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Axis Bank Business Loan Reviews

4.8 stars based on 63 reviews

Prasanna Ashok(5/5)

I was searching for a business loan actively when I came across Finance Buddha. From here I applied for Axis Business Loan. Service was satisfactory and minimal paperwork was required. Executives were assigned to help me throughout the process. Overall happy with it.


Sachin R.(5/5)

I choose Axis Bank Business Loan and applied for it through Finance Buddha. Everything went well and my loan was disbursed within 15 days.



Finance Buddha executives helped me a lot in completing the documentation process regarding my business loan with Axis bank. They were very soft spoken and helpful. But even after that the competition process took more time. I got my loan approved in 10 days. So I am not very happy with the service. I will give 4 stars to Axis bank.


Kaushki Verma(4/5)

Earlier I went to some other bank for my business loan but they were taking much time. I was even not sure that whether they will approve my loan or not. So I left with that bank. After that I went through the Finance Buddha portal and applied for my business loan with Axis bank. And this time I knocked the right door, my loan was approved here. And you will be surprised by knowing that it took them only 4 working days for the approval.


Kewaljeet Sinha(4/5)

Finance Buddha is the website from where I got all the information regarding the business loans. I compared many banks for my business loan and found that Axis bank is best suited for me. I applied for my loan with Axis bank. And it didn’t led me down. All the processing for the loan approval went smoothly in a hassle free manner and my loan was approved on time.


Piyush Pushkar(4/5)

I took business loan from Axis bank to buy new inventories for my business. This helped me a lot in expanding my business and in making profit. One of the best thing about business loan is that you need not to give your share of profit to them. So if you are looking to expand your and not having sufficient funds then you can go with Axis bank for the business loan.


Rajashri (4/5)

It was an excellent experience with AXIS bank regarding my business loan. The processing was really fast and my loan was approved within 6 working days. The rates and the charges were also nominal. I am quite happy with the service provided by the bank.


Rituraj (5/5)

I am a builder. And time to time I have to purchase new plots for the construction purpose, for this I need large funds. This kind of fund is not possible at a time for a person like me. So for this I use to take business loans. I have taken 2 business loans from the Axis bank. I use to repay the loans in monthly slots and once when the construction work is over and I get the profit I am having the facility to pre-close the lone. This is the best thing I like about the Axis bank.


Sanjeev Singh(5/5)

My business loan was approved by Axis bank. It is the best bank among all the private Banks. The rates and the processing charges which are offered by the Axis bank are very reliable. The processing time they take is also less as compared to the other banks. So if you are looking for a business loan then you can go with Axis bank without thinking much.


Akhilesh Yadav (5/5)

I received very good response from the Finance Buddha team after I applied for my business loan with them. I got a call for confirmation within 2 hours and after I confirmed the documentation process started from the next day itself. The executives came and helped and guided me throughout the process. It’s only because of the executives efforts that my business loan was approved only in 5 working days with Axis bank. Thank you Finance Buddha and Axis Bank.


Prabhakar (4/5)

The rate of premium charged by the bank is as least as compared to the other Banks. For candidates whose CIBIL score is low, the Axis Bank gives different arrangements that expansion advance qualification. I mutually connected for the business loan with my better half. My advance got endorsed in only 4 days.


Niraj Rao (5/5)

Axis Bank and Finance Buddha helped me a lot in establishing my new business. I was having a good idea for the new business but was lacking financially for the execution. I told my ideas to one of my friend then he suggested me to go with Finance Buddha and apply for a business loan. I did as suggested and I got my loan approved with Axis bank with the help of Finance Buddha.


Anurag Vasisth(3/5)

The service provided by the Axis bank regarding my business loan is good. But the time taken in completion of the process was long. They need to improve their processing time. The rate of interest and the processing charges are ok as they are not very high. I will give 3 stars to AXIS Bank.


Mahesh K.(5/5)

I am Mahesh and I am a business man. I wanted to expand my business in some other cities also but I was not having sufficient fund for that. Then I applied for a business loan with Axis bank through finance Buddha. The process started from the next day only. The executives from Finance Buddha came to my place and collected all the required documents. The executives helped me throughout till the completion of the process. My loan was approved in 7 working days. Thanks Finance Buddha and Axis bank it’s because of you only that I was able to expand my business.



I got my business loan with Axis Bank. The interest rate offered as well as the processing charges all are reasonable to a common business man. Here the processing is also fast as compared to the other banks. I am very happy for going with AXIS Bank.


Riya Sharma(4/5)

I had never though that starting a new business will be this much easy even if you are lacking financially. But now it has become easy to startup a new business with the help of Finance Buddha and Axis Bank. I applied for my business loan with Axis Bank through Finance Buddha. There was a quick response and I got my business loan approved only in 6 working days.


Ronit Sharma(5/5)

I recently got the first part of my Axis bank business loan. As the value of my loan was high, the Axis Bank executives mentioned that it had to be done in parts. I was expecting the loan to be approved in like a week's time, but applying through Finance Buddha has made things really easier.


Vishal Negi(5/5)

For all the people looking for reliable information on the web or internet, Finance Buddha has it all under one roof. I appreciate the way they have represented the layout on their website which is so easy to understand. The user interface is nice and the website loads fast. Not full of pop ups and spams like other websites. I got the exact information as the result I saw on Google. My business loan is disbursed and I finally got it this Monday.


Nimrata Sond(5/5)

The procedures of Finance Buddha EMI and Loan eligibility calculator are easy to follow. I had no problem in understanding. You all must try.


Preeti Sood(5/5)

A great customer experience. Hadn't expected this level of quality! The loan got disbursed and that too within 10 days!


Sanjana Bhati(5/5)

I think the website is newly built, not sure. But I can say it is being run by professionals. The kind of quality I see in everything is phenomenal. The way their employees interact and listen to the problems, I think they have been well-trained for everything. I had concerns about understanding the rates of interests and other charges which me being a layman could not understand. They told me the meaning of all the technical terms and gave scenarios of how it should affect me. For me, they suggested to go for Axis Bank business loan, which according to them was best suited for my needs. And I am very happy with the fast business loan that I got for my startup business in Bangalore. Finance Buddha also helped me with the documentation and the submission of my business loan application to the Axis Bank on my behalf. Not only this, Finance Buddha got me a negotiated lower interest rate of 16% as well. So thanks to Finance Buddha and Axis Bank for the business loan!


Saba Ahmed(5/5)

Axis business oan through Finance Buddha was processed really quickly. I did not even have the energy to go to the banks where I would have had to wait. Why go to the bank when you can carry their services anywhere you go. A great feature of the website is their business loan calculator. It gives the exact results which help to organize the schedule of the loan process and understand your fair chances of getting a loan.


Rohit Das(5/5)

What is the most important thing while taking a loan? Getting the right information and the right people who do not cheat. You want everything to be told to you. That is exactly how things work at this web portal. They give you all the RELIABLE information under one website and that too, without any annoying subscription package or and paid membership. I applied for the business loan and got one easily. This was my best experience so far.


Priyanka Rajput(5/5)

There are many banks that provide business loans. But like everyone says, we should do proper research at the beginning or regret later, I was glad that I got the right platform to solve all my queries. Axis bank met my needs of finding a loan in which there was no need of collateral. I was not even aware that such loans existed. Thanks to the team of consultants from Finance Buddha. They are not just the company employees with finance knowledge, but the right kind of people who are happy to help.

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