I feel this is the best place for getting business loans.


Shaifali Garg(5/5)

I am so glad that Finance Buddha team advised me to go ahead with business loan from Capital First. Everything was well managed it was in an organized manner. They took a longer time to disburse the loan and it was mainly because of verification as I was available only on weekends. The rest was good, coming to the interest and processing fee I would definitely say it is the best as I have analyzed, invested the market rate and finally opted for it.


Anshul Chopra(5/5)

It was a satisfactory experience with Capital First, where everything was managed well and it was organized as per my requirement. The services and response was good till the end of the process. I got a rate of 16% and the processing charges were normal.


Vishakha Bansal(5/5)

The best thing with Capital First is their processing time, which was very less; they just took three to four days to process my business loan. Finance Buddha team helped me in preparing documents required for the loan. The rate of interest was of 16%. The processing charges were reasonable too and after one year I have options for a pre closure and a part payment facility.


Jalpa Kulkarni(5/5)

The services are really good from Capital First as they were able to give me the required amount within eight days. The rate of interest was around 13% for the personal loan. The processing chargers were also pretty nominal. I am also happy with the after loan services.


Sanket Mehta(5/5)

I have an ongoing business loan from Capital First. I am still paying the EMI. I got the information about Capital First from Finance Buddha. The team of Finance Buddha even helped me in preparing for the loan. Interest rate offered by Capital First was competitively better than Fullerton and the response provided by them was good.


Anita Yadav(5/5)

I went to Finance Buddha website for gathering some information about business loan. The executive of Finance Buddha advised me to take the loan from Capital First. Fortunately I had got the best interest rate and processing fee from Capital First, I had explored the market rates and I had got the best rate. As my company is listed I had got the best rate from them. I did not encounter any issues with them till date.


Ruchi Ahuja(5/5)

I was longing to take a business loan for a long time. Through online I had opted for a personal loan with CAPTIAL FIRST and it was successful as well. The entire process was very fast. It was made so simple, I did not put on much efforts. Earlier, in one occasion I had taken a personal loan with some other bank where they had added insurance to the loan. But this time, it turned out to be surprise where they did not add any insurance to the loan. I have already referred 2 or 3 people for Capital First business loan.


Pallavi Ojha(5/5)

There were no ups and down's when it comes to business loan from Capital First. Firstly, the process was really quick which I liked the most with them. Secondly, I was in need of 3 lakhs and they offered me to pay it. The interest rate was lower than expected.


Shilpa Trivedi(5/5)

It was a worthy experience with Capital First. My business loan is from them. They did a great job from the initial stage of document collection to the disbursement. The rate of interest was around 17%. The processing charges were normal. The process was completed on time and as required. Capital First business loan is ðtheð business loan for women entrepreneurs.


Nirav Patel(5/5)

The process and disbursement is really good at Capital First. They also provide very good customers services as well. They are quite competitive when it comes to processing charge & interest rate. If funds are needed on an urgent basis, then this institution is recommendable for a business loan.

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