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Business Loan Reviews #4

4.8 stars based on 127 reviews

Akhil Mathew(5/5)

A trustworthy and good bank for business loan requirements is Standard Chartered bank. Though the rate of interest is slightly on the higher side, I love the facilities offered and quick services. Spending a few pennies extra to get best service in the market is fine with me. If you want to enjoy great service on a business loan, then be a part of Standard Chartered bank.


Naga Deepti(5/5)

One of the best things I like about Finance Buddha as compared to other websites is the tips offered in this website to get any type of loan easily. These tips actually help us to know how to play the cards and get business loans from banks with less effort and cost.


Surya Prathap(5/5)

When I was in the midst of financial issues, Finance Buddha helped me to do a balance transfer of business loan from another bank to HDFC bank. This reduced my monthly EMI and I was able to manage various personal and business related expenses easily.


Faizal Khan(5/5)

Though I am new to Finance Buddha website, I feel it is professionally handled. All services offered by them are reliable. The representative who handled my request was very well aware of the loan types and also helped me to understand various business loan technical terms and banking jargons.


Ganesh Maruswamy(5/5)

Through Finance Buddha I was able to negotiate my business loan rate of interest and got the loan approved at 16% rate of interest from HDFC bank. My dream of startup business in Bangalore is now come true! Thank you Finance Buddha and HDFC bank.



I would love to rate Finance Buddha website 5/ 5 and the best feature I love about this website is the loan eligibility calculator. This gave me a clear picture of what I am eligible for and which banks I can choose to apply for a business loan. The whole process of finding a bank for business loan is easy through this website.



I had a great customer experience with Citibank. I love to be a part of this bank and have suggested it to my friend who was looking for a business loan.


Mahendra Kumar(5/5)

I got my business loan disbursed within 10 days. Finance Buddha representatives collected all necessary documents from my residence and the loan processing went pretty smoothly.



The important thing I was looking for while applying for loan was to get accurate information about business loan and not to be cheated. I found Finance Buddha- a sole solution provider for all loan needs. My requested were handled professionally and timely updates were provided.



I am curious to know how Finance Buddha is able to gather such accurate information about all types of business loans. Some information is not available in any other site but here it is delivered with 100% accuracy.



HDFC Bank is the best for new business loans. I enjoyed my experience with this bank.



If you are hunting for best services then apply for business loan through Finance Buddha. I was guided step by step by this team and updated on the progress until the disbursal of the loan.


Jerry Mathew(4/5)

There is lot of research and investigations conducted by the professional of Finance Buddha. I applied for a business loan with IndusInd bank through this website and I am extremely happy with the service.


Nisha Antony(5/5)

HDFC is one of the most best and accessible bank per my experience. Then are very organized and simple in service, this makes everything easy for lay-man. The interest rates are always offered at competitive price and I feel proud to be part of this bank’s customer. With over 15 years of service experience, I always count on this bank for any requirement


Akshara Peter(5/5)

I really appreciate ICICI bank for charging very low interest rate for my business loan. They are pretty fast in processing the documents for customers. I was suggested to go for a woman entrepreneur business loan to avail greater benefits; this helped me in reducing the interest rate, processing fees and other charges.


Priya Ganesh(5/5)

No misses, on my Axis bank business loan process as everything was completed in a good way. The representatives came over and collected all relevant documents. The request was processed on time. The rate of interest was at average rate. The processing charges were low when compared. Overall, it was a good and memorable experience.


Scaria Sebastin(5/5)

NICE JOB! Really good service received from Tata capital with regard to my business loan... just few clicks and it was done...I was able to sit back and relax... bank representative called me now and then to keep me updated on the status. Also I will definitely recommend Finance Buddha for connecting me with the right bank.


Tom Jacob(5/5)

I've taken a business loan from Citibank. After posting my needs in Finance Buddha, I found this bank is appropriate for my loan requirement and thus posted a request, they pushed my request info to Citibank bank. From then things went smooth and I have got a hassle free loan process.


Prem Anand(5/5)

My business loan is from Kotak Mahindra. The loan approval process was smooth for me. As always I have never had issues with this bank with the services and response in any financial queries. The processing charges and rate of interest was normal. If you want a reliable bank that offers good service, take service from them.


Shwetha Nair(5/5)

I have an existing business loan with ICICI Bank from past 4 years and was looking for a top-up on the same. As the records were fine and the payments were regular, money was disbursed to my account within 5 days. This was never expected and thus my business has reached a next level.


Cheryl D’souza(5/5)

It was a good experience with IndusInd Bank for my business loan. Though I had low credit rating, they personally verified my transaction and bank statements and gave a loan at a decent interest rate, I was expecting high charges due to the additional effort they had taken, but not a penny was charged extra apart from the pre-agreed amount.


Pavan Kumar(4/5)

Love the services offered by HDFC bank for my business loan as the bank executive came to my office to collect all documents. Though there was no much discounts offered, the prices, charges and interest rates were good and acceptable. Already a friend of mine has applied for a business loan here.


Richa Kumari(5/5)

ICICI bank have provided me business loan within 22 days, also their services are very appreciate-able. They have good co-ordination among different departments and to the customer they work as one team instead of flipping us through different teams. This is rarely seen in other banks. I was to give more than 5 rating for this bank.



They have excellent relationship with banks which smoothened the process for me. Got 40 lacs loan disbursed.

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