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Axis Bank Business Loan Reviews #1

4.8 stars based on 63 reviews

Raj Bansal(5/5)

I do not understand how they gather so much of information that I cannot even find online. But I have personally verified each and every point with the Axis bank employees and they have complied with the information. Truly guys, you have put a lot of energy in helping your readers. I know this website will grow big based on their service.


Rajesh Mittal(5/5)

Getting the documentation process verified from the bank is in itself a hell lot of a deal. Through Finance Buddha, this issue is easily cut short. While other people go to the banks and stand in long queues trying to understand why a particular document is needed, I got all the information from the website Finance Buddha itself. What a great way to re-plan your loans and ease yourself!


Sondesh Kuaon(5/5)

You do not get much banks offering high-end services for SME loans. Through this website, I could partner with the Axis bank who have a record of great customer service. Well, I can say this because I have seen it myself. A happy customer of Axis bank! I recommend the business loan from Axis bank to everyone reading this.


Rishi Dua(5/5)

No doubt, availing a loan is no less than a very troublesome task. I must admit that without the help from this genius web portal Finance Buddha and their equally genius employees, it would not have been easy for me to get the loan processed so easily. They helped me understand what every technical financial term meant and also told me the pros and cons of features provided by the different banks. We all have always needed a reliable partner who has a good finance knowledge and share it with us like a friend. Guess what, Finance Buddha acts as that friend.


Jahnavi Mehta(5/5)

My dad was looking for a business loan and was considering a bank in which he has his savings account since the last 20 years. Through Finance Buddha, I came to know that Axis bank offers better features of business loans, and that too very quickly. I suggested my father to try out the services from Axis bank. He talked to the bank employees and found them reliable. Our loan has been approved and we are just awaiting the payment. So far so good!


John D'souza(5/5)

I applied for the business loan on Finance Buddha. I applied a day and the next day I got a call from their representatives. The lady who called was so polite and already knew the questions I had in mind. Then, I chose Axis bank as per it suited my needs of no collateral loan as provided by them. They processed my loan application and after two days, the Axis bank employees came to my home to collect the documents. I had to visit the bank only once. A very user-friendly experience on the whole.


Surbhi Anand(5/5)

I was in deep trouble as my landlord does not provide me with a leased rent document without which I was not able to avail the business loan. When I registered on this web portal, a guy from their team contacted me and provided me the best possible way outs. My business loan finally got approved and that too without having to nag about the things with the house owner.


Manav Goenka(5/5)

My loan from the Finance Buddha was processed without any trouble. My CIBIL rating was low and the loan got rejected when I applied for it through someone who charged me for the task. However, with the help of finance Buddha, I was able to process the loan without getting any fraud.


Shruti Seth(5/5)

On Finance Buddha's website, I found all the information without having to read tons of pages through Google or asking for advice from someone else. There is ample information available on the website and moreover, you can also apply for the loan here itself. All this, without any spam is remarkable.


Neil Sharma(5/5)

The process is so simple to follow. Moreover, there is no redundant question I found while applying for the loan. The website of Finance Buddha is secure and I can say that because I have applied and got the loan easily processed through this web portal which has been phenomenal.


Mayukh Narang(5/5)

Such a fast delivery of the business loan. I have never seen someone else get a business loan this easily. For business loans, I think the maximum number of documentation is required. Though I had to gather quite a few documents for this loan, it was yet easy and the processing was fast with due assistance from Finance Buddha.


Shubham Gupta(5/5)

The modes of payment through Axis bank for the loan payment are humongous. You can pay the loan through any method that suits the best. Since I am a working man, I get practically no time to visit the bank and hence, I pay my loan online. Also, through the Axis bank mobile application, I can look for my past transactions, current amount pending, and the interest charged. Everything is so easy when you choose a bank that is modern.


Lakshmi Dubey(5/5)

When every single thing works online now, why should you have to manually go to the bank to get a loan. Finance Buddha takes care of that part for you. Your loan information is available online, you check your eligibility online, you apply the loan online! It is that fabulous. This is the website every corporate worker needed who basically gets no leaves from work!


Charlie David(4/5)

I had heard from my parents that getting a loan is not so easy because if you want the loan easily, you have to contact the mediators and the brokers who want to mint the maximum amount of money from your pocket. With the Finance Buddha executives by your side, I did not face this problem. They were very cordial and happy to help at every step.


Danish Ahmed(5/5)

I trust the Axis Bank as I already had my study loan from the same bank. The bank has always understood my requirements. There was a time, I was not able to pay the installments of my study loan. The Axis bank helped me a lot in that case. The bank has offered me a variety of loans as I already have a good CIBIL score as there has been no problem in paying the loan installments since the past two years. My business loan got approved and I am just waiting for it to get sanctioned as soon as possible!


Deepak Sehgal(5/5)

I am passionate to work something on my own. I am sure this loan I have applied from Axis bank will land me in the place that is benefitting for me. I had applied for the business loan for SMEs after consulting the Finance Buddha team. I got the loan sanctioned very quickly and that too without any brokerage charge!


Aditya Rana(5/5)

I had never planned that I would have to enter my father's business. However, after his untimely death, I had to handle all the accounts. I was clueless when our company needed funding as there was no investor ready to invest in a company with a young head. A friend of mine recommended to go for the Services Power loan by Axis bank which is also given to the non-funded companies. Glad I got the right info at the right time. Still trying hard to get the company to the heights my dad always wanted it to be.


Aakash Jindal(5/5)

Finance Buddha helped me choose from the best loan available online. Applying for a loan from Axis bank was a crucial decision for my business. The loan was to be processed quickly since my shares were on stake. I am happy to associate with Axis bank and thank the FinBud team whose information helped to discover a great business loan provider that has features to the customer's favour.


Shilpa Kumari(5/5)

Finance Buddha website managers provide all the genuine information one needs to apply for a home loan. Their loan eligibility calculator is so good that you get to know all the points where you lack. It gives a great insight into which loan category one fits in. Great to be associated with one of the best loan mediating companies.


Rohit Kapoor(5/5)

The Finance Buddha is a great tool to the finance industry. I mean, whatever you want to know about, you can get the information on this website. The portal executives are so compliant with your requests that it is surprising. They were really good in addressing my woes, as I had a low CIBIL rating. They gave me a good opportunity and I can't thank them less enough.


Geetanjali Kapoor(5/5)

Hailing from a small city, I was always restricted in opportunities. But thanks to Finance Buddha for bringing all the information and process online, location is not a hurdle anymore for loans. The facility to apply for business loan online is a great move by the Finance Buddha to spread awareness about different loans that can be applied online. And also thanks to Axis Bank, as I did not have any collateral and so, the bank offered me the Zero Collateral Loans (ZCL). I availed a loan of INR 500,000 and opened a beauty parlour from which I have grown manifold. I am on the verge of opening a new branch!


Garima Kashyap(5/5)

The Axis Bank is a name synonymous to trust. I have partnered with the bank from the last two years. I have a salary account with them. Hence, my first choice for the loan was obvious - Axis bank. The bank employees were friendly with me already, so it just added to the trust factor. To have the second opinion, I consulted the team of advisors from Finance Buddha. I was happy to see that they put so much of dedication into making the content so up to date. Partnering with the bank was a decision highly recommendable. I think this is best business loan for women entrepreneurs.


Neha Aditya Sharma(5/5)

The reason my business loan requirements were met was that I could get an overdraft loan through Axis Bank. I gave my personal property as the collateral and to get a loan worth 1 Crore. That was a huge amount. Without proper support from Axis bank and help and guide from Finance Buddha, this could not have been possible.


Anu Sharma(5/5)

I opted for the power rent loan by Axis bank about which Finance Buddha had briefed me. The loan tenure is flexible to 10 years which relieved the main burden I had while availing the loan. The bank has an option of providing assistance in choosing the best loan. I recommend Axis Bank business loan for women entrepreneurs.

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