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Business Loan Reviews #3

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One of the finest banks for getting business loan in India is HDFC bank. I had heard a lot about this bank from my cousins, so decided to apply for a business loan with this bank first to see what best they can offer. I was amused by their service; all representatives who handled my request are very co-operative and helpful. All my questions were answered in a timely manner. I love to suggest this bank to everyone who is looking to apply for a business loan anywhere in India.


Preeti Rajkumar(5/5)

This is Preeti Rajkumar here. I want to share with you my experience of business loan with HDFC bank. Usually I write reviews only when am unhappy with any service, but this time am keen to share some positive feedbacks about HDFC bank in Cochin. All staffs in this bank are service oriented and this helped me to get the business loan at lowest rate of interest. There were special discounts offered for women entrepreneurs and even rate of interest and processing fees were subsidized.



Finance Buddha suggested me to apply for business loan through Citibank, as they had the best deal for me. I am happy with the package that I have got. If ever you want to apply for a business loan, donÕt rethink, just choose Citibank.


Pawan Dixit(5/5)

I am Pawan Dixit from Haryana, this is my second experience with ICICI bank and I am excited to let everyone know they offered me business loan at just 14.95% rate of interest. There were no processing fees. The good thing that they have branches in all helped me to connect with the bank easily.



HDFC being one of the largest commercial banks in India, I am proud to be part of this bank. With the help of employee account with HDFC bank, I knew how good and reliable to bank services are. While searching for business loan on Finance Buddha, I saw that HDFC bank was offering me the best deal on business loan, hence I went for it. Enough funds were offered by the bank for my new business initiative and I am very happy with the low interest rate on business loan.


Rohit Singh(5/5)

I got a great offer from Capital First. I grabbed the offer immediately as I got very low rate of interest on the loan amount. Great deal and each hard earned penny is valued by Capital First. Though many banks were ready to give loan at different rates, nothing could compete with the option given by Capital First. Capital First is the best for fast business loans.


Neema S(5/5)

Through Bajaj Finserv I got a business loan within 6 days. This helped us to pool in some money toward the working capital. We are looking to pre-close the loan within a year and the pre-closure charges are also very minimal and at affordable rates. As business loan was offered at the right time, all our financial crisis was easy managed and resolved. Thanks Finance Buddha for suggesting us to this bank.


Anusha Madhavi(5/5)

I am writing this review to talk about my experience with ICICI bank on the business loan application. Firstly I should thank Mr. Varun Ðthe Finance Buddha representative who handled my request flawlessly. All necessary information regarding the loan was offered to me within few hours and he was always available to answer and clarify all my doubts. Secondly, the bank is keen to offer loan to people who have zeal to explore business. If your business idea looks genuine and feasible, they are ready to offer big amounts as loan. I got new business loan of Rs. 10 lakhs without offering any collateral at the rate of interest 15.5%.


Abhishek Agarwal(5/5)

As I had a very good CIBIL score, it was easy for me to get business loan. Thank you Capital First for quickly processing the loan in a hassle-free manner. I have suggested my friends to use Finance Buddha as they were looking for a personal loan.



I had sometime back applied for a personal loan through Finance Buddha and the process went very smoothly. When there was a need for additional capital for my business, I decided to go for a top-up on my existing business loan. HDFC bank was ready to offer top-up loan upto Rs. 15 lakhs as I have had a good payment records from the past 4 years on my business loan. This helped me to get the business loan rate of interest reduced by 1.5% and also processing fee for top-up loan was waived off by the bank officials.


Nithin Nigam(5/5)

The bigger name always in banking sector for best services and low rate of interest is HDFC bank and I agree to this quote with my personal experience with this bank. They are quick in processing loans, require low documentations, good scrutiny is conducted on the applicantÕs creditability and offers ensure customers are offered with good services at all times.



If you are looking for a reliable bank in India then the only answer is HDFC bank. This bank is easily accessible and I am happy with the business loan offered by the bank. Along with low rate of interest on the new business loan, other charges and processing fees were also low.



It is easy to get a business loan from HDFC bank if you have good credit score and all documents in handy. I would recommend you to check you eligibility through Finance Buddha before applying for business loan directly with bank. This will help in avoiding rejecting due to failing to meet eligibility criteria of the bank. Finance Buddha website can be used for checking eligibility of various banks and it is even possible to apply for loan through this online portal.


Naveen S Reddy(5/5)

I would recommend everyone to apply for business loan at HDFC bank. I was able to track my loan application through my phone with clicks. Bank representative are quite accountable and offers reliable responses for all services. They also have quick turn-around time in case if we raise any query. This makes the bank to process loans quickly and at considerably low rate of interest.


Shivanada K Kumar(5/5)

The best thing I like about Capital First is there customer service. For this reason, I decided to apply for business loan with Capital First. The net banking services are very quick and it can be used to track the loan application and also to pay EMIs. In case of any issues, raising the concern through online support team will ensure the issue is resolved within 48 hours.



As I had a current account with Citibank I got business loan approved with 3 days and money was remitted to my account on the 4th day of applying for loan. They did not ask for any sort of documents as I am already their current account customer.


Nikitha Banthiya(5/5)

I love the phone banking service of HDFC bank. They are very quick and responsible for queries. Most of the concerns raised by me were resolved on the first call itself. With regard to the business loan, I had lot of questions as this is my first experience and I had no clue how a business loan applying process works.



HDFC Bank is one of the largest Retail Bank, its working is very favorable for different types of customers. The phone banking service offered by them is very very useful for any loan related queries resolution. The customer support is available 365 day and 24 Hrs. Finance Buddha helped me secure a business loan from HDFC bank at very low interest rate and without any hassles. Thanks.


Mohan Kuma(5/5)

As I am a very busy business person, I had no time to investigate on various types of business loans nor did I had time to visit banks to get details. That is when I came across Finance Buddha website with answers for all my questions. This is a great platform and I suggest you to use it for right information about loans and banking services.


Ankita Varma(5/5)

I used the Finance Buddha eligibility calculator to find out if I am eligible for a business loan and was surprised to get the list of banks that I can apply loan with. Based on the available options I decided to apply loan with Capital First and this decision helped me to get the loan within 10 days.


Masthan Shaik(5/5)

I would rate HDFC as number 1 private bank that offers great loans. The recent business loan I took from this bank was approved at 16.75% rate of interest and an amount of Rs. 8 lakhs was credited to my account within 10 days.


Mary Rijo(5/5)

I have an account with HDFC bank from past 3 years. This account was kept very active with my regular business transactions. Recently when I was going through tough phase in my business, a friend of mine recommended me Finance Buddha. I used the business loan service with interest of 16.6% and now my financial issues are resolved.



I applied for a business loan at Ahmedabad in IndusInd bank through Finance Buddha. I used this website to check my eligibility for loan and then shared my contact number. A representative called me to understand my requirements and helped me to apply for a loan with best features. Am happy with the new business loan disbursed by Indusind bank through Finance Buddha.


Smitha Rani(5/5)

The facilities offered by ICICI bank are very good. I suggest this bank to my employee as well and most of the employeeÕs accounts of my business are with this bank. I have had a very good relationship with bank from past 6 years and based on this I applied for business loan last week. Within 7 days business loan was approved and expecting money to be in my account within next 2 days.

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