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Bajaj Finance Business Loan Reviews #3

4.7 stars based on 110 reviews


The best part about availing the business loan from Bajaj Finance was their proactive approach and co-operation. They were very keen in guiding me throughout the loan process. The processing charges were as low as zero & the interest rate offered to me was quite reasonable.



I was contacted within few hours after my registration through Finance Buddha. The process was completed in a week. They offered me a reasonable rate of interest and processing charges. It was a good offer as there is a fore closure charge and also a part payment option.



I had taken a personal loan from Bajaj Finance a year ago. Interest rate was very competitive. Total amount I requested the bank to provide me was 15 lakh. Bank analyzed my profile & offered me the loan for the same amount. I am thankful to Finance Buddha for introducing me to Bajaj Finance business loan.



It is very modest and an easy task to avail the business loan from Bajaj Finance. They had disbursed the amount within seven days. Within the expected time, they have completed the verification and documentation procedure. Interest rate is good and other charges were very minimal.



In spite of taking three consumer durable loans with Bajaj finance I went ahead in taking a business loan too. My business loan got approved within one week. All I have to do is to give them some additional business related documents which they were not having.


Raju Mistry(5/5)

My business loan is from Bajaj Finance. They provide very good services as the process for the loan is completed on time. They offer the rate of interest depending on the customerðs profile.


Mehul Patel(5/5)

The most promising feature of my Bajaj Finance business loan is, I was able to get the best eligible amount from them .I got around 12lakhs as the loan amount .Added advantage of this loan is, Flexi pay options which is offered to the customers and their norms are much more attractive.


Palak Sibbal(5/5)

For the follow up and other service it is good from Bajaj Finance. The interest rate applied was on the higher side for the flexible loans. There was nil charges applied since they have negotiated from the third party end.



I have experienced the best services with BAJAJ consumer durable loan. They have offered a pre-approved Consumer durable loan. I thought why not to inquire from them when I was in need of business loan last year. I went to Finance Buddha website for comparing various loans & selected Bajaj Finance. The documents required are quite simple & the approval process is very easy.



What attracted me towards Bajaj Finanace was the zero enclosure charges which I expect from other banks too. Bajaj finance services has got a very good website where I can login easily and in a single click I can access various products details.


Sachin Mehta(5/5)

One of my friend is working with Finance Buddha at very reputed position. He suggested me to take a business loan with Bajaj Finance and he helped me in the loan disbursement process. He helped me a lot and also ensured that the loan was disbursed on time.


Aman Sanghvi(5/5)

I am an existing customer of Bajaj Finanace. They gave me a personal loan within 72 hours. I went back to them when I was in need of business loan & the service was better than my expectations. They send me the list of documents required & started the process as soon as I sent them documents. On 7th day the loan amount was credited in my account.


Suman Dadu(5/5)

This is my second loan with Bajaj Finanace. The process has been excellent and fast. The best with them is they would send you the details of all the required documents through an email. The staff is cooperative & humble.


Avinash Singh(5/5)

I am already an existing customer of Bajaj Finance. The service offered by them was really good. I had registered on Bajaj's site and I was responded appropriately. The application of business loan was processed quite smoothly. The loan was approved in 5 days.


Ajay Pandey(5/5)

BAJAJ Finance service is by far the best. Everything can be done online foreclosure and even I make the payment online. there is no need of me to visit the Branch. Even I had got the welcome kit and letter online. Online funds were transferred immediately.


Prem Kumar(5/5)

The process adds value to the bank, as step by step process was followed. When it comes to rates it is slighter on the higher side when compared with SCB. The process is very much impressive for flexi loan, flexi loan is nothing but itðs a kind of loan account I can withdraw we can currently balance amount they dont charge interest unless and until I use it. I can it whenever it whenever I want.


Uday Pandey(5/5)

I took business loan for business expansion purpose, it was a good experience with Bajaj Finanace. They have taken 15 days to complete the process, I got the loan amount of Rs.13 Lakhs with the tenure of seven years. Still my loan is running without any hassle.



My daily routine is quite busy & it is very difficult for me to take out the time for visiting in the bank. I was really worried when I was in need of Business loan as I was unable to allot anytime for that. I searched & compare various business loans at Finance Buddha website & turns out that Bajaj Finance is the one that offers the loan that fits perfectly in my criteria. I inquire with one of the Finance Buddha executive for the process & documentation. The executive guided me & helped me in preparing the loan documents. I am so thankful to Bajaj Finance for giving me the business loan in such a small time period.


Vijay Koiri(5/5)

I so happy with the services of Bajaj Finance. My business loan got approve in 6 days & the process was quite timely & hassle free. The best part is your EMI starts from the second month.


Kunjika Goswami(5/5)

Bajaj Finance has one of the lowest interest rate when it comes to business loan, they donðt charge any processing fees when it comes to loan application which their unique specialty. The documentation of the loan is so easy & clearly communicated. My business loan got approved in 8 days which is awesome.


Shivanee Prasad(5/5)

Very comfortable relationship with Bajaj Finance as the services I have availed have always kept me spell bound.


Ambuj Mishra(4/5)

I was having ongoing consumer durable loan with Bajaj Finance than I get to know about their business loan through a friend. I was looking forward for some information about the loan process at Finance Buddha. The executive of Finance Buddha helped me in preparing documentation for the loan. Bajaj Finance approved my loan in the span of 8 days.


Kiran Parmar(5/5)

I had amazing experience when applied for business loan with Bajaj Finance. The process for the business loan is not very complicated which is quite unlikely compare to other financial institutions. I came to know about Bajaj Financeðs business loan through Finance Buddha. The efficient team of Finance Buddha not just informed me about the Bajaj Finance loan but also helped me in preparing the documents for applying for the loan & even for the submission of the loan documents. I am so thankful to both Finance Buddha as well as Bajaj Finance for helping me when I was in great need.


Mudit Jain(5/5)

I have a business loan with Bajaj Finance. It is going to end by next month. My experience with Bajaj Finance is very delightful. They offer great service. The consumers are updated about the loan repayment & instalment every month through an Email. The document is even password protected which let the consumer maintain the confidentiality.

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