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Bajaj Finance Business Loan Reviews #1

4.7 stars based on 110 reviews


I must say Bajaj Finance is the smart way to get Business loan especially if you are a time starved customer like me. I am into the business which enforce me travel again & again with this kind of schedule it is very difficult to chase financial institutes for loan approval but with Bajaj Finance they were chasing me & informing me about every detail of loan processing.


Gibran Ahmed(3/5)

I logged onto Finance Buddha website for gathering information about the business loan. I must say the information available is very impressive but surely they did not live up to their words. The process was complex. Every time I call they for knowing the status of my loan & they would ask for another document from me. Finally, they approved the loan & my grudge was eased with the rate of interest they offered to me.


Farman Menon(2/5)

The only problem with Bajaj Finance is that they are not at all customer friendly. There was always delay from their side. They promised me to disburse the loan in 5 day instead it took 15 days. The interest rate offered was very moderate.



I went ahead with Bajaj Finance business loan but my experience was not as I expected. I have heard good reviews about them but they did not live up to my expectations especially in term of services. They took 20 days for the process of my business loan.



I applied for business loan from Bajaj Finance. My experience with them is not very fancy. They offered a moderated amount of interest. I wanted a longer tenure for repayment but they said it was not possible.



I was facing lack of working capital which is why I wanted to get business loan. I wanted a smaller loan amount but with effective interest rate. I found Bajaj Finance very suitable for my purpose as I went through all the information through Finance Buddha website. I applied for the loan & I am very satisfied with their offering. The interest rate was 16.5% and the repayment tenure is also long enough.


Vasu Malhotra(5/5)

I am an existing customer of Bajaj Finance. I had two consumer durable loan ongoing when I applied for business loan from Bajaj Finance. The service offered by them was really good. I had registered on FinBud's site and I was responded appropriately. The executives of FinBud are very cooperative. The application of business loan was processed quite smoothly. The business loan was approved in 5 days.



I took business loan for business expansion purpose; it was a nice experience with Bajaj Finance. They have taken 15 days to complete the process; I got the loan amount of Rs.17 lakhs with the tenure of seven years. Still my loan is running without any hassle.



I searched about business loan from Bajaj Finance on their website. All the required information is presented on the website. The business loan designed by Bajaj Finance is very customer oriented. The loan was disbursed in my account in a week. The processing charges were waived off as I had taken consumer durable loan from Bajaj Finance in past.


Shah Ashumi(5/5)

I applied for the business loan from Bajaj Finance as Finance Buddha recommended me. My loan application & documentation could be completed with ease with the help of Finance Buddha team. The interest rate offered to me was as low as 16%. The processing charges were also very low compare to other banks.


Bandeep Singh(5/5)

I wanted a business loan but I was not having time to chase the banks all the time for asking the approval of the loan. A friend suggested me to gather information before applying anywhere from Finance I must say the elaborated information that they have is amazing. I called them for documentation help. With the help of Finance Buddha team I applied for business loan of Bajaj Finance. The disbursement of loan was very quick.



Bajaj Finance is very superior compare to many other financial institutes. The transparency towards their policies is amazing. There are no hidden charges. My business loan application went so smoothly with them.



I wanted to buy a new place for stocking my inventory & that is why I was in need of business loan. I logged into Finance Buddha portal for capturing some information about business loan. I found Business loan offer of Bajaj Finance very suitable for me as the required documents are not much vast. Finance Buddha team helped me with documentation & my loan amount was credited in my account in one week.



I am very happy with the services of Bajaj Finance. I am having ongoing business loan with Bajaj Finance. The interest rate offered to me was very reasonable. The process of the business loan is also very easy & transparent.



My friend suggested me to take business loan from Bajaj Finance when I was searching come good option for business loan. I am very happy that I chose Bajaj Finance. Their process is fast & easy. The loan amount was in my account in one week which is awesome.



I applied for business loan at Bajaj Finance and I got the business loan from them very quick as the processing time was very less. Their executives were supportive but their policy is very customer friendly.



I wanted business loan as I was facing cash crunch due to demonetization. I searched to Finance Buddha portal for some feasible option. I chose Bajaj Finance as the processing charges were so low. My application was approved in few days & quickly loan was disbursed in my account. Thank you Bajaj Finance & Finance Buddha for making it so easy for me.



Finance Buddha executive asked me to apply for business loan at Bajaj Finance considering my requirements. The loan process is hassle free. My documents were prepared with the help of Finance Buddha team. Thank you so much for your help Finance Buddha.



My experience with Bajaj Finance has always been very good. I have taken consumer loan twice from them. Business loan application is smooth & easy. The business loan documents requirements were also standard. Since they have most of the documents required with them as I was an existing customer the time taken was also less.


S. Prasanth(5/5)

I am very happy to get the quick business loan from Bajaj Finance. Particularly I like to thank Finance Buddha for helping in documentation process for business loan application. The Bajaj Finance business loan rate of interest offered to me was as low as 16%.



I wanted to buy machinery for the advancement in my business. A business college suggested me Bajaj Finance for business loan. I visited their branch & collected details for documents. The executives were very supportive. My business loan was approved and disbursed in a week.



I chose Bajaj finance over many other options for business loan as I had amazing experience with Bajaj Finance for consumer durable loan. My loan process was so swift. Finance Buddha helped me in preparing documents of the loan. My loan was disbursed in a week time.



I searched about Business loan at Finance Buddha but I was looking for a cheaper loan where interest rate is not high. I chose Bajaj Finance as their rate of interest was less compare to other financial institutes.



I wanted to apply for business loan as I wanted to expand my business. Finance Buddha suggested me to take business loan from Bajaj Finance. I did exactly what they said even for preparing the documents, and as result my business loan was approved and disbursed without any delays and hassles. Thank you Finance Buddha for helping me out!

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