Business Loan Reviews #4

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Jayesh (5/5)

I am satisfied with the services of Capital First. Only complain that I have is they process my loan bit slowly may be as they were some holidays coming in between. But is ma glad that there was no delay in disbursement of loan once the loan was approved.


Devdhar (5/5)

I am really very happy either the rate of interest & processing charges offered to me when it comes to business loan from Capital First. I applied for the loan online with the help of Finance Buddha. Their executives are really very good. They mailed me the list of documents required for the loan application.


Avinash (5/5)

Capital First business loan process is absolutely great, when it comes to the processing of the personal loan, the amount what they had offered is 6 lakhs when compared with other banks, it is very good. No drawback or any challenges till date. I had got the exact EMI amount. Interest rate offered by them is incredible and it is the best in the market too.


Sanket (5/5)

My business loan experience with Capital First is good and it took only 4 to 5 days for the loan to get disbursed. The amount for which I applied was high & I was not expecting them to approve it all but to my surprise they did give me full amount loan. The processing charges & rate of interest were really reasonable.


Maulik (5/5)

I have taken a business loan from Capital First and the process in getting the loan was simple. The documentation required for the loan application was really nominal and the process was a hassle free. The interest rate and processing charges was also reasonable and I got the loan amount I needed.


Priyank (5/5)

I had taken my business loan from Capital First. Rate of interest was very nominal when compared with other banks & financial institutions, processing fee is also moderate. They had disbursed my loan within a week. Customer service was also good; I had taken this loan without any hassle.


Abhishek (5/5)

The loan processing is really very fast & convenient when it comes to business loan from Capital First. The documentation required is also not very fancy. The Finance Buddha helped me with the documents preparation for the loan. I am really glad to choose Capital First over many other options.


Aman (5/5)

I have taken my business loan from Capital First and the loan process was simple. Their executive came over and collected my documents. The requirement for documentation was minimal. The loan amount offered was as per my requirements and the loan was disbursed on time. The rate of interest and charges was also to very satisfaction. The best part is online application which saves your time & efforts.


Amit (5/5)

I have taken a business loan earlier from Capital First and the experience has been excellent. The after loan services has also been smooth and the process in getting my funds was also hassle free. It was also a good deal on the interest and charges.


Ashish Verma (5/5)

I am really happy with my experience with Finance Buddha portal as their team guided me when I wanted to apply for business loan. I applied for Capital First business loan online & my experience is awesome.


Harpreet (5/5)

Thank you Finance Buddha for helping me out with the documentation part. I applied for Capital first business loan with the help of Finance Buddha executives & thanks to them my process went really well.


Jaykar (4/5)

My experience with Capital First was nice the only missing thing was communication from their side. Every time I would call for asking update they would respond so well but I was expecting them to call me from their side as it is their responsibility. The rate of interest offered to me was really competitive & my loan was credited in my account in 6 days.


Dishank (4/5)

It was a Normal experience with Capital First for my business loan. Documentation process was very simple; the executive came and collected the documents. Rate of interest was nominal, they has deducted around 25000 Rs for processing fees. They have taken 15 days for loan disbursement.


Advait (4/5)

Other than higher Rate of interest Capital First is really good. Rate of interest was around 16% and the loan amount got disbursed to my account within seven to ten days of time. Customer service is flawless I did not have to make any calls for the updates as their executives used to call me for every process stage.



I am not at all satisfied with my business loan from Capital First. My loan application was procrastinated all the time. Their executives failed to give me timely updates on the loan process. Finally after a week they approved my loan & the rate of interest that they offered was really low compare to many other financial institutes.


Rounak (3/5)

I am not very satisfied with the services of Capital First services. I had to call their executives all the time to take updates for my application process. Their staff is really incompetent. My application took 17 days which is really bad.


Gaurav (5/5)

I am really glad that I have selected Capital First for my business loan over many other available options. I have applied for the loan 5 months back & my process for the business loan was really fast & hassle free. I have received the loan amount in a week which is really good. The processing charges were also very low.


Yash Aggrawal (3/5)

Capital First has really customer oriented policy but the problem is with the execution. The staff of Capital First is not at all supportive. When my loan application was going on all the time I had call them for taking updates. Their executive told me that he will collect the documents in 2 days & collected the documents after 5 days which is really annoying. They should improve their customer response other than that my experience was good.


Jay (5/5)

I am an existing customer of Capital first as I am having one business loan as well as two consumer durable loans ongoing. I am really delighted by their quick customer response & their transparent policy. My business loan experience with Capital First is really nice. I have taken the loan through Finance Buddha. The service charges as well as interest rate are really very moderate.


Tushar (5/5)

I am having an ongoing business loan from Capital First. My experience with them is not as good as I have expected. The rate of interest is very high compare to many other financial institutes. They offered me the rate of interest of 19% which is too much. Other than that the processing for the loan was very easy & hassle free.


Ronit (5/5)

I wanted a long tenure business loan as I wanted to reinvest in another business. I approached Capital first & made my requirement clear. I must say their staff is really very supportive. Their executives guided me about every step of the process. I am really happy with their services & quick turnaround time.


Mehul (5/5)

I wanted to apply for business loan but was having some trust issues due to lot of fake website out there. I came across Finance Buddha portal & the information on their website is very reliable. I applied for Capital First business loan online. I am really thankful to Finance Buddha team for helping me out for preparing the documentation for my business loan. Even their executive came to my place & collected the loan documents. I am amazed by the quick disbursement of the loan amount. The processing charges were also very low.


Baijul (5/5)

I received very appropriate response from Capital First bank when I applied for business loan. Their loan process was really fast once after they received my loan application applied for business loan online as I an m a time starved customer. They understood my requirements well & did not asked me to visit their premises even once. The rate of interest offered to me was also competitive.


Adarsh (5/5)

I received my business loan within three days from Capital Finance bank and the process with them was really nice and satisfactory. The customer services were perfect as they collected my paper work on time as well and it was at one shot. The interest rate was decent enough and the fee was nominal to me.

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