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Business Loan Reviews #2

4.8 stars based on 127 reviews


I was very keen to know all the details of business loan plus charges that I should bear after taking loan. Finance Buddha helped me with all necessary information and ensured I am comfortable applying for a business loan without any worry. They even checked my eligibility and clarified how much I am eligible for business loan from various banks.


Monica Joy(4/5)

If you have any plans to take business loan to pre-close after 6 months then best option is to take from HDFC bank. The process is hassle free and there are not much additional charges as compared to what other banks are charging. I pre-closed my outstanding loan amount after 6 months by issuing a cheque to the bank. As the outstanding amount was above Rs. 45,000/- I had to issue cheque. If the amount for pre-closure is less than Rs. 45,000 /-- you can clear the loan by paying cash.


Merina Saji(5/5)

I submitted documents for business loan through Finance Buddha just last week. They suggested me to apply for the loan with Citibank considering my salary account and other eligibility factors. As per their instructions I applied for loan and within 6 days loan amount was disbursed to my bank account.


Shai Khan(5/5)

With the advantage of having a savings bank account with HDFC bank I was given preference on the loan processing. The interest rate on business loan was very low and affordable for me. Having a bank account with HDFC bank was taken into account as soon as I applied for a loan with the bank through Finance Buddha.


Prema K R(5/5)

I was able to compare many things like rate of interest, documentation necessities, eligibility criteria, processing fee and other charges and facilities like pre-closure and part payment through Finance Buddha. Based on this information I applied for a business loan with HDFC bank and got the same approved within 9 business days.


Nandish Kumar(5/5)

Finance Buddha helped me in preparing my documents before applying for a business loan. This helped me to share all necessary documents as soon as Citibank requested for the same. Overall experience was smooth and satisfactory. I have suggested this website to my colleagues and friends.


Merlyn John(5/5)

Though I do not want to sound dramatic, the truth is - Finance Buddha saved my business. I was in need of emergency fund to pool capital investment. Applied for a loan through Finance Buddha and they ensured complete processing was done within 5 days and also took care of the documentation part. Small business loans for women are very beneficial.


James Jelvin(5/5)

Citibank cares about customersÕ need. Due to certain contingencies I was in need of some urgent funding for my business. As a last resort I applied for a business loan with Citibank and to my surprise I got the loan approved within 5 days and money was disbursed by 7th day of submitting the application. Having a savings bank account with Citibank helped me to get the loan processed faster.



I was looking for a huge amount as new business loan and was also keen to get it at low interest rate. Spending a little extra on processing fee was not my concern if I could get loan at low rate of interest. When this request was submitted with Finance Buddha, they helped me to get the business loan at 16.25% rate of interest and even the processing fee was waived off due to seasonal offer. Yes, I got a Jackpot!



There are lots of websites like Finance Buddha but this one is unique and special to me. Finance Buddha offers accurate information about various types of loan. I trust this website 100% and all 3 loan applications through this website were approved by bank and I got loans within 10 days. I am lucky to find a website like Finance Buddha and have used it for my new business loan.


Vivek Babu(5/5)

The overall processing strategy and managing different types of requirement by Finance Buddha is highly appreciating. I was surprised to see such extended levels of services were offered without charging a penny to my pocket. Having websites like this is always a blessing for people like me who crave more information on different types of business loans.


Raymondo George(5/5)

I applied for a business loan with Axis bank through Finance Buddha online application. They co-ordinated with bank on the end-to-end processing of the business loan and ensured I got my loan at low rate of interest. My business loan was approved at just 16.95% rate of interest and at 2% processing fee.


Vidya Iyer(5/5)

Finance Buddha helped me to get my business loan on time. I had lot many commitments and had planned for an international trip within 20 days of applying for business loan. I made my requirements very clear to HDFC bank and they processed my application quickly. I got loan approved and money was in my account before my travel date. Thank you HDFC bank for understanding and adapting to customer needs.



I posted my requirement in Finance Buddha and they immediately suggested me with different banks that I can apply business loan with. The rate of interest, charges, average turn-around time, eligibility factors were shared with me. This information helped me and I got loan disbursed within 14 days. I am happy with the services offered by ICICI bank for business loan.


Vineetha M(5/5)

I used Finance Buddha to check my eligibility to apply for a business loan. Right after the result, the website suggested me with bank options available with attractive loan features. I decided to apply for a business loan with Citibank and I am extremely happy and satisfied with my decision. I would rate Citibank business loan process as 10/ 10 for assisting customers in a professional manner.


Peter Thomas(5/5)

I got my business loan from Kotak Mahindra. Thank you Finance Buddha for suggesting this bank for business loan. Though this bank was in my top 5 list of best banks to apply for business loan, this website helped me to pick the best bank.



The whole business loan process was hassle-free with less documentations and charges. I got my loan approved for low rate of interest and processing fee. And the highlight of HDFC bank business loan offered to me is that this loan can be pre-closed after 6 months with zero percentage charges.


Shwetha Kumari(4/5)

Finance Buddha gave me suggestions with the list of banks through which I can gain maximum benefits on my business loan. I also used this platform to know more about the loan specific details of different banks. Got a business loan very quickly from HDFC bank- Bangalore.



If you are looking for smart ways to apply for a business loan, then I will recommend you to choose the option of Finance Buddha for all types of investigation and for applying for loan. They will be available for informative services on business loans and other types of loan. I have got best deal with my business loan application and the process was hassle-free.



I feel very lucky to find HDFC bank business loan offer. With the New Year offer processing fee was waived off plus the rate of interest is very low as compared to what other banks are offering in the market. I have recommended this to bank to my friends as well and got a very good and impressive feedback.


Vinit (4/5)

Being a first time experience on business loan, I was very concerned about the procedure. I did a lot of research and finally decided to take the route through Finance Buddha to apply for loan. It not just helped me to get a business loan within 8 days but also the rate of interest was as low as 16.5%.


Vinod Yadav(5/5)

Unlike other banks, taking business loan from ICICI bank was a different experience. I really enjoyed the whole process through the help of Finance Buddha. Trust me! Getting a business loan will not be your concern if you are going through Finance Buddha website. They provide accurate information on different types of loan at absolutely free of cost.


Manish Kumar(5/5)

Me and my wife decide to quit corporate life and to pick up a business in Hyderabad. As this was for a new business loan, we had to justify our business plan, details, profit probability and by when we are looking to have meet break-even point. Once these were proved to the bank officials getting loan from HDFC bank was no more an issue. HDFC bank is very reliable and secure for loans and banking transactions.



Finance Buddha suggested me to take business loan from HDFC bank. The bank surprised me with such great service. I will always reach out to this bank in future for all types of requirements. Thanks Finance Buddha for suggesting HDFC bank for small business loan. 8 lakhs loan was approved within 7 days at the rate of interest 16.5%. My friends are also excited to take these services and have applied for business loans with HDFC bank.

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