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Vipul (5/5)

It was not a very good response from Capital First as far as banking sector is concerned. I had applied for a business loan with Capital first and my experience has not been good at all. I received a call from them stating about my application they stated that they cannot process the loan because the documentation are not sufficient enough.


Anmol (5/5)

I wanted business loan as I was facing cash crunch due to demonetization. I searched to Finance Buddha portal for some feasible option. I chose Capital First as the processing charges were so low. My application was approved in 5 days & quickly loan was disbursed in my account. Thank you Capital First & Finance Buddha for making it so easy for me.


Akhilesh (5/5)

Finance Buddha executive asked me to apply for business loan at Capital First considering my requirements. The loan process is hassle free. My documents were prepared with the help of Finance Buddha team. Thank you so much for your help Finance Buddha.


Kiran (5/5)

I choose Capital First on the advice of Finance Buddha executive. I went to the portal & I am really surprise by the amount of information that they have on business loan. I applied for the online through Finance My experience is really nice as my loan was credited in my account in 6 days.


Wahid (5/5)

I approached Capital First through Finance Buddha portal. The loan application process went really easy & hassle free. The executives of Finance Buddha are really very cooperative. They helped me with my documentation a lot. My business loan was disbursed in my account in three days.


Aarzoo (4/5)

I am really happy with my experience of business loan from Capital First. I have taken consumer durable loan from Capital First in past & as I was their existing customer they waived off my processing charges under some promotional scheme which was going on at that time. The rate of interest is moderate & the loan was disbursed in my account in 8 days.


Akshaya (5/5)

It was a very nice experience with Capital First when I was applying for a business loan. I faced no issues in getting a business loan from them. The process was simple and easy and the after loan services are smooth too. They waived off the processing charges as I was having a friend who is working at Capital First at very prominent position.


Apeksha (5/5)

I am very satisfied with the services that Capital First has to offer to their customers. There was not even a single dull moment when my business loan application was going on with Capital First. I must say they have such a positive staff who understands the requirements of customers so well & deliver them exactly what they want.


Anubha (5/5)

I applied for Capital First business loan through Finance I searched through many available options for business loan at Finance Buddha portal but I felt that Capital First fits most in my requirements as their documentation required was not much high. I am really glad to choose Capital First as my experience so far has been so good. The rate of interest offered to me was also reasonable & the whole loan application process was really smooth & stress free.


Shalin (5/5)

I am really amazed by the services of Finance I went to the portal when I was looking for a business loan. They not just helped me with providing the reliable information bout business loan but also helped me in documentation for my business loan from Capital First. I applied for the loan online through Finance Buddha portal & the responds to my application was so quick. I am recommending finance Buddha to everyone who is need of any financial assistance.


Anjali (5/5)

I am really very happy with my business loan from Capital First. They are really much updated especially when it comes to their business loan application process. Their online application is really amazing for the customers who are in time crunch. I am paying my EMIs every month online without any trouble. Their after loan customer services are also very good.


Meghna (5/5)

I wanted some financial help as I was facing some downtime in my business. A friend of mine suggested going ahead with Capital First business loan as he is having an ongoing business loan from Capital First. I applied for the loan online & they are having very conveniently designed process for loan application. They disburse the loan amount into my account in 5 day which is awesome.


Vibha (5/5)

I am very happy to get the speedy business loan from Capital First. Particularly I like to thank Finance Buddha for helping in documentation process for business loan application. The rate of interest offered to me was as low as 16%. Even the service charges were also very reasonable.


Anita (5/5)

Capital first certainly has a clear overpower over all such financial institutions. A crystal clear consumer friendly approach helps you fulfil your dreams through easy loan payouts. Will refer to friends who need to raise their standard of living through systematic loan payouts out of your savings. Keep it up.


Sumeet (5/5)

The process is very speedy when it comes to Capital First Business Loan. The documentation process was very simple. They had done the verification quite fast. But the interest rate offered by them was pretty high, it was 16%. But the overall service was fantastic.


Yash Pant (5/5)

This surprises me to my core that I got the loan for my business with the help of Finance Buddha which was a new experience. My business got success because of the loan drafted by Tata Capital and I was able to en-cash the amount quickly with the quick processing and the disbursal of the loan service provided to me.


Aman Punjabi (5/5)

Finance Buddha handled my need with dexterity. My personal favourite was the lowest interest I got on the loan. The one thing that needed improvement was the disbursal time period as it took too long in my case. Except that, everything is great and truly they provide best business loans!


Kalpesh Kansara (5/5)

I just would like to point out the loan disbursal time was longer than expected. Except this, the loan provided to me for my business by Finance Buddha with Tata Capital broke the standard of my expectations on other aspects. They truly are mind capturing when they work.


Jignesh Shah (3/5)

I was in need of a loan for my business and no bank was providing me with the loan due to the risk factor. Still, a friend of mine advised me for the funding of my business and I was able to pull it through with his help. He told me about Finance Buddha, which helped me gain a loan with Tata Capital that provided me with 65% of the loan amount at not a very good interest rate but they were able to help me through.


Vishnu Gandhi (3/5)

The loan for my business was risky but then also they managed to pull out a loan for me. The Finance Buddha guys are good at that. I got a loan for my business with the NBFC Tata Capital that provided me with the loan with the high-interest rates and processing fees against collateral and also the disbursement time was very much making the wait for the amount too long. Rest of the aspects of Finance Buddha were up to the mark without any hassle. I would recommend it to people those who have a clean credit record.


Vipul Gautam (4/5)

Finance Buddha team helped me definitely in the worse of my times. They got the best documentation process from the interest rates to the disbursal of the loan but there is always a scope of improvement. I rated 4/5 because of this reason. Otherwise, great work guys!!


Aditya Parmar (4/5)

Finance Buddha, the people who sweat their blood for your loan. They definitely helped me in the funding of my business by providing me a loan with Tata Capital which gave me benefits on the loan just the amount of the loan sanctioned was 75%. Otherwise, the work is awesome.


Anurag Nahar (4/5)

Finance Buddha broke the record of my expectations in providing me with the interest rate for my business loan with Tata Capital. The one thing that made this review 4/5 was the processing time longer than expected. Otherwise, the support of the team is truly amazing and really peculiar.


Harsh Mishra (5/5)

You will find that it is not a loan but actually a gift was given to you at your doorstep. They make the experience truly engaging. I got the loan for my business with their help which was provided by Tata Capital without any hassle of the processing of the loan as well as the disbursal of the amount.

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